Amite County Grooms


EADY, Henry KEEL, Emily 1840-Dec-03
EADY, James W ANDERS, Margaret 1865-Mar-02
EARLE, William FRANCIS, Rosanna 1811-Sep-26
EASLEY, Benj. WHITE, Mary 1828-Jan-24
EASLEY, Benj. F JOHNSON, Cecily 1843-Jan-05
EASLEY, David D BENNETT, Emily E 1896-Dec-06
EASLEY, Drury M WALLS, Margaret A 1875-Oct-31
EASLEY, H W CARTER, Elizabeth 1860-Mar-12
EASLEY, Harrel TAYLOR, Martha E 1875-Aug-02
EASLEY, J B BATES, D E 1867-Oct-18
EASLEY, James W VENABLE, Sarah K 1869-Dec-22
EASLEY, R E QUIGLEY, Catharine 1843-Apr-06
EASLEY, Robert MORGAN, Lou 1896-Oct-22
EASLEY, Robert OSBY, Caroline 1884-Feb-02
EASLEY, Scipio T BENNETT, Anna J 1896-Sep-03
EASLEY, W A NEWMAN, Nancy J 1865-May-04
EASLEY, Weldon TARVER, Josephine E 1897-Dec-29
EASLEY, Wilford HURST, Mary J 1873-Nov-13
EASLEY, William K RABORN, A L 1881-Nov-17
EAST, John CHANCE, Zelphy 1810-Dec-06
EAST, Thomas DAY, Polly 1812-Aug-20
EASTON, Tristiam S SHELBY, Jane 1824-Feb-13
EDWARDS, Ellison COMETH, Sarah 1834-Jul-24
EDWARDS, James PATTERSON, Ara 1899-Oct-12
EDWARDS, John EPPES, Elizabeth B 1820-Nov-16
EDWARDS, O F DUCK, Mollie L 1881-Jan-04
EDWARDS, Silas WILLIAMS, Lucy 1879-Oct-25
EDWARDS, W W FORD, Janie E 1894-Jan-10
EDY, John (Jr) ANDERS, Charity 1830-May-11
ELDRIDGE, S H HENDRY, Fanny J 1870-Nov-18
ELLIOTT, James PAGE, Elizabeth 1830-Mar-31
ELLIOTT, Robt. J AUSTIN, Edith 1854-Aug-05
ELLIOTT, Wm BROOKER, Lucy 1822-Jun-18
ELLIS, John CAIN, Dora 1891-Jan-08
ELLIS, Lowry WHITTINGTON, Lucy 1815-Oct-30
ELLZY, Nucham BROWN, Lizzie 1889-Dec-26
ELY, D W NEWMAN, Minnie 1895-Nov-25
ELZEY, William SIBLEY, Esther 1815-Jul-27
ENLOW, H M MCNEELY, Mary Ann 1885-Dec-14
EPPERSON, Caro NEIL, Nancy 1824-Jan-15
EPPES, Ballard CATES, Mary 1822-Jan-17
ESRIG, Daniel J MAXEY, Minerva E 1873-Dec-31
ETHRIDGE, James M BATES, Malissa J 1886-May-26
ETHRIDGE, John A MCDANIEL, Nancy 1849-Jun-19
ETHRIDGE, Phineo C BATES, Eva J 1889-May-13
ETHRIDGE, Robert BATES, Amanda 1885-Jan-22
ETHRIDGE, Timothy WHITTINGTON, Matilda 1890-May-06
EUBANKS, Doner MCCRAE, Ada 1898-Jan-06
EUBANKS, Henry SHEPPERD, Eliza 1884-Jun-15
EUBANKS, James LOWRY, Eliza 1831-Nov-08
EUROPE, Charles BROWN, Lina 1881-Sep-04
EUSTON, David BANKS, Harriet 1883-Jan-25
EVANS, Charles L TALBERT, Caroline M 1856-Aug-13
EVANS, Frank BERKLEY, Icy 1890-Jan-08
EVANS, John P DEACON, Ellen 1866-May-29
EVANS, R L FENN, Eunice 1897-Feb-10
EVANS, Samuel H HOLDEN, Taletha Ann 1867-Sep-03
EVANS, Thos A FOLEY, Lucy A 1820-Aug-01
EVANS, W W MCGEHEE, Elizabeth 1896-Oct-31
EVERETT, Alex J JONES, K H 1866-Dec-20
EVERETT, Charles RENTS, Caty 1810-Aug-23
EVERETT, Henderson COX, Adeline 1866-Jun-23
EVERETT, James BROWN, Lydia 1816-Aug-22
EVERETT, James GARNER, Sarah E 1861-Dec-23
EVERETT, John FELDER, Elizabeth 1832-Aug-29
EVERETT, John FRITH, Elizabeth 1835-Jan-28
EVERETT, John (Jr) SPURLOCK, Letitia 1849-Jan-08
EVERETT, Marshall DAY, Rhoda 1866-Sep-02
EVERETT, Thomas J BUTLER, Martha J 1865-Aug-24
EVERETT, Thos. FELDER, Nancy 1828-Jul-30
EVERITT, John ELDERS, Sarah 1820-Dec-04
EVRETT, Charles F CREEL, L E 1885-Sep-30
EVRETTE, Thomas FELDER, Nancy 1828-Jul-28
EWELL, S P MCCOY, Olive P 1879-Nov-13
EWELL, W M GUNBY, Eudora L 1889-Dec-05
EWELL, W M MCCOY, Eliza A 1883-Jan-02
EWELL, Wm. L EWELL, Mary A 1850-Dec-26
EWELL, Wm. L MCCOY, Martha 1830-Dec-24
EWING, J B STEWART, Amanda 1849-Mar-08
EYERLY, Thos. HAYGOOD, Matilda 1832-Jan-27
EZELL, Greenberry HALES, Nancy M 1837-Jun-22

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