Amity County Grooms

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YANKAWAY, Zion WELLS, Julia 1879-Jan-04
YARBER, Willie CHESSER, Lissie 1898-Jun-08
YARBOUROUGH, Stephen PHELPS, Elizabeth 1810-Mar-15
YARBROUGH, D M GORMAN, Emeline M 1851-Oct-03
YEANDLE, William H SAFFORD, Rebecca 1870-Oct-13
YOUNG, Andrew WEATHERSBY, Elizabeth 1888-Jan-05
YOUNG, C A DUNN, Carrie 1883-Jun-28
YOUNG, Chris PARKER, Francis 1832-Dec-20
YOUNG, Christopher ROUNDTREE, Lavina 1847-Sep-16
YOUNG, Dallas MARSALIS, Anna 1899-Jan-19
YOUNG, E D NEWMAN, Bettie M 1893-Jul-04
YOUNG, Elijah PATE, Mary 1845-Dec-11
YOUNG, Henry QUIN, Ivory Nora 1897-Jan-01
YOUNG, Isiah COOK, Addie 1890-Jan-04
YOUNG, Isiah MOORE, Mary 1877-Mar-17
YOUNG, J A YOUNG, Victoria 1882-Dec-29
YOUNG, James MAY, Mary T 1856-Sep-08
YOUNG, James D SEALE, M L 1867-Dec-21
YOUNG, James F NAILOR, Angeline A 1853-Jan-27
YOUNG, James F WESTMORELAND, Mary 1868-Feb-20
YOUNG, Jerry MOORE, Susan 1878-Dec-30
YOUNG, Jerry WEBB, Julia 1883-Feb-10
YOUNG, Jesse (Jr) JONES, Sarah 1836-Dec-29
YOUNG, Joe WILLIAMS, Rebecca 1893-Dec-27
YOUNG, John BRUMFIELD, Elizabeth 1810-Nov-09
YOUNG, John FLOWER, Frances 1886-Dec-30
YOUNG, John E JONES, Barsheba 1840-Jun-02
YOUNG, Lewis TURNER, Vila 1893-Feb-28
YOUNG, Louis MCGEHEE, Eller 1899-Dec-28
YOUNG, Nathan DAY, Celia 1875-Feb-13
YOUNG, Nathan SWEARINGEN, Elmira (Mrs) 1896-Jan-04
YOUNG, Richard HUFF, Nancy 1831-Jul-09
YOUNG, Richard WAGGONER, Catherine 1828-Mar-27
YOUNG, Samuel MONTGOMERY, Octavia H 1867-Oct-21
YOUNG, Seth GALDING, Elizabeth 1828-Feb-16
YOUNG, Toney JONES, Mary 1872-Jan-27
YOUNG, Wade YOUNG, Margarit 1872-Dec-31
YOUNG, William BROWN, Amanda 1894-Jan-14
ZACHARY, Thomas JENNINGS, Permesa 1856-Dec-10
ZEAGLER, A E BATES, Mary E 1893-Mar-05
ZEAGLER, Alexander BATES, Sarah Jane 1893-Dec-07
ZEAGLER, Clarence L MCELVEEN, W E 1891-Jan-08
ZERLOTTE, Joseph CALLAHAN, Nancy 1832-Jan-01
ZUMBRO, Benj. F JOHNS, Arminda 1853-Nov-13

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