Title:  Wilkinson County, Mississippi Court Minutes - April Term, 1823
Submitter:  Virginia Ewing
Notice:  Transcribed and Submitted by Virginia Ewing.  This file may be downloaded for Personal Use Only, and may not otherwise be printed or copied without prior written consent of the submitter.
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Wilkinson County, Mississippi
Court Minutes - April Term, 1823

Transcribed and Submitted by Virginia Ewing

Wilkinson county, Mississippi court minutes 1822-1824
LDS microfilm # 0877088

page 37
April Term 1823

Jno.G Buckholl vs B.M. Eads
Fugua Adm of Dixson vs  Same
Thos. North vs same
E & B Jones vs same
the defendant came into court, was imprisoned, came into open court and took the benefit of the act for the relief of insolvent debtors and was ordered to be discharged from the custody of the sheriff.

The state vs Dave, a Negro , brought into court, pleaded not guilty.
following jurors were called
1.Frederick Leake
2.John Gomer
3.Isaac E. Ogden
4.John Land
5.Wm. F. Pacquinett
6. Jesse Teakle
7.William M Alexander
8. Darling McGraw
9. James Meek
10. Austin Coats
11. John Jemison
12. Thomas Dawson, Jun
Jury do find the prisoner guilty
ordered that Henry Nickoson a Juror be excused from attending his court tomorrow.

The state vs Dave  prisoner to remain in prison.

page 38
April Term 1823
Ordered that the court be adjourned until tomorrow morning.  Th. H. Proper presiding.

Wednesday 9th of April 1823
Thomas H.Proper presiding justice
Edward McGehee Esq associate Justice
Hugh Connell sheriff
Benjamin Eccles clerk

Ordered by the court that the Tavern license granted by the clerk in vacation, be approved. for the following persons:
James Martin
Theodore Molliman
Lewis Pincher
Will Drake
C.C. West
Francis Keller

ordered that Joseph Wright be appoint be appointed a constable for Capt Hope?s beat.

John Bryan vs Rich?d Lakeman & William Baker  plea withdrawn and judgment by default

John Bryan vs Rich Lakeman  plea withdrawn and judgment by default, stay of execution six weeks

Thomas Banks vs Wade H. Richardson  judgment by default

Wm Low use of Fr. Keller  vs Wm Thompson   continued

page 39
Nicholas Wermick vs Wm Hunter  judgment by default final for amt of note and interest

John C Boon vs Lucy Spinlock  judgment of non pros

John Hudey vs Thomas Kelsey  continued by consent

David Lawson  vs Bell Eads  judgment by default final

Jacob Clingpost vs Richard Womack judgment by default again for principal and security

John J Harrison  vs John Hudley  continued

George Huff vs George Poindexiter  judgment of the Justice be allowed affirmed and judgment against principal and security

Nicholas Dorsey was paid twenty dollars for prosecuting Negro Dave.

Benjamin Eccle was paid fifty five dollars and fifty cents.

William Stamps was paid one hundred ten dollars and sixty two and one half cents.

Hugh Connell, sheriff, was paid twelve dollars

page 40
Nicholos Dorsey was paid ten dollars

Daniel Slack was paid ten dollars

Cato C. West was paid ten dollars

Harvey Bowling was paid three dollars

Hugh Connell was paid twenty three dollars  for repairs by him on the jail.

Thomas H. Proper was paid twenty two dollars and fifty cents.

William T. Lewis was paid ten dollars.

The State vs Dave  ordered the prisoner be brought into court.

Jurors selected:
1. Frances Keller
2. James Mays
3. Zachariah Walker
4. Thomas C. Land
5. Lewis Matthews
6.  Justus Roddy
7.  Abram Ilee
8.  Philip Noland
9.  Thomas McCrory
10.  James C. Weekly
11.   Joseph Brown
12.  Walter Stewart
13. Jeremiah Downs
14. Jesse Edwards
15. Eisha Devall

Ordered by court that Hugh Connell be appointed to contact with some.

page 41
some persons for the repair of the debtors room in the jail of said county by making it secure and  comfortable.

The state vs Dave, a Negro
The prisoner found guilty, -----ordered to be taken from hence to the place of confinement, ---------and on the first Friday in May next between the hour of Ten o?clock in forenoon and 3 in the afternoon be taken from thence to the place of execution and there be hanged by the neck until he is dead--and may God have mercy on him.
Whereupon it is ordered by the court that the sheriff look to the prisoner and execute the sentence of the court in due time.

Ordered by the court the account of Abraham Hammett amounting to five dollars be allowed

ordered that Robert Brayden be appointed a constable for Captain Keller?s beat.

 court adjourned