Title:  Wilkinson County, MSGenWeb 1813 Tax  L-Z
Submitter:  Virginia Ewing
Notice:  Transcribed and Submitted by Virginia Ewing.  This file may be downloaded for Personal Use Only, and may not otherwise be printed or copied without prior written consent of the submitter.
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Wilkinson County, MSGenWeb 1813 Tax  L-Z

LDS   microfilm  # 089870  Wilkinson County    1813


Peter Leatherman  Woodville  1P
Gunsfore? Lowe 53 Thos. Creek USA 2P 3S
Daniel Leathman 124 Bayou Sara USA 1P
William M. Lindsay 33 Thos. Creek   USA 1P
James Land 25 Thos. Creek USA 1P
John Lilly    1P
Thomas Lilly 25   1P
Samuel Leatherman    1P
David Lambert 300 Buffaloe USA 0P
Thomas C. Land    1P 2S
Adam Laneheart 500 Buffaloe USA 0P 5S
Joseph J. Lawton 400 Bayou Sara Spanish 1P 18S
?? ??      ??  ??  ?? 103 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P
Benjamin T. D. Lawton   1P 18S
William Lawson    1P 1S
Thomas Lackie    1P
Joesph Leach 2 Thompson Creek USA 1P
John L. Lewis 10 Thompson Creek USA 1P
John Lang 50 Homochitta USA 1P
Samuel Lusk 320 Homochitta Spanish 1P 1S
?? ??       ??  ?? 320 Homochitta Spanish 0P
Ely Lusk 400 Homochitta Spanish 1P
Samuel Lacy? 354 Comite USA 1P 8S?
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Wias. ---n    1P
Burton -----bram 55 Thomspson Creek   USA 1P 1S?
George -----? 400 illible Spanish 1P
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illible 300 Mississippi? Spanish 1P
Jacob Lusk? 400 same as above Spanish 1P
William Lusk? 400 same as above Spanish 1P
Benjamin Langford    1P
Abam Lanebert  Woodville  0P
Robert Lackie 12 Thos. Creek USA 3P 2S
Leddell & King 640 Buffalo USA 2P
?? ??          ?? ?? 739 Homochita Spanish 0P
Robert Layson [DT] Woodvillle  0P
John Lowe 106 Thos. Creek USA 0P
Thomas Lovelace 1324 Mississippi Spanish 1P 22S
Mills Lilly 1   1P
David Leatherman    1P

Mathew McCullough 170 Buffaloe USA 0P 9S
Jane? N. McCullough   115 Buffaloe USA 0P
Moses Milles    0P 2S
John Montgomery 160 Thompson Creek USA 1P 20S
William Mathews 120 Thompson Creek USA 1P 5S
Andrew Murphey    1P 11S
John McCarty 5 Buffaloe USA 1P
John McKintosh 37 Percy?s Creek USA 1P
Robert Munson 1363 Mississippi Spanish 0P 12S
??  ??     ??   ?? 700 Mississippi Spanish 0P 1S
Francis McGee     1P
Zalman? McCarmell?    40 Thos Creek USA 1P 1S
Paul G. McKneely    0P 2S
Hugh McConnell 40 Buffaloe USA 1P
George Moss 97 Thompson Creek USA 1P 1S
Elijah Merrill    1P
Rights Munson 100 Bayou Sara Spanish 1P 17S
Jesse Munson    0P 5S
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James Maquip?     1P
Kisiaf? ---dam [DT]  Pindkneyville  1P
Patrick ----- 338 Thompson?s Creek? 1P
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illible    1P
Edward ---ll    1P
James Mills 160 Thos Creek USA 1P 1S
George Mathews 2000 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P
Paul McGraw    1P 2S
Uriah McGraw    1P 4S
John McNawer?   1P
James McCullough    1P 1S
William McNawer?    1P
Edward McGehee 190 Thos. Creek  USA 1P 20S
John Mathews    1P 10S
Samuel Mitchell 91 Thos Creek USA 1P 5S
Wilson Mercer    1P 1S
Charles Marlin  Woodville  1P 10S
John Moore 40 Dawson?s Creek USA 1P
Samuel May 80 Browers Creek USA 1P 2S
Peter McGraw    1P 10S
Marberry Morris 175 Bayou Sara USA 1P 11S
James McDaniels    IP
Ephraim Marsaills estate    0P 3S
Joseph McNeil  Pinckneyville  0P 2S
Archibal & Nathan McGehee  1P 15S
Carr McGehee estate       0P 2S
Thomas McCartney, Sen.  40   Buffaloe USA 1P 2S
Thomas McCartney, Jun.     1P 1S
John McCartney 40 Buffaloe USA 1P 11S
Sarah McGraw    1P 2S
Murdock McCraney    1P 3S
Darling McGraw    1P 3S
James McNeely 413 Buffaloe USA 1P 3S
William McCorey 100 Homochitta USA 1P
Thomas McCorey estate 100 Homochitta USA 0P
Samuel ---ttah?    1P
illigable    1P 4S
Chartin ---low    1P 1S
Richard  ---ay    1P

