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William Yeats - 5-5 - Page 130

    Household of William Yeats was enumerated on Friday, July 30, 1850. Surnames in household: YEATS

      William Yeats, 40 M, Gunsmith, $50, TN

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James B. Yellorby - 736-750 - Page 179

    Household of James B. Yellorby was enumerated on Wednesday, December 19, 1850. Surnames in household: YELLORBY

      James B. Yellorby, 53 M, Planter, $4000, NC

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William E. Yellorby - 609-621 - Page 171B

    Household of William E. Yellorby was enumerated on Thursday, December 11, 1850. Surnames in household: YELLORBY

      William E. Yellorby, 37 M, Planter $1800, NC
      Sarah F. M., 33 F, NC
      James J., 11 M, NC
      Elizabeth C., 9 F, NC
      Sarah M., 8 F, NC
      Harriet L., 5 F, NC
      Anna M., 2 F, MS

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Delaney York - 448-458 - Page 161B

    Household of Delaney York was enumerated on Wednesday, November 14, 1850. Surnames in household: YORK

      Delaney York, 30 F, $960, NC
      Edward H., 25 M, Planter, NC
      Caroline, 22 F, NC
      Duncan, 16 M, Laborer, TN
      Mary H., 11 F, MS

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Elizabeth York - 438-448 - Page 160B - 161

    Household of Elizabeth York was enumerated on Friday, November 12, 1850. Surnames in household: YORK

      Elizabeth York, 41 F, $725, NC
      Lemon, 25 M, Planter, NC
      Mary A., 22 F, NC
      Edward A., 20 M, NC
      Henry D., 17 M, NC
      John H., 12 M, MS
      Lafayette W., 10 M, MS
      Elizabeth C., 7 F, MS

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Elijah Young - 623-626 - Page 172B

    Household of Elijah Young was enumerated on Thursday, December 11, 1850. Surnames in household: YOUNG

      Elijah Young, 41 M, Planter $2500, SC
      Eveline, 37 F, GA
      Susan, 18 F, MS
      Sarah, 13 F, MS
      Ebeneezer, 12 M, MS
      Mary, 9 F, MS
      Emma, 5 F, MS
      William, 2 M, MS
      John H., 27 M, Farmer, SC

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William S. Young - 123-125 - Page 139

    Household of William S. Young was enumerated on Thursday, August 21, 1850. Surnames in household: YOUNG

      William S. Young, 29 M, Farmer, MS
      Mary, 29 F, NC
      Jesse W. 9 M, MS
      David S., 8 M, MS
      John A., 5 M, MS
      Emily F., 3 F, MS
      Daniel R., 1 M, MS

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This census was transcribed and compiled by
Tony and Sue Skay Abruscato. 

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