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Madison County is located in the center of the state, and north of Jackson, the state capital. The county is sometimes called the Land Between Two Rivers, because of it's boundaries of the Pearl River on the east, and the Big Black River on the west. Created from Yazoo County, on 29 Jan 1828, Madison was at one time quite large, comprising an area of over 4,000 square miles. Eventually, portions were lost to other counties, bringing Madison, in 1859, to it's present-day size of 720 square miles.

The first County Seat, after the Choctaw session, was Beatties Bluff. Later, Canton was selected, and remains the current County Seat.

The population of Madison County grew considerably during the early to middle 1800's, after the Choctaw Treaty greatly lessened the threat from Indians. Many of the migrants, who eventually settled in Madison County, were South Carolinians, and most descendents of Madison County settlers can trace their ancestry back to South Carolina. Even today, Madison County bears earmarks of the South Carolina influence, in the names of some of it's towns, such as Camden and Charlton.

Our parallel Madison County Archives site contains files that can be searched for genealogical records in your research. The records have been generously contributed by people like yourself. We are always looking for new record contributions to add to the value of the archives. Please contact me HERE if you have any information to contribute to the Madison County Archives.


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