William Nicholson    1P 6S
Charles Netterville 40 Buffaloe USA 1P 1S
William Netterville    1P 2S
Hugh Nelson 97 Thompsons Creek   USA 1P 1S
John Nugin    1P 11S
William F. Noland 7 Thompsons Creek   USA 2P 1S
William Neeland, Sen.  ?? Thompson Creek USA 0P
William Neeland, Jun.   148 1/4  Thompson Creek USA
David Neeland 68 Thompson Creek USA 1P 6S
Samuel Netterville    1P 2S
Noel Norwood 40 Buffaloe USA 1P 5S
Samuel Norwood 160 Comite USA 1P 14S
Jesse Netterville 50 Bayou Sara USA 1P 4S
Jeremiah Noland 511 Thompson Creek   Spanish 1P 10S
Walkins Nicholson estate  86    Homochitta Spanish 1P 7S
??  ??       ?? ??        ??    85 Homochitta Spanish 0P
James Nicholson estate   343 Homochitta Spanish 0P
??  ??      ??    ?? ??        342 Homochitta Spanish 1P
Samuel Nicholson    1P 5S
James Nicholson    1P 3S
Henry Nicholson    0P 5S
Chirstopher Nelson [DT]  5 Comite USA 0P
John Neesmith 189 Comite USA 1P 16S

Daniel Ogden 140 Smith Creek Spanish 1P 16S
Ezekiel Oguin? I could not read any of this
Chastean  O--- 83 Thompson Creek   USA 1P 3S
Robert Oliver?    1P 2S
John ---? estate [DT] 1,225 Buffaloe Spanish 0P 1S
illigible 150 illegible USA 0P 5S
Isaac   O....lezce? 140 Smith Creek Spanish 1P 4S
Isaac D.  Ogden? 850 Bayou Sara Spanish 1P 16 S
Elizabeth Ogden 187 Bayou Sara Spanish 1P 9S
William Ogden 500 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P 13S
James Ore? Orr?  Woodville  1P
Rebeckah Ogden 15 Bayou Sara USA  0P? 5S
John Ogden 150 Bayou Sara USA 1P 11S
?? ??     ??  ?? 474 Bayou Sara USA 0P

Stephen Peake 40 Buffaloe USA 1P 4S
Barnibas Partin      1P 2S
William Pack       1P 1S
Thorp Parrott       1P
Benjamin Peaks      0P
Jesse Phipps 700 Buffaloe USA 2P
 40 Buffaloe USA 0P
Benjamin Parker      1P 1S
Thomas R. Planter      1P
John Pale       1P
George Perry       1P 1S
Elizah Price       1P 1S
Abraham   Poole 40 Thompson?s Creek   USA 1P
John Paxton  40 Buffaloe USA  1P 11S
Peterson Partam?  Parham?     1P 2S
William F. Parker      1P 2S
Joshua Pearce       0P 2S
Peter Presley  1500 Buffaloe Spanish 1P 11S
Williams Phares 15 Thompson?s Creek  USA 1P 7S
Samuel Portleckwacky?  847 Thompson?s Creek  USA 1P 7S
William H? Parker       1P
Eliza Pope       0P
Henry Phipps 200 Buffaloe USA 0P
James Phipps? 100 Buffaloe USA 1P
Thomas P...ells?   365 Thompson?s Creek   Spanish IP 11S
??  ??       ??  ??  200 Thompson?s Creek    Spanish 0P
William Pearce Jun      1P 1S
William Pearce Sen      0P
Thomas G. Pearcy? 538 Smith Creek Spanish 2P 23S
 ??   ??     ???  ??? 400 Smith Creek Spanish 0P
??  ??     ???   ?? 750 Buffaloe Spanish 0P
?? ??     ??     ?? 640 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P
Anny Percy estate of    889 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P
??  ??    ?? ??   ?? ??  282 Buffaloe Spanish 0P
John B. Posey 300 Bayou Sara Spanish 1P 2S
??  ??     ??  ?? 550 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P
Elizabeth Posey      0P 79S

