Amity County Brides

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YANKAWAY, Kattie WILLIAMS, Sye 1882-Jan-21
YANKAWAY, Rachel WILLIAMS, Isaac 1890-May-10
YANKAWAY, Rinda LEE, Van 1894-Aug-15
YARBOROUGH, Mary A DIXON, Thos. F 1841-Jun-22
YARBOROUGH, Mary J CAUSEY, J P 1866-Dec-01
YOUNG, Ann ASHLEY, Solomon 1877-Mar-11
YOUNG, Chaney KNOX, Charles 1875-May-01
YOUNG, Eliz. MONTGOMERY, Zach 1831-Jan-20
YOUNG, Ella HUNTER, Samuel 1898-Feb-10
YOUNG, Emma GALLIGER, George 1880-Feb-10
YOUNG, Esther GREEN, H W 1841-Sep-13
YOUNG, Fannie ADDISON, Charlie 1878-Jul-04
YOUNG, Julia (Mrs) LACKINS, Taylor 1889-Jan-05
YOUNG, Lorenda ROUND, B T 1869-Mar-02
YOUNG, Lucy THOMAS, Joseph 1887-Jan-05
YOUNG, M L CLARK, Benjamin L 1867-Dec-21
YOUNG, Manny CAIN, Isabella 1897-Feb-20
YOUNG, Margarit YOUNG, Wade 1872-Dec-31
YOUNG, Martha JACKSON, Robt 1896-Jun-19
YOUNG, Mary MORGAN, Edward H 1870-May-04
YOUNG, Mary NOLIN, Aaron 1839-Feb-01
YOUNG, Mary TOBIAS, James 1879-Sep-04
YOUNG, Mary F MAGEE, Calvin 1860-Nov-13
YOUNG, Mollie ANDERSON, Lee 1899-Sep-16
YOUNG, Mourning TAYLOR, Morris 1875-May-18
YOUNG, Mourning WELLS, Andrew 1874-Dec-31
YOUNG, Nancy STRICKLAND, C D 1879-Oct-30
YOUNG, Nancy (Mrs) REED, William 1893-Jan-03
YOUNG, Polly CASTON, Eugene 1899-Jan-11
YOUNG, Rachel STEMLEY, Lewis 1875-Mar-03
YOUNG, Sarah CLARK, Henry 1824-Aug-04
YOUNG, Sarah TERRELL, David 1822-Mar-21
YOUNG, Sarah Ann MARSALIS, Isham 1882-Feb-09
YOUNG, Sarah E WILKINSON, B R 1853-Apr-16
YOUNG, Victoria YOUNG, J A 1882-Dec-29
YOUNGBLOOD, Nancy WHITTINGTON, Moses 1836-Nov-14
ZACHARY, Nancy FARIS, William 1815-Sep-07
ZEAGLER, Mary J BATES, C M 1898-Jan-06
ZEAGLER, Susan A LINDSEY, William 1881-Oct-13
ZEIGLER, Elizabeth TRAVIS, W E 1882-Jan-05
ZEIGLER, Octavia GUNTER, Samuel H 1857-Oct-15

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