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Fielding Oakley

    Will or probate of Fielding Oakley, was written or filed on Saturday, January 1, 1838. Surnames listed in will or probate: ALLSWORTH, CLARK, GERMANY, OAKLEY

      (Actual will not dated. Date was estimated by the wills listed before and after it.)
      William - brother, executor, inherits
      Two unnamed brothers - inherit
      Two unnamed sisters - inherit
      Unnamed mother - inherits
      Eliza Clark - inherits, no relation shown
      John Allsworth - witness
      Wm. Clark - witness
      John Germany - witness

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Henry A Offuttnew.gif (2525 bytes)

    Will or probate of Henry A Offutt, was written or filed on Thursday, April 19, 1843. Surnames listed in will or probate: BROWN, COOPER, CRUMPTON, DEAR, GLAGETT, HUNTER, OFFUTT, SUTHERLAND

      Basil Z. Offutt - brother, executor
      John Cooper - friend, executor
      Miss Elizabeth Hunter - friend
      William Sutherland and William C. Dear - friends
      Eleanor N. Offutt - mother
      Eli Crumpton, James H. Clagett, George W. Brown - witnesses

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Robert T. Olds

    Will or probate of Robert T. Olds, was written or filed on Sunday, February 28, 1836. Surnames listed in will or probate: CLAY, OLDS, TILL

      Ann - wife
      William Olds - brother, executor
      John R. Till__ - witness
      John C. Clay - witness

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