Amite County Brides

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NABORS, Eveline BAGLEY, John G 1855-Apr-15
NABORS, Nancy HARRELL, Benjamin 1844-Jan-01
NABORS, Parmelia HARREL, Walton 1838-Dec-27
NABORS, Permelia HARRELL, Walton 1838-Dec-27
NAILOR, Angeline A YOUNG, James F 1853-Jan-27
NAILOR, Kiziah PAGE, Jesse 1825-Mar-12
NASH, Addie COOK, Jacob 1873-Feb-13
NAUL, C E COOK, A S 1889-Apr-30
NAUL, Martha NEWMAN, Thomas J 1878-Jan-21
NAUL, Nancy LEA, Geo. R 1824-Jun-22
NAUL, Tillie A STEBBINS, Samuel S 1891-Jan-28
NEAL, Dora BRYANT, Alfred 1889-Jan-05
NEAL, Eliza TARVER, Lott 1848-Jul-20
NEAL, Elizabeth P WAITE, John 1824-Apr-15
NEAL, Martha V TINNING, William 1874-Nov-05
NEAL, Mary VAN, William F 1854-Feb-06
NEAL, Rebecca HAVARD, Cade 1832-Sep-13
NEAL, Sarah SUMMERLIN, Henry 1826-Nov-28
NEBOL, Barbara MERCER, Harmon G 1831-Oct-13
NEELY, Celina E BRIAN, Asa W 1846-Feb-15
NEIL, Nancy EPPERSON, Caro 1824-Jan-15
NEILSON, Aletha CHANDLER, Albert 1894-Jan-12
NEILSON, Dorcos HOLMES, William R 1814-Jan-12
NEILSON, Isola V COWDIN, Eugene P 1876-Mar-09
NEILSON, Mary V GILLESPIE, Wm F 1862-Jan-23
NEILSON, Millie PERKINS, John 1876-Dec-03
NEILSON, Nancy SCOTT, Larkin 1814-Dec-15
NEILSON, Roberta A RATCLIFF, Thomas P 1881-Jan-03
NEILSON, Sarah WHITTINGTON, James 1815-Nov-14
NEILSON, Sarah WHITTINGTON, John 1817-Sep-20
NELSON, Amanda ALLEN, Joseph 1875-Jan-09
NELSON, Angeline SWEARINGEN, Wm 1896-Aug-29
NELSON, Annie THOMPSON, Dandrage 1884-Jul-07
NELSON, F E WILSON, J J 1895-Oct-17
NELSON, Fannie WILLIAMS, J R 1899-Apr-22
NELSON, Hettie DAVIS, Ivy 1877-Feb-25
NELSON, Jannie BRUMFIELD, Henry 1881-Jun-09
NELSON, Katy WASHINGTON, Green 1894-Nov-01
NELSON, Lois L CAUSEY, M T 1898-Nov-08
NELSON, Marena WILLIAMS, Charles 1888-Feb-09
NELSON, Mariah JACKSON, John 1877-Jan-11
NELSON, Mary CAIN, Tobias 1888-Feb-02
NELSON, Nicey PINKNEY, Christopher 1873-Jan-09
NELSON, Sallie MCDANIEL, Wiley 1892-Jan-02
NELSON, Sarah JEFFERSON, Robert 1894-Dec-27
NELSON, Sicily WILLIAMS, John I 1897-Jul-08
NELSON, Tuma ANDERSON, Adam 1893-Jan-21
NEPPERS, Susannah DICKERSON, Matthew 1812-Oct-04
NESMITH, Elizabeth ANDERS, James L 1858-May-04
NESMITH, Elizabeth DAWSON, Dallas A 1865-Jul-12
NESMITH, Jane MOORE, Thos. 1830-Oct-20
NESMITH, Lavina J WORSHAM, Samuel J 1843-Jan-12
NESMITH, Margaret Elizabeth NESMITH, Francis J 1844-Jan-25
NESMITH, Rebecca J JAMES, J A 1870-Jan-28
NETTLES, A A HEWITT, W A 1894-Dec-19
NETTLES, Elizabeth NETHERLIN, James 1809-Apr-20
NETTLES, Etta MUSE, Joseph 1898-Dec-27
NETTLES, L A ARNOLD, A J 1897-Mar-20
NETTLES, Martha A CARRAWAY, John H 1864-Dec-23
NETTLES, Mary HUMBLE, James 1809-May-28
NETTLES, Sarah A BRANCH, Henry M 1886-Dec-22
NEWMAN, Alice BANSKTON, T J 1896-Dec-30
NEWMAN, Artamesa L FREEMAN, Silas D 1876-Dec-21
NEWMAN, Bettie M YOUNG, E D 1893-Jul-04
NEWMAN, Caroline CARTER, J F 1868-Dec-10
NEWMAN, Elizabeth MCDANIEL, J J 1853-Nov-05
NEWMAN, Ellen WILLIAMS, A E 1898-May-22