Robert Quine  120  Buffaloe USA 0P 3S
James Quine    1P
Henry Quine 134 Percy?s Creek USA 1P 4S
Abram  Quine    1P 2S
William Quine    1P

Dudley Rutledge 72 Thompson?s Creek   1P 1S
Abram Roberts      0P 6S
Henry Robertson      1P 4S
Paul J. Robert        0P 2S
Job Rowley       1P 9S
William Reagan  Woodville   1P
Davis G. Reynolds      1P
Joseph Right   Woodville   0P
Samuel Robertson  Pinckingville   1P 2S
Daniels Robert  Woodville   1P 9S
Benjamin  Rogers? 21 Percy?s Creek 1P 1S
John B. Richardson 120 Comite  USA  0P 1S
Benjamah   Richardson? 1P
Illegible       1P
William ---?       1P
Frances Richardson? 160 Thompson Creek USA   2P 31S
James Richardson 40   Thompson Creek USA 1P
Mathew Robertson      1P
Richard Richardson      1P 1S
Andrew Ray 24 Bayou Sara Spanish 2P 3S
John Roach       1P
William Roach       1P
Lewis Rogers       1P 1S
John Rogers 29 1/4 Percy?s Creek USA 1P
Hugh Reed 266 Buffaloe Spanish 1P 13S
William Raynolds      1P
Benjamin Rollins 25 Bayou Sara USA 1P
John Rogers, Sen [DT]   Wilkinsburg   0P
Samuel Riley 440 Comite USA 1P 44S
Elizabth Rickey 202 Homochitta USA 0P
Mordica Richards estate of   600  Homochitta Spanish       0P
Peter Robert  Woodville  0P
Joseph Robert 200 Bayou Sara USA 1P 17
??   ??    ??   ?? 123 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P
??  ??     ??   ?? 96 Thompson Creek USA 0P
James Reed       1P
William Reed?        1P
Edward Randolph  Pinckeneyville   2P 7S

Leroy Stafford     1P 25S
James Stafford      0P 5S
Robert Spurlock      1P
Alexander G. Scott      1P
John Sapp       1P
Drury  .Spurlock?      1P 1S
Richard & Miram Singleton?  822  Thompson Creek USA 2P 4S
Alex.  S......? 40 illeglibe USA 1P
Jesse   Sibley?      0P
Delfil? Delpe? Delssa? S....      1P
Green S....ells       1P
Washington  S.orrells?     1P
Samuel Stockell 666 Thompson Creek USA 2P 10S
Allen G. Scott       1P
John Simms   Pickneyville   0P
Pearson? Stroud?      1P
William Stroud      1P
Thomas Scott       1P
John Simpson   Pickneyville   1P 1S
Abram M. Scott  Woodville   0P 6S
Preswood Smith 200 Buffaloe Spanish 1P 2S
Peter Smith 500 Percy?s Creek Spanish 1P 3S
John Smith 480 Buffaloe Spanish 1P 11S
??  ??  ?? 800 Buffaloe USA 0P
Ann Stafford       0P 8S
Charles Stewart 40 Buffaloe USA 2P 54S
 40 Buffaloe USA 0P
 320 Buffaloe USA 0P
 160 Buffaloe USA 1P
 260? Percy?s Creek USA 0P
John Spencer?       1P
David Sweaze 500 Homochitta Spanish 1P 5S
James Seals 40 Buffaloe USA 1P 2S
Auther Swaze? 420 Homochitta Spanish 0P 2S
Duncan Shaw 40 Thompson Creek USA 1P 1S
John Stewart 40 Thompson Creek USA 0P 11S
Thomas Scott, Jr.         266 Buffaloe Spanish 1P 10S
Walter S....rt?    1P 2S
Joseph  S.....?    1P
illegible    estate of
Elijah S....? 80 Bayou Sara USA ?P
Jackson?  S....? 50 Thompson Creek??   Spanish    2P
illegible 409 illegible Spanish 0P
illegible 469 Thompson Creek Spanish 0P
[the two illegibles may be Jackson  S..? above]
John M.  Smith?    1P 3S
James Stewart? 76 Thompson Creek USA 1P 7S
Oliver  Shiple? 40 Thompson Creek USA 1P 2S
Duncan Stewart? 450 Comite USA 2P 44S
??  ??       ??   ?? 52 Comite USA 0P
William Scott heirs of[DT]  400   Buffaloe Spanish   0P
Nathaniel Scudder 120 Thompson Creek USA 0P 2S
Philip Smith       1P
Philip Sin?  540 Homochitta  USA 1P
Washington Singleton      1P
Evan Shelby       1P
Ezerial Smith  640 Buffaloe  USA 0P
Bemjamin Sikes      1P
Johns Stephens  Woodville   1P
John Staffard [DT] 640 Weeks Creek  USA 0P 4S
Robert Semple 985 Bayou Sara       Spanish 2P 61S
Joshua  Sutton       1P

