Title:  Wilkinson County Cemetery Inscriptions - Misc
Submitter:  Virginia Ewing
Notice:  Transcribed and Submitted by Virginia Ewing.  This file may be downloaded for Personal Use Only, and may not otherwise be printed or copied without prior written consent of the submitter.
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SEC. 17,  T4N, R1W
Murray cemetery
 copied  1997
S[amuel] F[ayette] Murray  b. 1892  d. 1942
[s/o John David & Josephine Ashley Murray]

Alma C[avin] Murray  b. 25 Feb 1895   d. 19 Aug 1984
[w/o S.F. Murray, d/o George Melvin and Lourena Tillery Cavin.  My grandfather?s
1st cousin]

SEC 17, T4N, R1W
Cavin cemetery
1/10 mile of Perrytown road.

Willie Mae Murray  b. 4 May 1918   d. 12 Aug 1996
[w/o Maxwell R. Murray, d/o Luther & Gertrude Sturdivant Vines ]
Maxwell R. Murray b. 20 July 1917  d. 7 March 1990
[s/o Samuel Fayette & Alma Cavin Murray]

Faye Murray Norrington  b. 8 July 1937   d. 9 July 1987

George M[elvin, ?Bud]  Cavin  b. 1854  d. 1953
[s/o John Melvin & Sarah Jane Perry Cavin]

Lourine Tillery Cavin  b. 1870  d. 1946
[w/o George Melvin ?Bud?Cavin, d/o Richard & Tabitha Ashley Tillery]

Copied June, 1997 by Virginia Ewing with the help of Pat Day.

Homer Hill Cemetery, Wilkinson county, MS

Frank Ashley  12 Jan 1944    7 March 1985

C.S. McCurley     1886      1951

George McCearley  son of  V& M.C. McCearley
Nov. 7, 1882    Dec. 8,  1889  [cemetery book has Dec 3. need to check it]

double stone
Beulah Nettles     15 Oct 1881        March 7, 1954
Jesse Nettles  31 Oct 1876     Feb 22m 1959

Charles Howard Hastings   20 Aug 1883   May 12, 1960

Tobitha Ashley Tillery   15 July 1843     18 Sept 1918

Richard Tillery    Nov. 15,  1843    Dec. 31, 1914

Acie L. Metcalf   29 July 1902      26 Sept 1958

double stone
Orn  Metcalf    26 Jan 1875     June 14, 1948
Lulu [Anders] Metcalf   26 Aug 1882         16 March  1956.

Double stone
Barney Teddy Metcalf   son of Orn and Lulu   2 July 1922     9 Jan  1988
md.  12 Aug 1951

William Edward Metcalf    13 Feb., 1985       13 Feb., 1985
[was either still born or did not live out the day. ve] 

copied by Virginia Ewing    June, 1997
Jamison cemetery  Left out of the Woodville Civic Club Wilkinson county cemetery

The headstones are relatively new, they were erected by Alice Ashley.

Joseph E. Price    1802-1879

F.T. Jamison  [Fielding]
1 July 1864
30 Jan 1895

Anna Havard

Corporeal Murdock Havard

I call this the John Perry cemetery, because he was the original owner.
called Perrytown and old Perry town in the Wilkinson co. Cemetery book.
Sec 17, T4N  R1W
I first copied this cemetery in 1986 and returned several times to recheck my
notes and add recent burials.  The last time in the fall of 1997.
This graveyard is surrounded by trees and very pleasant to walk through.  It is
now posted so permission must be obtained before entering.

[I have added a few details that were not on the stones but where given to me by
family members.]

John A. Ogden  b. 20 Oct 1904    d.16 Sept 1967 [double headstone, they were
killed in a car wreck]
Verna P[erry] Ogden  b. 28 Aug 1906   d.16 Sept 1967
[d/o William Davis  & Sarah Sturdivant Perry.]

Teen Perry Arnold  b.1903   d.1975
[md  1st: Lloyd Ashley, divorced
md. 2nd. Melvin Caffrey
md. 3rd.  ----Arnold]

Lovell Lee Caffrey  b.1921   d.1940
[s/o Melvin & Teen Perry Caffrey  died of diabetes]

Lois Caffrey Thornburg  b.11 Aug 1924    d.1 June 1996   age 71
[d/o Melvin &Teen Perry Caffrey]

Alois Perry   b.3 Dec 1915      d.1917
[he is buried behind the headstones of Lavell Lee Caffrey and Melvin Caffrey]

Melvin Caffrey     one date only   16 April 1929  h/o Teen Perry
Louisiana Wagoner 148  M.G. Battn  1 Div.

