Title: Early Settlers of MS Territory - Comite, Bayou Sara, and Buffalo Creek
Submitter: Virginia Ewing
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Early Settlers of MS Territory - Comite, Bayou Sara, and Buffalo Creek

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When MS became a state, the settlers were required to prove their right to the
land claims in the county, either by British, Spanish or USA grant, proven by
The person had to prove, by witnesses, that he was 21 or the head of the
household, living on the land, with some improvements and raising a crop there
on 27th Oct 1795.

The first name on this list, is the name of the person applying for the deed,
the Second name is the person who received the original grant, the number is the
acreage involved, last is the location of the land.

Most of the grants were located on waterways and I have sorted them by area.
Comite, Bayou Sara and Buffalo Creek are all located in Wilkinson county.

William Cabean  assignee of Ire C. Kneeland  Ire. C. Kneeland  400 Comite
Francis Graves  Francis Graves   300  Comite
John Graves  John Graves  640  Comite
Richard Graves  Richard Graves  750 Comite  River
Abner Green  Peter Ratcliff 640  Comite
Christopher Nelson  Christopher Nelson  320  Comite
Robert Sims  Robert Sims  468  Comite River

James Andrews   James Frazier  800f  Bayou Pieree  Spanish 1 Sept  1795
William Bassett    Elizabeth Durbin  Bayou Sara Spanish 6 Mar 1788
Adam Bingaman     Adam Bingaman  Bayou Sara   Spanish 30  Sept 1793
Gerard Brandon    Gerand Brandon  800f Bayou Sara  Spanish 12  Mar 1790
Gerard Brandon    David Monroe  1,000f  Bayou Sara  20 March 1789
Wm. Brooks for wife Elizabeth    Eliz Maria, Celeste Hutchins  800f Bayou Sara Spanish 25        May 1791
Richard Butler      Ezekiel Forman  1,000f Bayou Sara  Spanish 30  Jun 1795
Daniel Clark   Reuben Dunham 100f Bayou Sara Spanish 12  May 1789
Daniel Clark    Daniel Clark Sr  5,800 Bayou Sara  Spanish 9 Apr 1794
John F. Carmichael    Thomas Viles  240f  Bayou  Spanish 2 Mar 1793
James Collingsworth, William and George Brown    James Collingsworth and co. 1,600 Bayou Sara
Thomas Dawson      Reuben Dunham  398f  Bayou Sara  Spanish  12 May 1789
William Dunbar  William Dunbar  800f  Bayou Sara  Spanish 16 May  1791
John Ellis  Theophilus Collins  800f  Bayou Sara   Spanish 1 Apr 1795
John Ellis  Francis Poussett  2,000f   Bayou Sara  Spanish 20 Aug 1795
Micajah Frazier  Micajah Frazier  640  Bayou Sara
Patrick Foley  Reuben Jelks  240f Bayou Sara  28 Mar 1794
David Forman  David Forman  600f Bayou Sara  Spanish 30  June 1795
Augustina Forman  Augustina Forman 600f Bayou Sara Spanish 30  June 1795
rep of Ezekiel Forman Dec?d.  Ezekiel Forman  600f  Bayou Sara  Spanish 30 June 1795
Frances Forman  Frances Forman  600f  Bayou Sara Spanish 30 June 1795
Margaretta Forman  Margaretta Forman  600f Bayou Sara  Spanish 30  June 1795
Richard Graves   Caleb Weeks  28acres  Bayou Sara  Spanish 25  May 1791
rep of Andrew Hare  Andrew Hare  800f Bayou Sara  Spanish Aug 8 Aug 1789
Abraham Horton  Abraham Horton  600f Bayou Sara  Spanish 10 Mar  1790
Abraham Horton  Samuel L. Wells  400f Bayou Sara  Spanish 1 Aug 1789
Henry Hunter  Henry Hunter  2,000f settlement of Bayou Sara  Spanish 20  Nov 1790
Daniel Leatherman  Daniel Leatherman  124  Bayou Sara
Moses Lewis Moses Lewis  500f Bayou Sara Spanish 11 mar 1795
George Mather  James Mather  2,000f Bayou Sara  Spanish 3 April 1794
Eunice McIntosh Eunice McIntosh  800f  Bayou Sara  Spanish 22 mar 1795
James McIntosh  James McIntosh  800f  Bayou Sara Spanish 22 March 1795
William McIntosh  Christian Hortsuck  300f  Bayou Sara Spanish 1 Sept 1795
leg rep of Narsworthy Hunter decd  Henry Hunter   150acres  Bayou Sara  Spanish 20 Nov 1793
Daniel Ogden Daniel Ogden 500f  Bayou Sara 14 April 1790
Benajah Osmun  Benajah Osmun  600f Bayou Sara  Spanish 10  Mar 1795
rep of C.Percy Dec.   Charles Percy  1,000f Bayou Sara  Spanish 18  Apr 1789
Nov 26   1812
Thomas Percy  Wilkinson co.   Bayou Sara   640 acres
rep of Francis Poussett decd  Francis Poussett  1,000f  Bayou Sara Spanish 22 Mar  1795
Martha and Mary Rhea  Andrew hare  200f Bayou Sara     Spanish
William Walker  William Walker  640  Bayou Sara
William Williams  William Williams  800f  Bayou  Sara  Spanish 3 Aug 1795
John Wall  John O;Reilley        525f   Bayou Sara  Spanish 30  Mar 1793
John Wall  Reuben Dunham  2  Bayou Sara  Spanish  12  may 1789
Zachariah Walker  David Lewis  200  Bayou Sara
rep of Thomas L. White  Thomas L White  500f  Bayou Sara  Spanish 20 may 1794
William Ogden  William Ogden  605 Bayou Sara  occupancy   30 Mar 1798
William Fanner  William Fanner  500  Bayou Sara  occupancy  30 Mar 1798

