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Christopher Harris & Annie Louise Sharp Williams Bible Record - Memphis,

Present owner: Christopher Harris Williams IV - Memphis, Tn.

Note: John Sharp Williams ,U.S. Senator from Miss (b. 1854 ), was a
descendant of John Williams who migrated from Wales to Hanover Co., Va. near the
close of the 18th century.
      A grandson, Joseph Williams ,settled on the Yadkin River in Surry Co.,
N.C.  One of Joseph's sons, Robert (b. 12 Jy, 1883 in Surry Co., N.C. )
served as a member of Congress from N.C. and was appointed by President
Jefferson to serve as governor of the Ms. Territory from 1805 to 1809.
      Another grandson, John Williams ,the lineal ancestor of John Sharp
Williams ,settled in Hillsboro, N.C.  He served in the French and Indian
War, and during the Revolution served as Lieutenant Colonel of the Hillsboro
Minute Men ; later he was promoted to Colonel of the 9th N.C. Line.  He served
under George Washington in N.J. and under Nathaniel Green in N.C.  Because of
his service in the Revolution his great, great grandson, John Sharp Williams
,became a member of the Society of the Cincinnati in 1914.
      Christopher Harris Williams (b. 1798 ), grandfather of John Sharp
Williams ,served in Congress from west Tn. from 1837 until his voluntary
retirement in 1853
      John Sharp Williams served as a member of Congress from Ms. for 16
years prior to his election to the U. S. Senate in 1911 ,where he served until
his voluntary retirement in 1923  He is buried in the family burial plot
located on his plantation, Cedar Grove ,near Benton, Yazoo Co., Ms.

Duke Williams & Ede Harris were m. 4 Nov, 1790

The brothers of John William (the f/o Duke Williams ) were Joe Williams ,
Robert Williams & Nat Williams ; his sisters were Henrietta Williams &
Rebecca Williams
The above named Joe Williams was the f/o Lewis Williams , Bob Williams ,
Nat Williams , Nick Williams , Duke Williams , Joe L. Williams , Tom L.
Williams (who m. a d/o Hugh L. White ), John Williams (also m. a d/o Hugh L.
White), Fannie Williams (m. J. P. Irvin of Nashville ), Rebecca Williams
(m. -written in margin, can't read)

Christopher Harris Williams & Jane Allison were m. 9 Dec, 1819
Christopher Harris Williams Jr. & Annie Louise Sharp m. 30 May, 1853
Lewis D. McKisick & Sarah Cornelia Williams m. 25 June, 1854
George A. Stovall & Laura Jane Williams m. 7 Ap, 1859
Christopher H. Williams & Sallie S. Cocke m. at Yazoo City, Ms. 8 May,
John M. Sharp & Sarah V. Redley m. May, 1825
She having died, John M. Sharp again m. in Dec, 1835 Mary Martin (nee
Allison )
Annie L. d/o John M. & Sarah V. Sharp m. 30 May, 1853 to Christopher
Williams Jr. & died as hereinafter shows on the 23 May, 1859.  She was a
devoted wife & mother - full of affection and tenderness in both relations -
& a pure-hearted Christian
Elizabeth R d/o John M. & Sarah V. Sharp m. 21 Nov, 1854 to Isaac D.
Stover who d. 25 Mar, 1857 - followed by John M. his only child on 21 Ap, 1857 & by
his wife on 9 Oct, 1859.  Annie & Lizzie were devoted Sisters & daughters but
still more devoted Wives & Mothers.

John Sharp Williwms ,second son & third child of John Sharp Williams &
Elizabeth Dial Webb Williams m. on 15 Nov, 1911 to Pauline Webb of Bryan, Tx.
Mary Sharp Williams ,eldest ch/o John Sharp Williams & Elizabeth Dial Webb
Williams was m. to Edwin Ruthven Holmes 26 Nov, 1902
Pauline Elizabeth Williams ,d/o John Sharp & Pauline Webb Williams ,was
m. at Cedar Grove Plantation 30 Mar, 1935 to Joseph Hines Howie of Jackson, Ms.

Duke Williams, s/o John & Elizabeth Williams was b. 14 Feb, 1768
Ede Harris Williams his wife was b. 6 Sept, 1775
Their children were born as follows:
John Williams 8 Jan, 1792
Betsy W. Williams 3 Oct, 1793
Robert Harris Williams 10 Oct, 1796
Christopher Harris Williams 18 Dec, 1798
Lydia Harris Williams 23 Oct, 1800
Mary Ann Simpson Williams 14 Jan, 1803
Ede Harris Williams 26 Jy, 1807
Charles F. A. Williams 3 May, 1809
Flora Aspasia Narcissa Williams 12 Jy, 1811

Duke Williams had no brothers.  His sisters were: Henrietta Williams who
m. Col. Richd Simpson of Richmond, Ky. and
Betsy Williams who m. Genl Azariah Graves of Caswell Co., N.C.

