Amity County Brides


EADES, Louisa A HARRELL, Elijah 1843-Jul-11
EADY, Aramintha ROBERTSON, Ed. F 1864-Nov-01
EADY, Eveline WHITTINGTON, Eli 1854-Mar-27
EADY, Mary M BYRD, Leonard C 1848-Mar-23
EADY, Sarah WINGFIELD, Alfred 1881-Aug-09
EARL, Emily JACKSON, Thomas 1876-Dec-31
EASLEY, Ada SMITH, John T 1898-Jan-20
EASLEY, Amanda L MIXON, Willism P 1867-Aug-15
EASLEY, Cecila LINDSAY, William 1868-Sep-10
EASLEY, Delilah E (Mrs) NEWMAN, Marcus A 1869-Jan-14
EASLEY, Elizabeth WALL, Lemuel 1827-Aug-01
EASLEY, Elizabeth C MIXON, A J 1865-Oct-25
EASLEY, Julia CUTRER, James A 1894-Dec-13
EASLEY, Lizzie WINAS, William 1885-Jan-01
EASLEY, Ludie MCELVEEN, George 1898-Dec-25
EASLEY, Maggie CARTER, Isaac L 1894-Mar-01
EASLEY, Margaret M BUSBY, B F 1870-May-19
EASLEY, Mary ROBERTS, W M 1894-Mar-29
EASLEY, Mary E MCELWRATH, Saml. H 1864-Mar-08
EASLEY, Mollie C WHITE, J W 1893-Dec-26
EASLEY, Nancy L POWELL, John 1854-Jan-31
EASLEY, Piney HUGHES, R C 1894-May-27
EAST, Mary CRAVENS, T J 1895-Jun-24
EAST, Polly CHANCE, Vinson 1811-Dec-26
EAST, Zilphy THOMPSON, William 1813-Jul-16
EASTER, Edney CLARK, Charles W 1855-Dec-11
EASTESS, Nancy WAMACK, Jacob 1810-Jun-11
EBBEY, Harriet CALLENDER, Jos 1821-May-23
EDDELMAN, Cristena GWYNN, Alfred 1853-Jun-14
EDDINGTON, Tarry SIBLEY, Tom 1895-Aug-17
EDWARDS, Frances HUFF, Daniel 1822-Feb-22
EDWARDS, Lucy BROWN, Albert 1899-Dec-14
EDWARDS, Martha MCELWEE, S H 1868-Mar-05
EDWARDS, Mary Ann MARSHALL, George B 1867-Jan-24
EDWARDS, Matilda MCGRAW, Isaac 1819-May-06
EDWARDS, Mollie CAUSEY, Charles D 1883-Dec-25
EDWARDS, N E REEVES, Elijah 1846-Dec-03
EDY, Elizabeth WALKER, Robert 1832-May-20
EDZ, Margaret BOWLING, William 1823-Oct-09
EFFERSON, Anna CHANDLER, Samuel 1821-Sep-02
EGGLESTON, Mary I SLEEPER, Lewis G 1860-Jun-20
ELDERS, Sarah EVERITT, John 1820-Dec-04
ELIZABETH, Nancy TURNER, Isaac 1874-Jan-02
ELLIOT, Mary MIDDLETON, William 1828-Apr-26
ELLIOTT, Mary H MIDDLETON, Wm. 1828-May-07
ELLIS, Ann ROBINSON, Robert 1877-Mar-31
ELLIS, Candice MCLAIN, Pompey 1879-Dec-20
ELLIS, Dora KNOX, Simon 1897-Mar-14
ELLIS, Hannah STARK, Horatio 1806-Aug-18
ELLIS, Malinda DAVIS, Thomas 1899-Dec-11
ELLIS, Maria RAMSEY, Edmond 1873-Apr-12
ELLIS, Virginia DAY, Samuel 1899-Dec-01
ELLISON, Mary CALCOTE, William C 1815-May-04
ELLISON, Nancy LITTLE, Fawley 1817-Oct-07
ELMORE, Ruthy ALEXANDER, John 1816-Sep-05
ELMORE, Sarah WARDLAW, Alexander 1817-Jul-03
ENGLISH, Linda NUGENT, Jacob L 1822-Apr-05
ENVETT, Alice M WILSON, James H 1871-Dec-18
EPPES, Elizabeth B EDWARDS, John 1820-Nov-16
EPPES, Martha A GORDON, David 1829-Dec-08
EPPES, Mary W CHANDLER, Jesse 1825-Feb-10
EPPES, Sarah K ROBERTS, G W 1829-Oct-05
EPPS, Lucretia MIDDLETON, M C 1831-Oct-08
ERBY, Mary BARRETT, Walter M 1810-Aug-20
ERONG, Mary J RABORN, William 1868-Dec-10
ESTES, Matilda HARRELL, Samuel 1836-Jun-30
ESTES, Nancy SITES, Leonard 1848-Dec-27
ETHRIDGE, Emily Jane WHITTINGTON, Lee 1890-Apr-22
EUBANKS, Eliza CARENER, Christopher 1840-Jan-16
EUBANKS, Hester (Mrs) DAWSON, Peter 1882-Feb-14
EUBANKS, Margaret OGLE, William C 1854-Nov-23
EUBANKS, Mary POWELL, James 1898-Jan-20
EUROPE, Mary Jane CAIN, Rufus 1882-Jan-14
EVANS, Caroline M SUDDUTH, R B 1866-Jul-31
EVANS, Frances ALLEN, David 1880-Apr-03
EVANS, Lenora WALTON, Robert C 1887-Feb-02
EVANS, Mary ROBERTS, Joab 1818-Jul-09
EVERETT, Eliza WILSON, Arak 1824-Mar-25
EVERETT, Harriet M ALLEN, Alphronson 1831-Feb-01
EVERETT, Julia A BURRUS, Samuel 1830-Apr-01
EVERETT, Lethea Ann GRAY, Lemuel 1859-Nov-09
EVERETT, Louisia M SMITH, William D 1838-Jan-09
EVERETT, Rebecca CAIN, William R 1860-Sep-15
EVERETT, Sarah LEA, David D 1841-Feb-08
EVERETT, Sarah C DICKEY, Thos. P 1826-Feb-16
EVRETT, Caroline SWEARINGEN, Thomas 1885-Nov-19
EVRETT, Emma MORRIS, Ivery M 1886-Feb-07
EVRETTE, Eliza WILLIAMS, Daniel 1873-Oct-06
EVRETTE, Emily JOHNSON, John (Jr) 1882-Apr-22
EWELL, Addie MCCRAINE, N W 1888-Jan-21
EWELL, Celia ROBERSON, David 1824-Jul-07
EWELL, Clementine REEVE, Randolph 1846-May-17
EWELL, Mary A EWELL, Wm. L 1850-Dec-26
EWELL, Nancy HUGGINS, W D 1843-Jul-13
EWELL, Ursula NAUL, Caswell J 1858-Dec-04

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