NEWMAN, Frances E WALL, Charles N 1880-Dec-30
NEWMAN, Frances S REYNOLDS, George L 1881-Oct-06
NEWMAN, J E DUCK, L W 1853-Aug-10
NEWMAN, Laura N WILLIAMS, John M 1877-Dec-13
NEWMAN, Lizzie BROWN, George 1880-Feb-14
NEWMAN, Luletea WALKER, J W 1881-Feb-23
NEWMAN, M C BRANCH, J A 1879-Dec-11
NEWMAN, Martha A WILSON, John W 1864-Mar-10
NEWMAN, Martha C HONEA, George W 1879-Dec-24
NEWMAN, Matilda A WILSON, Jesse C 1869-Jan-04
NEWMAN, Mattie BOSTICK, W S 1894-Jan-10
NEWMAN, Maybel HUGHEY, M A 1898-Dec-24
NEWMAN, Minnie ELY, D W 1895-Nov-25
NEWMAN, Nancy J EASLEY, W A 1865-May-04
NEWMAN, Priscilla COLEMAN, John H 1874-Nov-25
NEWMAN, Rebecca DAY, Alinzo 1878-Dec-20
NEWMAN, Susan KING, Daniel 1824-Jan-24
NEWSOM, Cassandra BOURG, Amand 1831-Mar-22
NEWSOM, Keziah GEORGE, James H 1841-Nov-15
NEWTON, Ann E LEA, James M 1853-Apr-12
NEWTON, Laura WILLIAMS, John 1872-Dec-31
NEYLAND, Amanda FRITH, Arbry 1896-Jan-08
NEYLAND, Clara G WELCH, H W 1898-Aug-11
NEYLAND, Cynthia Ann THOMPSON, Charles 1877-Feb-10
NEYLAND, Dora WILLIAMS, Mason 1896-Jan-16
NEYLAND, Frances GORDON, Samuel 1895-Dec-27
NEYLAND, Izzie HUGHES, John 1897-Jan-07
NEYLAND, Jennie RAVENCRAFT, J F 1899-Dec-21
NEYLAND, Laura THOMPSON, Squire 1891-Jan-03
NEYLAND, Leona L COLLINS, Francis F 1855-Mar-29
NEYLAND, Lizzie CALLENDER, R F 1899-Sep-01
NEYLAND, Louisa WORSHAM, Thomas 1858-Nov-10
NEYLAND, Marinda MCELWEE, Cyrus 1876-Jan-03
NEYLAND, Mary REMBERT, Tiney 1825-Mar-26
NEYLAND, Mary ROBERT, Calvin 1893-Oct-19
NEYLAND, Rosa BROWN, Henry 1892-Jan-21
NEYLAND, Sarah E JOHNS, Willie R 1884-Feb-17
NEYLAND, Viney WAGONER, Joseph 1873-Jan-31
NEYLAND, Virginia BURRIS, Jonas 1897-Jan-19
NICHOLS, Margaret ROBINSON, William 1877-May-16
NICHOLS, Mariah KIBBLE, Sam 1879-Mar-06
NICHOLS, Mary WEATHERSBY, Lodwick 1830-Jun-14
NIPPER, Elizabeth BARNES, Nathaniel 1812-May-16
NIPPER, Nancy MCDERMOND, Peter 1825-Aug-24
NIPPER, Sarah MORRIS, Daniel 1811-Aug-17
NIX, M L (Mrs) COVINGTON, Seaborn 1867-Jan-10
NOBLE, Elizabeth BROWN, Joseph 1814-Jan-06
NOLAND, Elizabeth ANDERSON, James 1822-Jul-25
NOLAND, Mary PARKER, Isaac 1815-Nov-10
NORMAN, Elizabeth MCGEHEE, Pope 1838-Feb-27
NORMAN, Elizabeth R GERALD, Samuel 1812-Apr-30
NORMAN, Ellen RATCLIFF, Armstead 1884-Jan-24
NORMAN, Lurena Van FAUST, Ellis 1888-Dec-26
NORTH, Sarah M WHITNEY, J H 1862-Sep-19
NORWOOD, Caroline MCKNIGHT, Henry 1879-Apr-29
NORWOOD, Cornelia COTTEN, James 1895-Jan-24
NORWOOD, Eleanor SCOTT, Alexander 1812-Feb-18
NORWOOD, Emma CHAPMAN, Will 1892-Dec-22
NORWOOD, Emma JACKSON, Thomas 1895-Jan-10
NORWOOD, Isadore SPEARS, Calvin 1887-Nov-11
NORWOOD, Lena JONES, Iler 1894-Dec-15
NORWOOD, Lizzie PERRY, Sam 1897-Jul-10
NORWOOD, Maggie CARTER, Charles 1897-Jan-23
NORWOOD, Mary MCDOWELL, Peter 1887-Nov-24
NORWOOD, Mary Jane SCOBY, Dillon 1887-May-05
NORWOOD, Mattie SMITH, Jonas 1895-Jan-10
NORWOOD, Mollie HANDY, Frank 1887-Nov-24
NUNNERY, Beulah COCKERHAM, John I 1887-Jul-18
