Amity County Brides

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UNGERGER, Angeline HENRY, Samuel L 1873-Dec-10
UPHIN, Mary WEATHERSBY, Willis 1896-Mar-11
UPSHIRE, Eliza NUNNERY, Moses 1882-Jan-06
UPSHIRE, Sarah JOHNSON, John 1879-Aug-10
UPSHIRI, Sarah WILLIAMS, Jefferson 1880-Jul-17
VALENTINE, Becky FOSTER, Norris 1811-May-09
VAN ALLEN, Rachel SMILEY, Robert 1874-Dec-24
VAN ALLEN, Rebecca E JACKSON, Moses 1866-May-31
VAN NORMAN, Antoinette ADAMS, Alexander 1839-Sep-09
VAN NORMAN, Bessie HOGEMANN, Henry 1891-Oct-01
VAN NORMAN, Elizabeth JACKSON, Thomas 1830-Oct-09
VAN NORMAN, Emma M ROBERTS, Nathan J 1875-Apr-05
VAN NORMAN, Eula TOLER, T L 1894-Jan-10
VAN NORMAN, Florence E CASON, J B (Jr) 1886-Dec-08
VAN NORMAN, Kate F GARDNER, Samuel B 1888-Feb-29
VAN NORMAN, L A HARRELL, Thos. L 1860-Jun-09
VAN NORMAN, Lizetta SEALE, Elbert 1845-Dec-23
VAN NORMAN, Lorena FAUST, D Anthony 1846-Jan-26
VAN NORMAN, M A PRICE, John 1852-Aug-01
VAN NORMAN, Margaret E ROBERTS, Franklin A J 1870-Dec-22
VAN NORMAN, Mary A BRYANT, Garrett 1833-Jan-17
VAN NORMAN, Mary L MCLAIN, Albert A 1880-Jan-29
VAN NORMAN, Nettie E MAYHALL, John M 1885-Dec-24
VAN NORMAN, Philadelphia WILKINSON, John C 1845-Jan-26
VAN NORMAN, Sarah A GARROW, Nathaniel 1865-Feb-07
VAN NORMAN, Susie GARDNER, W B 1892-Dec-25
VAN, Frances A BEAVER, Silas M 1872-Jan-04
VAN, Norman Amanda SMITH, Joseph N 1891-Feb-22
VANDERWATER, Augusta GERMANY, Robt. H 1857-Aug-06
VANNORMAN, Gertrude BERRYHILL, G G 1894-Feb-10
VANTON, Laura WILLIAMS, William 1880-Sep-10
VANZANT, Sarah HATTON, Jesse 1822-May-04
VARDELL, Lucretia WILLIAMS, Jesse 1809-Aug-10
VARDELL, Mary WEBB, John 1810-Jan-12
VARNADO, Anna ASHLEY, John 1892-Jan-07
VARNADO, Cora WHITE, Samuel 1898-Feb-21
VARNADO, Fannie HOOD, William 1891-Jan-09
VARNADO, Hester LENOIR, Robert 1874-Sep-29
VARNADO, Julia HARRIS, Phillip 1887-Oct-06
VARNADO, Laura BATES, Howell 1881-Nov-24
VARNADO, Lizzie BROWN, Albert 1894-Sep-05
VARNADO, Lizzie (Mrs) GARNER, Redmond 1895-Feb-21
VARNADO, Mary MONTGOMERY, Anderson 1894-Jan-04
VARNADO, Melissa OSBY, Marshall 1898-Feb-01
VARNADO, Octavia BRABHAM, Zachariah 1871-Jan-25
VARNADO, Rosana Ida WILSON, John 1882-Nov-29
VARNADO, Sarah A SIMMONS, Green 1858-May-04
VARNADO, Sophia TOBIAS, Alfred 1881-Feb-24
VARNADO, Tempy DAWSON, Reed 1898-Jan-20
VARNADO, Victoria MASON, Flowers 1885-Dec-29
VARNELL, Nancy STOKER, Henry 1816-Jan-28
VAUGHN, Julia DE LEE, A N 1883-Nov-15
VEAL, Anna WILKINSON, John 1894-Jan-25
VEAL, Emily CAUSEY, Reed 1893-Dec-29
VEAL, Mary ANDERSON, William 1891-Jan-01
VEALE, Celeste ANDERSON, Charles 1885-Dec-03
VENABLE, Margaret Ann HUTCHINSON, Simpson 1887-Jan-05
VENABLE, Sarah K EASLEY, James W 1869-Dec-22
VERBY, Rosetta A PHELPS, James A E 1821-Apr-19
VICK, Jeannett OTIS, Charles 1824-Jan-12
VICK, Lucinda GRAY, Isaac B 1825-Jul-24
VICK, Mady DAFORD, James 1815-Nov-04
VICK, Medy DEFORD, James 1815-Nov-04
VIERS, Elizabeth DAVIS, William 1849-Jan-01
VINAS, Lizzie LINDSAY, I M 1885-Jun-07
VINE, Bessie STERLING, W S 1882-Jan-12
VINE, Lilly A WHITE, Thomas R 1886-Jan-21
VINE, Minnie A ASH, John L 1891-Feb-08

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