The children of Henrietta Simpson were:
Betsy who married a lawyer named Davis Hardin - John , Richard , Duke ,
Maria , Francis , Ede , Thomas & Henry
The children of Elizabeth Graves were:
John , Betsy , Nancy , Henrietta , Martha , Francis , Rebecca , Mary &
John Graves m. Martha Hinton of Raleigh, N.C.
Betsy m. Lewis Graves ,a cousin ; Nancy m. Wm. B. Graves , a cousin ;
Henrietta m. Thomas Settle (a lawyer); Francis m. Benj. Settle ,a brother
of Thomas Settle.  Martha married a Mr. Dick

John McNitt Sharp s/o John Sharp was b. 22 Nov, 1795
Sarah V. Sharp was b. __ ___, 180_
Their children were born as follows:
Thos. B. Sharp 26 Feb, 1826
Wm. C. Sharp 16 Nov, 1827
Martha Margaret Sharp 2 May, 1830
Annie Louise & Elizabeth Ridley Sharp 11 Sept, 1832

John McNitt Sharp was the s/o John Sharp, who m. Martha Young
The f/o this John was also named John & m. Jemima Alexander of
N.C. where he had moved in 1748
Born ---- 1828
The f/o this John was James, who moved from North of Ireland to Lancaster
Co., Pa. in 1712

The following are the names and dates of birth of the sons and daughters
of John Sharp Williams & Elizabeth Dial Williams:
Mary Sharp Williams b. 27 Dec, 1879
Robert Webb Williams b. 23 Aug, 1881
Annie Louise Williams b. 13 June, 1884
John Sharp Williams b. 15 Dec, 1886
Julia Fulton Williams b. 5 Feb, 1889
Allison Ridley Williams b. 10 Aug, 1891
Sallie Shelby Williams b. 7 Sept, 1893
Christopher Harris Williams b. 20 Jan, 1896

Pauline Elizabeth Williams d/o John Sharp Williams, 2nd and Pauline Webb
Williams, was b. 16 Oct, 1912
Kathryne Oliver Williams d/o John Sharp Williams Jr. & Pauline W.
Williams was b. 25 Oct, 1922 and died two weeks later
Christopher Harris & Annie Louise Sharp Williams Bible Record (cont.)
Memphis, Shelby Co., Tn.

Pauline Williams Howie, d/o Pauline Elizabeth Williams & Joseph Hines
Howie ,and granddau. of John Sharp Williams Jr. & Pauline Webb Williams b. 29
Jy, 1936
John Sharp Howie s/o Pauline E. Williams Howie & Joseph Hines Howie, and
grandson of John Sharp Williams Jr. & Pauline Webb Williams b. 22 Dec, 1939

Christopher Harris Williams was b. 18 Dec, 1798
Jane Williams his wife was b. 11 Nov, 1804
C. H. & Jane Williams had nine children born as follows:
Mary Ann Williams b. 17 Sept, 1821
Ede Harris Williams b. 31 Aug, 1822
James Allison Williams b. 26 Oct, 1824
Duke Williams b. 30 Jy, 1827
Christopher Harris Williams b. 14 Mar, 1830
Eliza Jane Williams b. 11 May, 1832
Nancy Allison Williams b. 13 June, 1834
Sarah Cornelia Williams b. 15 Mar, 1837
Laura Jane Williams b. 24 Jan, 1840

The children of C. H. & Annie L. Williams were born as follows:
John Sharp Williams b. 30 Jy, 1854
duke Williams b. 20 Oct, 1856
Christopher Harris Williams b. 19 Ap, 1859

Elizabeth Dial Williams (nee Webb ) was b. 23 Ap, 1855 and m. J. S.
Williams on 2 Oct, 1877
Mary Sharp Williams ,d/o John Sharp & Elizabeth Dial Williams ,b. 27 Dec, 1879
Robert Webb Williams s/o John S. & Eliz. D. Williams, b. 23 Aug, 1881
John Sharp Williams Jr. 3rd ch/o John Sharp & Betty D. Williams b. 15
Dec, 1886

Robert Dickens Webb 14 Nov, 1824
Julia E. F. Webb his wife was b. 29 Dec, 1834
They were married 25 Ap, 1853

Jane Allison Williams d/o C. H. & Sallie Shelby Williams, was b. 17 Feb, 1885

Mary Ann Williams d. 3 Oct, 1821
Ede Harris Williams d. 24 Aug, 1826
James Allison Williams d. 7 Dec, 1827
Eliza Jane Williams d. 26 Aug, 1840
Nancy Allison Williams d. 7 Sept, 1852
Duke Williams d. 24 Mar, 1856
Christopher Harris Williams d. 22 Nov, 1857
Duke Williams ,a s/o John Williams & f/o C. H. Williams Sr. d. 22 Sept, 1834
Ede Williams w/o Duke Williams d. 26 Nov, 1816
Elizabeth w/o John Williams & m/o Duke Williams d. 15 Ap, 1831 aged 87

Sarah V. Sharp d. 31 Aug, 1834
John M. Sharp d. ___ 1862
Mary Sharp 2nd w/o Jno. Sharp d. 17 Feb, 1885
Wm. C. Sharp d. Jy, 1835
Martha M. Sharp d. May, 1838
Isaac D. Stover d. 25 Mar, 1857
John McNitt Stover d. 21 Ap, 1857
Elizabeth Ridley Stover d. 9 Oct, 1858
Annie Louise Williams d. 23 May, 1859
Duke s/o A. H. & Annie L. Williams d. 1 Oct, 1861
Christopher Harris Williams
John Sharp Williams d. 27 Sept, 1932

C. H. Williams, Col. of the 27th Regiment Tn. Volunteers, killed at the
battle of Shiloh 6 Ap, 1862
Sarah C. w/o Lewis D. McKisick and d/o C. H. & Jane Williams d. 8 Jy, 1862
Jane williams (nee Allison ) died 2 Ap, 1871
Flora Aspasia Narcissa Wolf (nee Williams ) d. __ Mar, 1879 aged 67y 8m
Annie Louise d/o John S. & Elizabeth Webb Williams d. 12 Jy, 1885
Mary Sharp 2nd w/o Capt. John McNitt Sharp d. 17 Feb, 1885
John Sharp Williams Jr. s/o John Sharp Williams & Betty Dial Williams,
husband of Pauline Webb Williams, born 15 Dec, 1886 and died 24 Jy, 1949