Eraz Ambrose and Earl Marbles  Patrick Foley  400f Buffalo Creek  Spanish 25 Oct 1790
Andres Lopez Armesto 800f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 4 may 1787
Justice Andrews   Justice Andrews  592  Buffalo Creek  occupancy  30 March 1798
John Babcock  150  Buffalo Creek
Joshua Baker  John Nugent  320  Buffalo Creek
Nov 23  1812  legal rep of Joseph Benard , in Wilkinson co. waters of Buffalo Creek
William Berry assignee of Thomas Herren  Thomas Herren  500 Buffalo Creek
Reuben Brassfield   Reuben Brassfield  640 Buffalo Creek  occupancy   30 Mar 1798
Daniel Clark  Peter Francis Rose 1,600f   Buffalo Creek  Spanish 26  May 1787
legal  rep of Daniel Clark Sen Gilbert Leonard  600f  Buffalo Creek Spanish  26 May 1787
rep of Daniel Clark Sen.  Gilbert Leonard 600f Buffalo Creek  Spanish 26 May 1787
Daniel Clark   Peter Francis Rose  1,600f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 26 May 1787
Matthew Cole  Matthew Cole  61 Buffalo Creek
John Collins, assignee of Rebecca Graton,   Marian Sanders  640  Buffalo Creek occupancy  30 Mar 1798
John Collin   Henry Phelps  500f Buffalo Creek  Spanish 30  Aug 1793
John Collins  Gilbert Leonard  1,000f  Buffalo Creek   26 May 1787 **
John Collins  Gilbert Leonard  1,000f  on Buffalo Creek  Spanish 26  May 1787 **
William Conner for wife Mary,    Mary Savage  1000f Buffalo Creek  Spanish 28 Mar 1794
Nov 25  1812  David Corey Adams co.  waters of Buffalo Creek
David R. Crosby  David R. Crosby  640  Buffalo Creek
legal rep. of William Dillahunter  William Dillahunter  100  Buffalo Creek
William Dunbar  Alexander McCulloch  500f  Buffalo Creek  25 Nov 1789
Rebecca Dove  Rebecca Dove  30  Buffalo Creek
William Dunbar  Policarpo Regillo  300f  Buffalo Creek  occupancy  28 March 1794
Hardress Ellis  James Sanders  234  Buffalo Creek  occupancy  30 March 1798
John Ellis    John Ellis  426f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 4 June 1793
John Elis John Elis 426  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 20  Jun 1793
John Ellis  William Chabot   1,600f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 7 July 1789
William Erwin  William Erwin  250  Buffalo Creek
Benjamin Farar for wife      Mary Ellis  600f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 16  Feb 1789
Patrick Foley  Patrick Foley  1,200f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 25 Oct 1790
Patrick Foley  Patrick  Foley  500f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 12  April 1790
Patrick Foley  Patrick Foley  500f on Buffalo Creek  Spanish 12  April 1790
Nov 23 1812  Thomas Foster  in Wilkinson co. on the waters of Buffalo Creek
John Hennington  John Hennington  31  Buffalo Creek
James Howard assignee of Zadock Barrow  Zadock Barrow  640 Homochitto River
occupancy   30
Reuben Jackson  Reuben Jackson  226  Buffalo Creek
Joseph Johnson assignee of Sylvester Stauts  Sylvester Stauts  105  Buffalo Creek
Jacob Jones  Jacob Jones  500  Buffalo Creek
William Jones  William Jones  190  Buffalo Creek
