Title: Early Settlers of MS Territory - Thompson's Creek, Wilkinson Co., and Percy's Creek
Submitter: Virginia Ewing
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Early Settlers of MS Territory - Thompson's Creek, Wilkinson Co., and Percy's Creek

Early Settlers of MS Territory
LDS Fiche # 6051448
When MS became a state, the settlers were required to prove their right to the land claims in the county, either by British, Spanish or USA grant, proven by occupancy.  The person had to prove, by witnesses, that he was 21 or the head of the household, living on the land, with some improvements and raising a crop there on 27th Oct 1795.

The first name on this list, is the name of the person applying for the deed,
the Second name is the person who received the original grant, the number is the
acreage involved, last is the location of the land.


Apr.  1789   for 800 arpent, on Thompson?s Creek  640 acres
John Ellis  Wilkinson co.  Thompson Creek  640  acres
Daniel Ogden  Alexander Montgomery  500f Thompsons?s Creek Spanish 30 Aug 1793
Daniel Ogden Daniel Ogden 500f Thompson Creek Spanish 25  May 1792
Pierson Nowland  Peirson Nowland  200 Thompson?s Creek
William Nowland  William Nowland  640    Thompson?s Creek
Joseph Dunham  Joseph Dunham  692  Thompson?s Creek
William Cain assignee of Reuben Dunham  Reuben Dunham  400  Thompson?s Creek
Isaac Johnson  Isaac Johnson 1,250  Thompson?s Creek
Samuel Stocket, assignee of Francis Armstrong  Francis Armstrong  640  Thompson?s
Moses Starnes  Moses Starnes  175  Thompson
William West, Jun  William West,Jun  500  Thompson
William West, Sen  William West, Sen  400  Thompson
William Frazier  William Frazier  1,150  Thompson
Henry Johnson assignee of Hugh Dunham  Hugh Dunham  570 Thompson
John Henderson  Wilkinson co, Thompson?s Creek  640 acres

Daniel Clark   Caesar Archendard  800f  Wilkinson co  Spanish 29  Mar 1794
Daniel Clark  Daniel Clark Sr  1,000f Wilkinson county Spanish 29 Jan 1789
rep of C. Percy dec.   Charles Percy 2,400f  Wilkinson county  Spanish 4 Jun 1791
Nov 26   1812   Catharine Surget  Wilkinson county  Feliciana Creek  500 aprents
Nov 30  1812   Patrick McDermot  Wilkinson co.  Bayou Tunica  440 aprents
Sept 18  1815   John Ellis of Wilkinson co.  Spanish order of survey to him.

Peter Smith  Peter Smith  400f  Percy?s Creek  Spanish 6 Mar 1788

I think I saw theses two location in the 1813 Wilkinson county, tax records.  Not sure.
Thomas Holden assignee of Matthew Robinson  Matthew Robinson  437  Tickfaw Creek
Thomas Jordan  Thomas Jordan  100  Petit Gulf Creek