Amity County Grooms

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UMBERGER, J L SHAW, Amelia E 1875-Dec-13
UNDERWOOD, A S HALL, M C 1868-Jan-16
UNDERWOOD, A Will HARRELL, Emily C 1866-Dec-18
UNDERWOOD, Jehu CAUSEY, A A 1849-Feb-22
UNDERWOOD, Jehu TOLER, Cynthia A 1885-Dec-10
UPKIN, Marion SPURLOCK, Joanna 1890-Feb-05
VALLENTINE, L L MCKAY, Mary E 1830-May-13
VALLOTTON, Richard W BARKDULL, Alice 1875-Dec-20
VAN, John MCCLENDON, Elizabeth 1826-Feb-16
VAN, William F NEAL, Mary 1854-Feb-06
VAN ALLEN, Stephen BROWN, Rebecca E 1850-Dec-06
VAN NORMAN, SMITH, Cora 1896-Dec-29
VAN NORMAN, Albert DAVIS, Winona 1887-Sep-24
VAN NORMAN, Andrew HARVEY, Mary 1888-Feb-10
VAN NORMAN, Davis SMITH, Carrie 1898-Jan-19
VAN NORMAN, Garnet B MCDOWELL, M V 1866-Dec-06
VAN NORMAN, Garnet B WILKINSON, Mary H 1864-Nov-15
VAN NORMAN, Hiram L BERRYHILL, Elizabeth L 1871-Nov-09
VAN NORMAN, James V JONES, Mary 1894-Dec-03
VAN NORMAN, P B ROLLINS, Mary Ann 1837-May-04
VAN NORMAN, Roland T SMITH, Layde E 1866-Dec-25
VAN NORMAN, Samuel T MCLAIN, N A 1861-Jan-08
VAN NORMAN, Stephen SEALS, R Mary 1845-Jan-27
VAN NORMAN, T H TURNIPSEED, Rebecca 1888-Jan-18
VAN NORMAN, Thomas MCDOWELL, Elizabeth 1866-Nov-04
VAN NORMAN, W L LUMPKIN, Mary 1896-Feb-12
VAN NORMAN, William LINDSAY, Matilda 1821-Sep-03
VAN NORMAN, Wm. L WILKINSON, Rhoda 1847-Feb-04
VANDUZOR, Isaac GLASSCOCK, Constant 1822-Feb-21
VANNORMAN, R D MCLEAN, Dora I 1896-Oct-14
VARNADO, Andrew CARMEL, Octavia 1888-Jan-02
VARNADO, Charles KLINE, Elizabeth 1889-Dec-26
VARNADO, Cornelius BROWN, Eliza 1896-Sep-18
VARNADO, Duncan LENOIR, Mary 1874-Jan-15
VARNADO, J E BRUMFIELD, Cassie L 1895-Feb-10
VARNADO, James STYLES, Courtney Ann 1899-Dec-28
VARNADO, James P SMITH, Amanda 1872-Dec-23
VARNADO, N J BATES, Alice 1873-Dec-31
VARNADO, Newton TAYLOR, Sarah 1885-Dec-29
VARNADO, Rankin SIBLEY, Caroline 1879-Nov-08
VARNADO, Robert MASON, Pink 1896-May-24
VARNADO, Robert QUIN, Lizzie 1884-Sep-13
VARNADO, Robert ROBINSON, Emaline 1899-May-03
VARNADO, Sherman ISAACS, Emma S 1889-Apr-18
VARNADO, Silas FELDER, Sarah 1875-Dec-14
VARNADO, Willie SIMMONS, Pinkey 1895-Jan-08
VARNADO, Willie SMITH, Anna 1898-Feb-12
VARNELL, Thos. W DAVIS, Rosa B 1826-Dec-27
VARNELL, William ALEXANDER, Rosana 1811-Nov-21
VASSER, William C ROBERTS, Tabitha 1836-Oct-09
VAUGHN, David DOWLING, Jane 1821-Apr-19
VEAL, Doug (Jr) ROBERTS, Margaret 1891-Jan-14
VEAL, Hector BARBER, Missouri A 1891-Jan-15
VEAL, Jones WILLIAMS, Esther 1886-Jul-17
VENABLES, Lewis H STROTHER, Candace 1852-Nov-13
VENARD, Charles ROBINSON, Miley 1878-Jan-24
VICK, Henry WINAS, Margaret 1883-Aug-24
VICK, Ivy GARDNER, Elvera 1899-Dec-28
VICK, Jerry BUTLER, Eliza A 1898-Jan-01
VICK, John JACKSON, Cinda 1881-Apr-24
VIERS, Charles WILLIAMS, Lidda 1895-Jul-17
VIERS, Jack JOHNSON, Elleny 1890-Jan-02
VIERS, John TALBERT, Julia 1894-Dec-27
VINING, Edmond G COLES, Mckey 1822-May-09
VINING, Joel B FOSTER, Sophronia 1857-Oct-15
VINSON, William REAVES, Nelly 1811-Dec-08
VINYARD, Moses W BELVING, Matilda 1850-Apr-30

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