David Lambert assig of Wm. Everitt  James McNelly  450 Buffalo Creek  occupancy
30 mar 1798
Adam Lanchart  Adam Lanchart  500 Buffalo Creek  occupancy   30 March 1798
James Land  James Land  57  Buffalo Creek
William A. Lusk  William A Lusk  640  Buffalo Creek  occupancy  30 Mar 1798
Thomas Lovelace  Thomas Lovelace 526 Buffalo Creek occupancy up  30 Mar 1798
Thomas Lovelace  Thomas Lovelace  526  Buffalo Creek  occupancy   30 Mar 1798
James McNelly  William Bovard  640  Buffalo Creek  occupancy   30 mar 1798
rep of Joseph Miller, deceased  Joseph Miller  350 Buffalo Creek   occupancy 30 Mar 1798
rep. of Joseph Miller deceased,  Joseph Miller  350  Buffalo Creek  occupancy 30 March 1798
Buffalo Creek
Nov 25 1812  Alexander Montgomery  Wilkinson county  waters of Buffalo Creek
John Nugent  Benjamin Carroll  535  Buffalo Creek  occupancy   30 Mar 1798
John O?Conner  John O?Conner 330f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 30 Aug 1793
William Ogden  William Vousdan  550f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 8 Apr 1788
rep of Charles Percy deceased Charles Percy  600 Buffalo Creek British  23 Sept 1779
rep Susanna Percy, decd Henry Hergeroeder  800f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 30 Aug 1793
 Suanna Percy  800f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 20  Jun 1795
Henry Phipps  William Nicholson  640 Buffalo Creek  occupancy 30 march 1798
Henry Phipps  William Nicholson  640 Buffalo Creek  occupancy   30 Mar 1798
James Patton  Eli Bunch  640  Buffalo Creek  occupancy   30 Mar 1798
Elijah Phipps  Elijah Phipps  640 Buffalo Creek occupancy   30 Mar 1798
Robert Quine  William West  128  Buffalo Creek
Henry Quine  Henry Quine  130  Buffalo Creek
Augustine Roddy  Augustine Roddy  90  Buffalo Creek
Benjamin Rogers, Jun  Benjamin Rogers, Jun  84  Buffalo Creek
Benjamin Rogers, Sen  Benjamin Rogers  134  Buffalo Creek
Zachariah Smith Jr  Zachariah Smith  500f    Buffalo Creek  30 Mar 1793
James Smith   James Smith  480f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 28  Mar 1791
James Smith  James Smith  289  Buffalo Creek
Peter Smith  Zachrariah Smith  500f    Buffalo Creek   Spanish 30 June 1788
Zachariah Smith Zachariah  Smith  300f    Buffalo Creek  Spanish 30 Jun 1788
Zachariah Smith  John Blommart  837f    Buffalo Creek British
Samuel Stocket  Samuel Stocket  500  Buffalo Creek
Elijah Thearel  Elijah  Thearel  390  Buffalo Creek
Mordecai Throckmorton and James Spain  -- Patrick Foley  1000r  Buffalo Creek
Spanish 25  May 1795
Uriah Vining  Uriah Vining  140  Buffalo Creek
Thomas Wilkins Thomas Wilkins  1000f Buffalo Creek  Spanish 22 Jan 1788
John Wall   David Lejeune 200f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 8 Apr 1789
John Wall   John Lovelace  440f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 22 Jan 1788
James Williams  Toussaint Chabot  1,6000f  Buffalo Creek  Spanish 7 July 1789
Elihu Hall Bay      Amos Ogden 1,500  Buffalo Creek   6 May 1774