Amite County Grooms

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NABORS, Zedekiah TERRELL, Rebecca 1811-Feb-11
NAIL, John QUINN, Nancy 1812-Nov-22
NANCE, Robert WALKER, Martha 1881-Dec-22
NANCE, William FELIX, Minda 1894-Jan-03
NASH, Walker KEITH, Mariah G 1817-Dec-30
NAUL, Caswell J EWELL, Ursula 1858-Dec-04
NAUL, Henry WALKER, Mariah 1885-Jul-14
NAUL, Julius A WHITTINGTON, Annie C 1899-Dec-20
NAUL, Martin L WILSON, Alice 1887-Jul-23
NAUL, N W JOUNS, Esther 1823-Mar-24
NAUL, William R MOORE, Mary R 1819-Feb-20
NAWLS, Claiborn TATE, Isabella 1881-Mar-27
NCCLELLAND, R M JONES, Arzelia 1889-Dec-19
NEAL, Charles W SPILLMAN, Ann M 1837-Jul-13
NEAL, Henderson GARNER, Melinda 1886-Jan-10
NEAL, Henry JACKSON, Mary 1881-Oct-22
NEAL, Henryh FRITH, Mary Jane 1889-Mar-28
NEAL, James FRANCIS, Rebecca 1817-Jul-26
NEAL, James W LINZA, Matilda 1863-Feb-10
NEELAND, L W WRIGHT, Elizabeth 1832-Jun-14
NEIL, Wm. F MCCLINDON, Lucinda 1826-Oct-29
NEILSON, B D JENKINS, Dora L 1877-Dec-20
NEILSON, Chas. P BATES, Louisa A 1858-Mar-02
NEILSON, Damon HUNT, Patience 1879-Nov-11
NEILSON, Edmond CARROLL, Jane 1874-Oct-22
NELIN, Gilbert COURTNEY, Sarah 1819-Jul-08
NELIN, Middleton MCCOY, Sally 1817-Feb-27
NELSON, C A ROBINSON, Hatta 1896-Jul-08
NELSON, Charles WILLIAMS, Jeannette 1874-Dec-12
NELSON, Chase ROSS, Saney 1878-Feb-21
NELSON, D A JONES, Emily 1831-Sep-08
NELSON, Henry REESE, Terissa 1876-Jan-15
NELSON, J B JACKSON, Sarah E 1881-Jan-05
NELSON, James HOLDEN, Emily 1837-Feb-20
NELSON, James B COLLINSWORTH, Lavina 1849-Dec-18
NELSON, John CROSSLEY, Alma 1899-Nov-20
NELSON, Joseph MCKNIGHT, Rosa 1882-Jan-04
NELSON, Neilson HOLDEN, Drucilla 1839-Dec-19
NEILSON, Richard M CORBELL, Jane Eliza Sarah 1831-Oct-04
NELSON, Richard HAZLEWOOD, Sina 1873-Dec-01
NELSON, Richard MOORE, Mitt 1895-Aug-03
NELSON, Richard RIDLEY, Mariah 1874-Feb-21
NELSON, Solomon BUTLER, Aletha Ann 1898-Dec-23
NELSON, Solomon THOMPSON, Sarah 1885-Dec-16
NELY, Richard MOORE, Mary A 1834-Oct-30
NENNERY, Thomas L FORD, Francis E 1874-Apr-30
NESMITH, Francis J NESMITH, Margaret Elizabeth 1844-Jan-25
NESMITH, Jon JAMES, Margaret 1815-Aug-03
NESOM, Thomas H RICHARDSON, Jennie 1865-Nov-27
NETHERLAND, Levi SMITH, Elizabeth 1811-Aug-03
NETHERLIN, James NETTLES, Elizabeth 1809-Apr-20
NETTLES, Derrel CHISHOLM, Martha Jane 1844-Dec-19
NETTLES, J B LITTLE, Maggie 1899-Sep-20
NETTLES, Napoleon J CRUISE, Mary 1871-Nov-16
NETTLES, Robert BAXTER, Nolcey 1810-Oct-18
NETTLES, Robt. R PATE, Lorena I 1859-Jan-25
NETTLES, W J PARKER, S E 1868-Jan-23
NETTLES, William ASHLEY, Elizabeth 1809-May-30
NEVIN, Willis SCOTT, Mary 1817-Jul-24
NEWBERRY, W R SIKES, Lilly 1893-Jul-11
