Title:  Company D, 38th Division Army of the Confederacy Wilkinson County, MS
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Company D, 38th Division
Army of the Confederacy
Wilkinson County, MS

Note from Transcriber:

LDS microfiche  #6082483

There are six fiche in this set.  I included only the parts that involved  Company
D, of Wilkinson County, MS, and the 38th regiment to which they were assigned.

38th Regiment

Fleming W. Adams
Preston Brent
Lieutenant Colonels
Preston Brent
Walter L. Keirn
Franklin W. Foxworth
Robert C. McCay

Company D.   Wilkinson Guards
Wilkinson county, MS
Organized 1 April  1862

 James H. Jones  promoted to Lieutenant Colonel 14 July 1864

1st. Lieutenants
Robert L. F. Bullock,   died in service
Hansford Lanehart,   killed at Vicksburg
James L. Henderson
William L. Jenkins

Second Lieutenants
Hansford Lanehart
James L. Henderson
William L. Jenkins

Third Lieutenants
James B Schudder, died in service
James L. Henderson
William L. Jenkins

Total of 123 on roll.  [names not included on this record]

Other companies making up the  MS 38th Regiment included:

Company A;  Holmes county Volunteers
Hancock Rebels,  Hancock county
Company I.  Columbia Guards,  Claiboure County
Wolf Creek Marksmen
Company K, Brent Rifles, Pike county
Company B.  VanDorn Guards, Claiborne county
Company F.  Johnston Avengers

Unit History

The companies grouped at Jackson and on 12 May 1862, elected Colonel Fleming W.
Adams, on the 16, Brent and Foxworth were elected as field officers. The regiment then went to Corinth,  They were there only a few days before the evacuation, May 29.  They joined the retreat toward Tupelo. The army suffered from sickness while in Corinth, and this regiment being new, lost many to death during May and June.

[I am wondering if that illness was measles because I know two of the Ashley men
died in Columbus, MS, June and July, 1862, of measles. >ve<]

The regiment was order to Columbus to recruit, than on to Saltillo, where they were  assigned to Co. John D. Martin?s Brigade of Gen. Henry Little?s Division.

The Thirty-eighth reg., with 332 men, was un duly in the battle of Iuka, September 19, but was not part of the battle.

Col. Adams wrote:
?My command never fired a shot because I had been ordered so, but it was under a very heavy fire and acted, with but a few exceptions, with coolness and courage.?

Col. Adams, injured on the field, turned the command to Lieut. Col. Brent
 4 killed, 4 wounded in the 38th reg.

During the attack of the combined forces of  Gen. Sterling Price?s Army of the West, and VanDorn?s at Corinth, 3 Oct. 1862,  Captain Keirn of the Thirty-eight was mentioned among the wounded.

The 38th was sent to Vicksburg and was stationed at Snyder?s Bluff on the Yazoo
River, north of the city.  The regiment was reported in Feb. 1863, with 264 members.

The regiment, with Hebert?s Brigade, moved from Snyder?s Bluff to Vicksburg on
the night of May 17-18, and by 8am, the 18th of May, was in position on the line of the brigade, covering the Jackson and Graveyard roads. June 2, after the assault of May 22 had been repulsed, the Thirty-eighth, moved to a position along Jackson Road, between the Third and the twenty-first Louisiana.  June 25th, the day of the mine explosion under the redan occupied by the Third Louisiana, and the Sixth Missouri was put in between the 38th and that Louisiana regiment.

The men, while engaged in defending their line, were also rebuilding and raising
the works to meet the constant approach of the Union Works.  Second July another and more serious explosion destroyed the main redan near the Jackson road.  July 4th the brigade stacked arms in front of the works they had defended and marched to the rear to bivouac camp where they were paroled.

The Thirty eighth had 35 killed, including Captains L. M. Graves and W A.Selph, and Lieut, H. Lanehart.  They had defended their line for 47 days and had 39 wounded during that time.  Capt. D. B. Seal was paroled as commanding officer.

The Vicksburg troops were furloughed to reassemble at the parole camp at
Enterprise, where they remained until declared exchanged in Dec. In Jan 1864 the regiment was mounted, by order of General Polk.

The remainder of the service of the command was as Mounted Infantry. The Fourteenth Confederate Regiment was consolidated with it, and later the Third Mississippi Cavalry.

Company D., Captain James H Jones was posted at Woodville, seventy two present
and absent, February, 1864.

 March 24, Major R. C. McCay was ordered with his detachment of the reg. to
operate east of Pearl River, collecting stragglers and deserters.

April 3, the 38th reg, mounted,  under Major McCay, which was now below Jackson,
was ordered to report to Ross for duty .  Company D, thirty-eighth, Captain James H. Jones, was in Scott?s brigade, June 1.

June 10, 1864.The 38th MS Regiment was in Mabry? Brigade and were there until
still, in Oct.

The Thirty-eighth, with the Fourth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Confederate Cavalry,
formed the Brigade of Colonel Mabry in the Tupelo campaign of July, 1864.  The regiment moved from Saltilllo, July 9 to the Ellstown, Major R. C McCay
commanding, was held in reserve during the skirmish near Pontotoc on the 12th.  In the 13th, until 2am on the 14th they took part in the skirmish with the Federal rear guard as Gen. J. J. Smith?s command moved toward Tupelo.

At Harrisburg, Gen Smith went into a strong line of battle on the ridge across
the road.  Lieut. Gen. S. D. Lee and Maj. Gen. Forrest were with the Confederate troops and an assault was ordered.  The Mabry?s Brigade were on the left bank, moving forward under a heavy fire of artillery and small arms but the Confederate attack was repulsed with great loss. All the regimental officers of the brigade and nearly all of the company officers of the three regiments were killed or wounded.  The
casualties of the thirty-eighth were the heaviest of the brigade.

In the battle of Harrisburg, July 14, Major R. C. McCay, commander of the
regiment, was killed, and Adjutant W. L. Ware mortally wounded.

Company D--Capt. J. H. Jones commanding:  2 were killed and 11 wounded,
including the Captain.  Two were missing.