W[illiam] D[avis] Perry  b.  30 Oct 1860  d. 15 March 1946  ?gone by not
Sarah M. [Studivant] Perry  b.  1865  d.  1937  age 72 [w/o William Davis Perry]

Richard Lee Anders   b. 10 Aug 1940    d.  27 Nov 1940 ?our son?
s/o Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Anders [Mary Emma Perry &  Jewel Delmas Anders]

Fred D. Perry    one date   10 Oct 1918
MISS PVT SATC  [died of  flu in WWI ]
[son of William Davis and Sarah M. Studivant Perry]

Sacred to the Memory of Eliza [Aswell] wife of Leroy McCurley
b. 30 Dec 1839   d. 12 June 1890

Willie C. George [Father]  b. 1881   d 1909  [died of yellow fever]
[h/o Janie Perry]

[this headstone sets off by it?s self  with a tree growing behind it and vines
John Perry   b.12 Nov 1802   d. 24 March 1883
[cemetery book says, 1893.  I have re-copied these headstones several time and
have always copied it as 1883.   There was a will for John Perry in Wilkinson
co.dated 1881]

My great aunt, Mary Emma Ashley Perry, told me Willis M. Ashley [her grandfather] was buried in this cemetery, along with 3 Ashley girls.  There are no headstones.  She did not tell me who the girls
were, but I understand that Willis had 3 children that died  very young, of Measles.  I estimated that Willis died in 1895.  He signed a deed, Dec 1894 and his widow remarried Feb 1896.  I was told he died very suddenly.  I only saw Aunt Emma once and really had not done enough research at
that time to know what I needed to ask.  She died before I could return.

Old Hopewell church cemetery, at Sankum called Ashley 5 in the cemetery book.
copied:  Summer of 1996  in presence of Ada Smith and Maybelle Durham.

Margaret A. V. Day   b. 27 Jan 1869  d. 11 July 1875
[d/o Robert Day, grand daughter of Jonathan Jefferson and Jane Ashley Day]

Jane Ashley  Day b. 23 Feb 1819  d. 5 Oct 1858
age 48 years, 7 months and 12 days
[w/o Jonathan Jefferson Day, d/o John D. & Elizabeth Ashley]
these are the only two headstones that seem to have been erected around the time
of their death.

erected in recent years by Alice Ashley.
William Warren Ashley  b. 1825  d. 1871
[s/o John & Maria/Mariah Cotton Ashley]

Sarah Bass Ashley  b. 1827  d. 1877
[w/o William Warren Ashley]

Jeremiah Ashley  b. 1869  d. 1880 [he was on the 1880 census]
[s/o William Warren & Sarah Bass Ashley]

Benjamin Ashley   b. 1967  d. 1881  [he was not on the 1880 census]
[s/o William Warren & Sarah Bass Ashley]
these headstones erected many years after their death

Mary Eliza Ashley   b. 1879  d. 1883
[d/o William Chesterfield & Permelia Christine Jamison Ashley]
part of the W.W. family but buried a few feet away.

head stones below erected by Ada Smith

Malver V. Ashley  b. 3 Oct 1893   d. 11 Oct 1896

Benjamin F. Ashley  b. 18 Feb 1887 d. 26 Sept 1888

John Whitley Ashley  b. 17 Sept 1880  d. 27 Nov 1881

Hiram Ashley ?Pap?  b. 1805   d. 1865

Martha Sanders Ashley  w/o Hiram Ashley  b 1813  d. 1845

In memory of:
Thomas H. Ashley  b.  1840.  d.  1862 CSA
 buried in Columbus, Ms

In memory of:
John W.Ashley   b. 1835  d. 1862   CSA
buried in Columbus, MS

Susanna Ashley  ?Aunt Susie?  b. 1794  SC   d.  1882

Elizabeth Ashley Butler  ?Aunt Liz?  b. 1839   d.  1910

Emmaline Ashley  ?Aunt Em? b. 1933  d. 1916

Maria Jane Ashley  b. 7 May 1852  d. 14 Jan 1896
w/o T[homas] N.[apolean] Ashley
[she was the daughter of William Warren Ashley and Sarah Bass. ve]

This headstone was erected at time of his death.  The cemetery is located behind
his home.
Gurvis Ashley  b. 26 April 1930   d.  18 May 1994

Shad Perry cemetery, Perry 1 in the cemetery book.
SEC 17, T4N, R1E  copied 1997
This cemetery is located on the property once owned by Shad Perry and  located
just off Perrytown  road to the front and side of the house where he lived.  It was his wish to be buried near his home and his wife,My great Aunt Emma, honored his wishes.  Her daughter, the late Jeanette PerryMurray, said her mother found comfort in having him near.  She is also buried there, along with their son, Pharaoh.

Shad Perry   b. 24 Nov 1885   d. 17 July 1972
s.o William Davis & Sarah M. Studivant Perry]

Mary Emma Ashley Perry  b. 7 April 1895   d. 10 April 1984
[w/o Shad Perry.  d/o George Neal & Rebecca Jane Cavin Ashley ]

Pharaoh Perry  24 March 1915  d.14 Aug 1974
[s/o Shad and Mary Emma Ashley Perry]