NUNNERY, Blanch CUTRER, M B 1899-Jan-25
NUNNERY, Carrie NUNNERY, Lawrence 1898-Jun-08
NUNNERY, Dollie L CAIN, E C 1893-May-14
NUNNERY, E A C PARKER, Thos. C 1864-Nov-31
NUNNERY, Eugenia E WHITTINGTON, Thomas 1877-Dec-24
NUNNERY, Jannie WILKINSON, G F 1880-Dec-02
NUNNERY, Jennie WILKINSON, Thomas Jeff 1889-Dec-19
NUNNERY, Julia CARRAWAY, John T 1895-Nov-11
NUNNERY, Lucinda HAZLEWOOD, Prince 1866-Apr-07
NUNNERY, Mariah JONES, D W 1876-Oct-26
NUNNERY, Mary Jane COCKERHAM, Christopher R 1872-Dec-12
NUNNERY, Mattie CARRAWAY, Leon 1893-Dec-14
NUNNERY, N J WICKER, W T 1883-Dec-13
NUNNERY, Penelope H WILKINSON, T Jefferson 1885-Nov-01
NUNNERY, Prudie BRASHEAR, Plum 1897-Feb-18
NUNNERY, Sara WILKINSON, T C 1896-Nov-04
NUNNERY, Susie CRUISE, Joe M 1893-Mar-24
NUNNERY, Therissa J CRUISE, J M 1880-Nov-23
NUNNERY, W R KNOX, Jarrett V 1893-Mar-05
OBIER, A A MCNULTY, Michael 1856-Jul-07
OBIER, Cynthia TAYLOR, Thos. S 1850-Jan-04
OBIER, Elphany WEATHERSBY, Lodwick 1831-Nov-14
OBIER, Mary MARSALIS, Patterson 1834-Nov-27
ODUM, Elizabeth WATSON, Jacob 1812-Mar-08
OGG, Martha DUNN, David 1829-Oct-14
OGLE, Frances K KENDALL, William B 1876-Dec-21
OGLESBY, Claty DAY, Jonathan 1810-May-20
OLIVER, Jane WILLIAMS, Andrew 1896-Jan-03
OLIVER, Susie HUNT, George 1893-Mar-25
OLLIVER, Lillian WILLIAMS, Lewis 1891-May-14
O'NEAL, Alice E GRESHAM, C K 1891-Oct-24
ONEAL, Ann FELDER, Charles F 1838-Jan-09
ONEAL, Bertha A ROBERTS, Robert 1896-Oct-19
O'NEAL, Cefer V MAY, N L 1893-Dec-27
O'NEAL, Emma ROBERTS, W J 1896-Feb-20
ONEAL, Lillian R GRAVES, W T 1888-Nov-21
ONEAL, Lucy A HARRINGTON, T J 1828-Feb-16
ONEAL, Lucy A WROTEN, Henry O 1874-Oct-21
ONEAL, Mary A HAVARD, Jeremiah 1865-Feb-02
ONEAL, Mary A SHARPLING, William D 1889-Mar-10
ONEAL, Nora Jane SWEARINGEN, Henry 1882-Dec-14
ONEAL, Sarah CHAPMAN, Robt. N 1839-May-23
ONEAL, Sarah J HUFF, Benj. F 1861-Aug-15
ONEAL, Victoria P WILKINSON, Benj. F 1865-Oct-11
OPENHEIMER, Jetty ADER, Israel 1847-Mar-12
OSBORN, Betsie CARTER, John 1894-Jan-25
OSBORN, Mariah HOLDEN, John G 1889-Dec-14
OSBORN, Nancy WATSON, Charley 1898-Nov-12
OSBORNE, Jane SANDFORD, John A 1875-Dec-09
OSBURN, Janes COTTEN, Henderson 1881-Jan-04
OSBURN, Louisa MIXON, Jeff 1882-Dec-27
OSBURN, Martha JAMES, Silas 1882-Oct-12
OSBY, Caroline EASLEY, Robert 1884-Feb-02
OSTON, Nelly CRITTENDON, Bartlett 1817-Jul-07
OSWALD, Ella CHANCE, Nancy 1886-Jan-28
OTKIN, Emma JACKSON, Willie 1896-Feb-05
OTKIN, Martha HILL, Alex 1889-Dec-25
OTKINS, Charlotte MCRAE, Wesley 1889-Jan-09
OTKINS, Emma BARNES, Wade 1889-Jan-17
OTKINS, Harriett FURGERSON, Doc 1884-Mar-20
OTKINS, Jane CROCKET, Frank 1884-Jan-18
OTKINS, Lucinda THOMAS, Andres 1889-Jan-29
OTKINS, Phillis ANDERSON, Robert (Jr) 1875-Mar-05
OTKINS, Phillis HUNT, Sila 1874-Dec-31
OWEN, Carrie WATSON, Monroe 1899-Dec-22
OWENS, Mary Jane WILLIAMS, Calvin 1875-Jun-25
OWENS, Sarah HOLLY, Nathaniel 1811-Apr-15

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