Title:  T. C. Cooper Bible
Submitter:  Delores Sanders
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Thomas Collins & Mary Phillips Cooper Bible Record
Address: Bell Prairie Plantation, Yazoo Co./Ms.

Present owner (1956): Mrs. Frederick Edward (Martha Cooper) Rehfeldt, Jackson ,Ms.

May Phillips d/o Haywood Phillips & Thermopyae Hurst b. 18 Ap, 1863
Thomas Collins s/o Rev. Geo. Washington Cooper b. 4 Dec, 1853
Mattie Nellie Cooper b. 2 Oct, 1887
Florence Hurst Cooper d/o T. C. & May Phillips Cooper b. 6 Jy, 1889
Annie May Cooper d/o T. C. & May Phillips Cooper b. 15 June, 1892
Mary Luce Cooper d/o T. C. & May Cooper b. 5 Feb, 1893
Thomas Melvin Cooper s/o T. C. & May P. Cooper b. 27 Jy, 1894
William Franklin Heard s/o Annie May Cooper & Wm. Franklin Heard Jr. b.
28 Dec, 1912
Edward Cooper Heard s/o Annie May Cooper & William Franklin Heard Jr. b.
13 Feb, 1915
Frederick Cooper Rehfeldt s/o Dr. Fredereck Edward Rehfeldt & Mattie
Nellie Cooper Rehfeldt b. 1 Jy, 1915
May Phillips Heard d/o Wm. Franklin Heard Jr. b. 16 Nov, 1916
Henrietta Rehfeldt d/o Dr. Frederick Edward Rdhfeldt & Mattie Nellie
Cooper Rehfeldt was b. 28 Jan, 1917
Thomas Melvin Heard s/o Annie May Cooper & Wm. Franklin Heard Jr. b. 5
Feb, 1918
Robert Pearce Heard b. 12 Mar, 1919
Wiley Sutton Alliston b. 23 Jy, 1919
Josephine H. Heard b. 15 Jan, 1921
Thomas Melvin Cooper s/o Thomas Melvin Cooper & Sarah Abney Cooper b. 5
Dec, 1920
Dr. Frederick Edward Rehfeldt b. 2 Sept, 1879

Haywood Phillips d. 19 May, 1890
Mary Luce Cooper d. 12 Feb, 1893
Thomas Collins Cooper d. 19 Jy, 1897
Thermopale Hurst Phillips d. 11 Feb, 1909
W. E. Phillips d. 25 Ap, 1914

Thomas Collins Cooper s/o Rev. George Washington Cooper & Miss May
Phillips d/o Haywood Phillips m. 29 June, 1886
Annie May Cooper & W. F. Heard m. 31 Oct, 1911
Martha Nellie Cooper & Dr. Frederick E. Rehfeldt m. 3 Sept, 1913
Florence Hurst Cooper & Wiley Sutton Alliston b. 14 Jy, 1915
Thomas Melvin Cooper & Sara Abney m. 6 Aug, 1919 at Abilene, Tx.