Adams County Brides
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YARBOROUGH, Jane FULTON, William 1839-Jan-15
YARBROUGH, Kisiah PURNELL, John M 1811-May-30
YEASLEY, Elizabeth ROSE, Aaron 1844-Feb-20
YEAZLEY, Ann FLEMING, John D 1842-May-07
YELVINGTON, Elvira MCCALLUM, Ronald 1856-Mar-17
YERBY, Peggy CROW, Clark 1813-Dec-31
YERZLEY, Emma RAWES, Robert 1851-Aug-12
YERZLEY, Jane MAYHEW, Andrew 1851-Dec-03
YOUNG, Amelia R CARPENTER, N Leslie 1892-Oct-10
YOUNG, Ann F PAINE, George W 1835-Jul-13
YOUNG, Eliza Ann MILLER, John H 1834-Mar-21
YOUNG, Jane S METCALF, James W 1850-May-16
YOUNG, Jessie EICHINGER, Charles 1889-Jul-14
YOUNG, Lydia TIERMAN, Peter (Jr) 1817-Jan-10
YOUNG, Margaret Allison JENKINS, Winchester 1900-Nov-07
YOUNGBLOOD, Ellen RIDDLE, James W 1891-May-11
YOUNKIN, Emily O HOWE, Ziniri H 1865-Oct-30
ZANE, Annie E ELDREDGE, Hallam 1851-Dec-09
ZANE, Annie E ELDRIDGE, Hallam 1851-Dec-09
ZEAGLER, Sarah Ann BURRITT, William H 1853-Jan-05
ZEIGLER, Elizabeth DELANEY, James 1827-Nov-08
ZEIGLER, Eveline WHIPPLE, James 1844-Sep-12
ZEIGLER, Mary Ann CURTAIN, Thomas I 1851-Aug-06
ZIGLINE, Elizabeth ADAMS, Israel L 1836-Feb-17
ZINGLINE, Harrett COLEMAN, Silas H 1835-Mar-19
ZOCH, Augusta SCHUCH, Leonard 1893-Jun-06
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