John Turner    1P
Arthur Tomlinson      1P 20S
John Thomas 144 Thompson Creek USA 1P 11S
Samuel N? Thomspon      1P 3S?
Benjamin Therrall  Percy?s Creek  USA 1P 5S
??   ?? ??  ??        100 Bayou Sara USA 0P
Elijah Therrell 220? Bayou Sara USA 2P 10S
John Tison 80 Thompson Creek USA 1P
David Thomas 120 Thompson Creek USA 1P 14S
??  ??     ??  ?? 120 Thompson Creek USA 0P
Mary & Jane Thomas   120 Thompson Creek USA 0P 14S
John M. Thomas    1P
Jesse  T..ckile? 80 Buffaloe USA 1P
Joseph T...psons?    1P
[page torn, name missing]   1P
Eugene?  T....?    1P
Shamrack ?      1P
Ritteberry? Bittleberry? Thompson    1P
Henry Tucker       1P
John  Tomlinson? 400 Comite USA 0P 10S
Archibal Terrell [DT]    250 Comite USA 0P 3S
Jacob Tomlinson  61 Comite USA 3P 1S
Anna Terry [DT] 320 Buffalo USA 0P 10S
Robert Tanner       1P 23S
James P. Trask 1109 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P
Silas Talberth? Talbutt?       1P 3S


Thomas Veles  estate of     0P 8S
Jeptha Vining       1P
Uriah Vining       1P 1S
Benjamin Vickers      1P
Patrick Vaughen  Wilkinsonburg   0P
William Vaughn      1P
Lovick? Veters      1P 24S
Peter Veal       0P

William Wiggins      1P
William Westbery      1P
Zackariah Walker      1P 2S
Joseph Wheaton  89 2/4   Thompson Creek USA 1P 3S
Nathaniel A. Ware    Woodville   1P
Robert White 120   Buffaloe USA 0P 5S
John D. Weles? Wells?  80 Thompson Creek USA 0P
James Wilson [DT]      Woodville 1P
Thomas Westberry      1P
Lucy White   Pinchville   0P
John  Walker?   Woodville   1P
Jonah? W..thany?    Thompson Creek USA 0P 1S
Marty? W....bone? 50 illegible   1P
? ugh   W...?       1P
James C. W...hins?  [DT] Wilkinsonburgh   0P
John Walls? Wells? estate of   607 Buffaloe  Spanish    0P 23S
??       ?? ??      328 Buffaloe Spanish 0P
??   ??       ?? ?? 480 Buffaloe Spanish 0P
??  ??      ?? ?? 429 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P
John L. Wilkinson 38 Thompson Creek USA 1P
Mat? Wilkinson    1P 1S
Daniel Waddell 39 Comite USA 1P 9S
Noel Waddell 75 Buffaloe USA 1P 7S
Daniel Williams 723 Thompson Creek USA 0P 14S
Andrew White 213 Buffalo USA IP 1S
Henry Willis heirs [DT]  938 Homochitta Spanish 0P
??  ??     ??     ?? 1500 Buffalo Spanish 0P
William Wilborn    1P

William Yerby 236 Bayou Sara Spanish 2P 26S