Title:  Yazoo County, MS 1823 Tax List
Submitter:  Linda Mason
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Yazoo County 1823 Tax List
John Smith
John Land
David Chote
Robert Southworth
Andrew Baly
Josiah Tilley
George Koher
Henry Hamleen
Boley Wotters
Thomas Cook
Samuel M. Florinoy
Wm. P. Gadbery
Thomas Ripley
Robert Baty
Wm. D. Young
Ambros Ripley
James Mintell
William Doake
Silas Raimond
Andrew Malone
James J. Thomson
E. R. Libley
Henry Harston
Mrs. Pucket
Ritchard Williams
Alford Oneal
William Thomson
EIias G. Miars
William Russel
Wm. Menite
John McMillin
Madum Oneal
James Weston
Joel Williams
James Stuart
Otho Beal
Joshua Williams
Wiley Davis
Malcolm Dent
Mark Sinclair
Samuel Davis
Edward Teague
Anderson Sinclair
Henry Chambers
William Teague
William Parkes
Harrison Chambers
Hyrum Friley
William Taylor
Champion Easter
Mary Thompson
William Hall
William Easter
James Oneal
Elisha S. Hall
Moses Harris
Harry Oneal
Archebib C. Hall
Rubin Douty
John Barton
John B. Hall
Thomas Land
Benjamin Brazeall
Gabriel Allen
Samuel Joslin
David Hussell
William Williams
George Grtir~aw
Moses Hill
Levy Crowder
Henry Joslin
James Friley
Levi Crowder
Robert Wotters
Caplin McKee
Isack Crowder
Clark Burks
Calub Friley
John Bucks
Wm. W. Capshaw
Jessey Harrell
James Tribble
Joseph Corson
Jn. Baker
Hugh Tally
Demey Koker
Daniel Joslin
Joseph Morgin
Robert Carson
Gray Sims
James McBride
John Maloan
James Weltch
Jacob Tipton
Cornealas Canland
Madum Gellum
Robert Walton
Miles Barfield
Ritchard Munp
Elisha Brown
William Carson

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