Date Mon, 20 Apr 1998 134119 -0400
From mike harlow
To "Tony & Sue (Skay) Abruscato"
Subject Re [MOORE-L] Moore - 1857Fayette County, TX

Sorry for not getting this off sooner.  I was going to post this to the list.  Figures Lowe was my half 3rd great-granduncle.  His mother, Sallie Anne Lewis, was married to William Lowe and Figures is their son, born in 1792.  He was named after her father, Figures Lewis.  In 1794, after William Lowe died, Sallie married my 4th great-grandfather, James Moore, b 1765 Southampton VA d 1851 Halifax County NC.   He was a Revolutionary War patriot, first married to Martha Williams.  He and Sallie had the following children and since Figures wasn't even 2 when they married, I'm sure they were raised as one big happy family.

Edwin Lewis Moore b 1-29-1797  Halifax NC  d 12-26-1864  Fayette TX
James Moore  b 4-12-1798  Halifax NC  d  6-5-1828  Nash NC ???
Bartholomew Figures Moore  b 1-29-1801  Halifax NC  d 11-27-1878  Wake NC
Elizabeth Figures Moore b 1-7-1803 Halifax NC  d 10-05-1842  Halifax NC ???
John Wesley Moore b 12-28-1807  Halifax NC  d 6-25-1820  Halifax NC ???
Sallie Hester Anne Lowe Moore  b 9-19-1810 Halifax NC  d 07-31-1836  ???
Thomas Greene Lowe Moore b 5-13-1813  Halifax NC  d ???

Figure's wife was Ann Marie Crowell.  According to a FTM file, they moved to MS in 1835.

I'm still trying to fit the pieces together, concerning all the other names in the will.

Some of them I can place, but others I'm not too sure of.  There is an Alfred Moore that was descended from James marriage to Martha Williams, but I have his middle name as Washington, not the initial M.  Could this be your connection?   Elijah Boddie must be related to my uncle Bartholomew as his wives were sisters, Louisa and Lucy Boddie.  My aunt Sallie married a Powell.    Stephen Lowe married Figure's sister, Sally (they both had the same last name??).  Sallie Anne Lewis's brother, Bartholomew, married a Wiggins. I'm getting the majority of this from an FTM file, so I don't know how correct it is.

I know this is pretty jumbled.  I'm so excited about getting the will, that I really haven't had time to try to sort it all out.  Thank you so much for posting that will.  It opened up a lot of doors!!

Diane Harlow