Alcorn County Brides
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YAHR, Hulda WILLIS, W W 1879-Nov-19
YANCEY, Letty H WILHELMS, Michael L 1853-May-12
YANCEY, Martha LANGLEY, William 1847-Sep-01
YARBER, Flora HEARN, J S 1899-Dec-20
YARBORG, Lydia BROOKS, William 1853-Aug-07
YARBOUGH, Sarah MITCHELL, J R 1896-Jul-06
YARBRY, Marion WINGO, Della 1891-Oct-04
YART, Nancy LUKE, William 1880-Jan-14
YATES, Mary Ann MILLER, H I 1853-Nov-10
YEATES, Martha J SPAIN, Henry 1861-Jul-15
YEATES, Virginia SHINAULT, N B 1852-Feb-17
YORK, Julia Ann THOMPSON, William 1856-Dec-14
YORK, Maggie Mrs HOWARD, John K 1869-Oct-18
YORK, Mahala J MARSH, John 1866-May-31
YOU, Sarah GARY, Benjamin E H 1855-Apr-15
YOUNG, Betsy JOHNSTON, Henry 1867-May-12
YOUNG, E J Mrs MCLAUGHLIN, T P 1865-Dec-07
YOUNG, Elinor A GRISHAM, W A W 1860-Mar-15
YOUNG, Elizabeth ROBINSON, B F 1865-Nov-14
YOUNG, J A Miss SITTON, William M 1867-Sep-01
YOUNG, Lucinda LEWIS, J G 1870-Jan-22
YOUNG, Lucinda MARONA, James 1854-Mar-14
YOUNG, M A Miss SMITH, J W 1867-Feb-05
YOUNG, M C Miss BLYTHE, Elijah 1867-Dec-22
YOUNG, M E Miss LITTLEJOHN, S S Jr 1899-Dec-22
YOUNG, Margaret R A GILMORE, William 1861-Mar-14
YOUNG, Mary BLAKENY, A J 1865-Mar-29
YOUNG, Mary EVANS, Henry 1868-Sep-27
YOUNG, Mary MARTIN, J L 1868-Nov-15
YOUNG, Mollie P SANDERS, Simeon 1868-Mar-31
YOUNG, Nancy SANDERS, Isaac 1860-Jan-01
YOUNG, Nancy C HENLEY, James M 1878-Nov-15
YOUNG, Ora MILLER, William Warren 1896-May-09
YOUNG, Rachel SHAMBLIN, Larkin 1865-Mar-29
YOUNG, Rutha BELL, John L 1843-Dec-19
YOUNG, Rutha A EZELL, Thomas L 1851-Oct-09
YOUNG, S H Miss MINGA, N C 1900-May-27
YOUNG, S V Miss MITCHELL, Joseph F 1867-Dec-30
YOUNG, Sarah N EDWARDS, James 1869-Jul-02
YOUNG, Susan MASSEY, Richard 1890-Oct-11
YOUNG, Unity C CRINER, J J 1860-Feb-14
YOUNGBLOOD, Marilla P COOPER, William 1846-Jul-08
YOW, Emma IJAM, C T 1878-Nov-27
ZACKAY, Sarah J PARKER, H W 1892-Mar-16
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