NEWMAN, Courtney M CARPENTER, G W 1884-Jan-16
NEWMAN, E H HARRELL, Drucilla 1888-Mar-29
NEWMAN, E M CAUSEY, Alice 1898-Feb-17
NEWMAN, Elias HARKNESS, Nancy 1836-Feb-06
NEWMAN, Geo. W HOLDIN, Sarah 1810-May-06
NEWMAN, George BROWN, Harriet A 1857-Mar-13
NEWMAN, George J TATE, Elizabeth 1884-Dec-11
NEWMAN, George W MIXON, Mary M 1899-Jan-09
NEWMAN, Hezekiah COCKERMAN, Nancy 1823-Apr-29
NEWMAN, J M RABORN, Catharine 1890-Jan-09
NEWMAN, Jasper RABORN, Fannie 1892-Mar-31
NEWMAN, John T HALEY, Sophia J 1862-Mar-06
NEWMAN, Jonathon MIXON, Elizabeth 1830-Jun-10
NEWMAN, Joseph D FOSTER, Mary 1893-Dec-14
NEWMAN, Marcus A EASLEY, Delilah E (Mrs) 1869-Jan-14
NEWMAN, Myers FOSTER, Emily Eudora 1899-Jan-10
NEWMAN, Samuel MCDANIEL, Sallie 1880-Jan-15
NEWMAN, Solomon LOWRY, Marian 1809-Sep-07
NEWMAN, Theophelus WALL, Aleatha Ann 1865-Jan-12
NEWMAN, Thomas SCHILLING, Calista R 1871-Nov-30
NEWMAN, Thomas J NAUL, Martha 1878-Jan-21
NEWMAN, W M ROBINSON, Rebecca E 1879-Oct-14
NEWMAN, William WALL, Jane H 1830-Jun-08
NEWSOM, Asa SIMMONS, Nollie 1899-Feb-16
NEWSOM, J W HUNT, Elizabeth 1839-Dec-26
NEWSON, H C WILLIAMS, Mariah L 1849-Jul-31
NEWTON, Frank WILLIAMS, Martha 1881-Jan-06
NEWTON, R S BEASLEY, Mozelle 1895-Jul-06
NEWTON, R S MARSALIS, Sarah 1896-Dec-09
NEYLAND, Albert TAYLOR, Louisa 1873-Dec-25
NEYLAND, Benjamin TOBIAS, Louisa 1881-Jul-28
NEYLAND, Frank WILLIAMS, Liley 1876-Jan-17
NEYLAND, J W DUCK, Elizabeth 1852-Dec-13
NEYLAND, James M COX, Gillie B 1867-Mar-14
NEYLAND, Joseph COCKERHAM, Celia 1887-Nov-29
NEYLAND, Joseph JOHNSON, Sicily 1899-Jun-01
NEYLAND, Lea L FLYNN, Lillie 1888-Dec-25
NEYLAND, Lewis J CALLENDER, R J 1875-Dec-23
NEYLAND, Middleton DOUGHTY, Rachel 1825-Mar-17
NEYLAND, Newton BONDS, Lucretia 1876-Jan-13
NEYLAND, T L CORY, C L 1894-Nov-22
NEYLAND, Thomas MCGEHEE, Mary 1888-Dec-27
NICHOLAS, Reuban PARKMAN, Polly 1834-Dec-21
NICHOLS, Peter TILLERY, Sallie 1887-Sep-04
NIX, Samuel J W TALBERT, Mary L 1848-Nov-15
NOLIN, Aaron YOUNG, Mary 1839-Feb-01
NORWOOD, Abel J BUCKHOLTS, Amada C 1850-Apr-17
NORWOOD, Elias CHANDLER, Catherine 1815-Dec-17
NORWOOD, George MCCOY, Mollie 1877-Jan-28
NORWOOD, Isaiah SPEARS, Maggy 1885-Nov-14
NORWOOD, James M BULLER, Martha 1834-Oct-01
NORWOOD, John W SMITH, Nancy 1847-Mar-21
NUGENT, Jacob L ENGLISH, Linda 1822-Apr-05
NUNNERY, Archibald JONES, M E 1879-Dec-19
NUNNERY, C H ANDERSON, Addie 1888-Mar-15
NUNNERY, C L HUGHEY, M L 1894-Jan-04
NUNNERY, C N WILKINSON, Lucy 1894-Jul-05
NUNNERY, David BROWDEN, Oveda 1888-Oct-11
NUNNERY, David HUGHEY, L C 1865-Jul-25
NUNNERY, Douglas WEBB, Mary F 1899-Nov-30
NUNNERY, F D WILKINSON, Jane 1891-Dec-23
NUNNERY, George HUGHEY, E A 1867-Jan-24
