Title:  The Woodville Republican and Wilkinson weekly advertiser Jan 23. 1830
Submitter:  Virginia Ewing
Notice:  Transcribed and Submitted by Virginia Ewing.  This file may be downloaded for Personal Use Only, and may not otherwise be printed or copied without prior written consent of the submitter.
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The Woodville Republican and Wilkinson weekly advertiser Jan 23. 1830

The Menagerie is coming!!!  Zebra, Peruvian Lams & Lamb, Asiatic Lion and
Lioness, African Leopard,  Arabian Camel, male and female, An Ape with her young, South
American Mackaw: With a number of other foreign animals.  50 cents for adults and
children half price.   Jane 11 1830

Names from the advertisements in the Jan. 23, 1830:

E.H. WAILES  ask that customers settle their accounts

THEODORE MOLLEMAN   ask that all indebted to him pay before the 15th of next

J.L.LINEBAUGH  advertised for a Journeyman watch maker and silversmith

J. RIDDLE Post Master, ask to have pamphlets left at the postoffice, picked up.

Notice of co-partnership of  Messrs EVANS & WRIGHT EILINGTON is dissolved

Letters of administration granted to E.A. MONKS by the Orphans court of W. co,
for the estate of William  MONKS.  Mr. John L WALL of Fort Adams appointed as agent to
settle accounts.

GEO B. COLLIER executor of estate of DRUCILLE CLARKSON deceased.

DOWTY & OGDEN tanning business.

LAZARUS KRAKE  request payment of debts

Wm. T. MAYES adm?r of PETER PRESTLER, SEN., probate.

HENRY VOSE,  Almanacs for sale, 12 1/2 cents

THOMAS H. OSWALD   ready made clothing

S.S. BOYD,  Attorney at Law

J. JOOR, adm?r of estate of  JOSEPH BOOTH,  probate sale

C. EVANS HALL, will sale 2 lots.  Deed of trust from PETER C. LARKIN

JOSEPH A. FOSTER and T. NETTERVILLE  dissolved their partnership

THOMAS H. OSWALD request payment of debts

CROW & ARMSTRONG placed his accounts owning to his ?late? firm in the hands of
C.S & J.D. KELLOGG, Esqrs. for collection.
Jan t 1830

account of JNO. W. JETER  transferred to HARRIS & MARSH, in the hands of C.B. &
H. D. KELLOGG for collection.
Jan 5, 1830

JACOB HUFF  wanted ?a good sober blacksmith? for his shop behind the Woodville
Jan. 9 1830

DAVID CALLIHAM established Blacksmith Shop in Woodville  on the corner of Dunbar
and Fassitt?s lot, opposite JOSEPH A. FOSTER?s store.  Mr. JOHN DUNBAR will attend to making any arrangements to the business of the shop.
Jan 9, 1830

LEWIS W. COON  one of the Exec. of  CHARLES A. COON dec;d, will apply to Orphans?
court Wilkinson county, Feb. term 1830, for final settlement.
5 Jan 1830

9 Jan, 1830, Notice given of application of Certificate of forfeited Land Stock.
fractional section Sec. 14, T1N, R1N, west of the basis meridian line--entered on the 6th
day of  Dec. 1815,, by ZALMON McCARSTLE and forfeited for non payment.    Signed THOMAS SCOTT.

E. DAVIS, sheriff, Wilkinson county.  Will sell to the highest bidder, for cash,
at the court house door, on 2 Monday in February, Negro who calls himself NATHAN and say he
belongs to WM. GILLESBEY, a trader from N. C.   Said Negro is about 30 to 35, 5
feet, 4 or 5 inches tall, of a common black color, and has remarkable large BLUE eyes.
He had on him when committed, a cotton shirt and indifferent pantaloons--had also
with him, a roundabout coat, a small hat and a knapsack with two good cotton shirts.
----not having been claimed in 6 months by his owner, he will be sold to satisfy
his prison food and other charges.

W. H. WAILES   ?New Goods?  Dry and Fancy goods.  Broad clothes, fine boots,
Ready made clothing.

Sheriff?s Sale:
Fi. Fa. to April Term, 1830.
by virtue of above writ of Fi. Fa to me----will expose to public sale to highest
bidder, for cash, at the court house door, in the town of Woodville, -----First Monday of
Feb next.
Tract or Parcel of land ----80 acres more or less--bounded east by lands of
FANNER  ----lies near Fort Adams, levied on as property of HAGWOOD, to satisfy
plaintiff?s debt.   Dec 12 1829.   JOHN BLADE, D. S.  for F. DAVIS, sheriff.

Escaped from Woodville jail--night of 27th Nov. last, Negro man who calls
himself WILLIAM and says he belongs to JOHN FLETCHER of Adams County, 12 miles beyond
Natchez: ----about 25 years of age, 5 ft, 1 or 2 inches high, remarkably ugly; had on when
he escaped, an old blue broad cloth coat, swansdown vest and linen pantaloons.
--reasonable reward for the apprehension and delivery--- BENJ. TURBEVILLE,
W. C.  Dec 23  1829