NUNNERY, Griffin WROTEN, Ceola 1882-Dec-21
NUNNERY, Henry MCGEHEE, Sarah 1849-Jan-30
NUNNERY, J M WEBB, Florence 1884-Nov-27
NUNNERY, J S CARRAWAY, Eliza J 1893-Dec-14
NUNNERY, J S MCGEHEE, Fannie 1899-Dec-12
NUNNERY, John F HALLOWAY, Elizabeth 1823-Jan-22
NUNNERY, John H HUYGHEY, Eliza A 1859-Aug-24
NUNNERY, John L MCLAIN, Laura 1876-Oct-25
NUNNERY, Joseph SHORT, Eliza A 1854-Jun-10
NUNNERY, Joseph N JENKINS, Mary J 1877-Nov-18
NUNNERY, Lawrence NUNNERY, Carrie 1898-Jun-08
NUNNERY, Marshall MOORE, Maggie 1889-Jan-03
NUNNERY, Moses UPSHIRE, Eliza 1882-Jan-06
NUNNERY, R W TERRELL, Ella 1883-Jul-11
NUNNERY, Reuben HARVEY, Elizabeth J 1865-Dec-07
NUNNERY, Samuel MCGEBEE, Sarah C 1866-Aug-01
NUNNERY, Smart FELDER, Ella 1897-Jan-21
NUNNERY, Zachariah HUGHEY, Virginia 1873-Dec-18
O'NEAL, James JONES, Ida 1893-Jul-04
O'NEAL, S A ASHLEY, F E 1891-Mar-04
O'NEAL, Samuel JONES, Myrtis 1894-Nov-08
OBIER, James D KENNON, Mary 1832-Dec-28
OBIER, James D MONTGOMERY, Cynthia 1835-May-28
OBIER, W A GILL, Rebecca A 1838-Nov-01
OLDECOP, Charles F SANDEL, Frances C 1838-Nov-22
ODIER, John BRYANT, Nancy 1830-Jul-15
OGDEN, Jon COLLINS, Marie 1821-Jun-28
OGDEN, Lorenzo D PAGE, Lucy Ann 1849-Jan-11
OGDEN, Richard POWELL, Keziah 1819-May-23
OGG, Richard BASS, Martha 1819-Dec-16
OGLE, William C EUBANKS, Margaret 1854-Nov-23
OGLESBY, Richard DAY, Fannie 1816-Mar-18
OLIPHANT, James WILLIAMS, Temperance 1820-Aug-07
OLIPHANT, James WILLIAMS, Temperance 1819-Dec-28
OLIVER, Nolan HOOD, Elizabeth 1894-Feb-15
OMAL, William HOFF, A E 1868-Oct-07
ONEAL, Albert G BERRYHILL, Alice E 1869-Sep-23
ONEAL, Elisha GORDON, Maggie 1887-May-20
ONEAL, Royal ROBERTS, Annie 1889-Dec-23
ONEAL, Samuel BERRYHILL, Priscilla 1845-Jan-02
ONEAL, Samuel DAY, Nancy 1865-Oct-21
ONEAL, Samuel MANNING, Emily 1889-Aug-24
ONEAL, Stephen DOVE, Nancy 1822-Feb-22
ONEAL, W S MARSALIS, Matilda 1849-Feb-22
ONEAL, William CHAPMAN, M F 1839-May-07
ORD, Dock WATKINS, Violet 1875-Oct-01
OSBORN, Bruce JACKSON, Mima 1874-Dec-12
OSBORN, Samuel SCOTT, Adelene 1896-Dec-24
OSBY, Marshall VARNADO, Melissa 1898-Feb-01
OSGOOD, William HALL, Mary F 1873-Jan-22
OSGOOD, William O COTTON, Harriet A 1871-Jun-13
OSTIN, John CRITTENDEN, Rebecca 1817-Mar-02
OTIS, Charles VICK, Jeannett 1824-Jan-12
OTKIN, Hays WILLIAMS, Alice 1898-Jan-27
OTKINS, Allen HAYS, Sarah 1873-May-10
OTKINS, Frank WILLIAMS, Mahala 1890-Mar-15
OTKINS, James FELTUS, Mary 1887-Apr-29
OTKINS, Samuel WASHINGTON, Laura 1879-Feb-22
OTTS, J D ROWELL, Rosa E 1879-Feb-08
OWEN, R F ANDERSON, Katie E 1894-Nov-07
OWENS, J J TARVER, Almeda 1897-Nov-27
OWENS, W I MCCALLAN, Martha 1857-Mar-26

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