Title:  Wilkinson County, Mississippi 1813 Tax Record A-K
Submitter:  Virginia Ewing
Notice:  Transcribed and Submitted by Virginia Ewing.  This file may be downloaded for Personal Use Only, and may not otherwise be printed or copied without prior written consent of the submitter.
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Wilkinson County, Mississippi 1813 Tax Record A-K

LDS   microfilm  # 089870  Wilkinson County    1813

Note from Submitter:
This is a tax record rather than a census.  It does not include the number of people in the house hold but does include head of household, number of acres owned, location, under what title, [has value which I am not including  due to lack of space] number of white poles [voters] and number of slaves.  Because the columns do not stay in order, I have indicated "P" for poles and "S" for slaves.   Some of these people where charged double tax. I have no idea why.   I have noted  "DT" next to their names.
The records look as if they have been water damaged with some names completely gone and others blurred. Parts of pages are missing.


William Anderson,  120 Buffalo USA 1P
John Adams      2P
Robert Anderson 40 Buffalo USA 1P
Henry Andrews 75 Comite USA 1P  4S
Ephraim Anderson 1  lot   Woodville 1P
Davis Andrews 187 Bayou Sara  Spanish   0P 5S
Asaph Atwater 1 lot, Williams burgh
Thomas I. Andrews      1P
William Allen 100 Bayou Sara  USA 1P 5S
John Audibirky? Aulsbery ?       1 9S
Daniel D. Anderson     1
William Anderson     0 11S
Stephan Ainbrow?  estate   1040  Homochitto Spanish   0P        0S
Jacob Ailsberry 80 Buffalo USA  0P 4S

Edmund Burton 40 Buffalo USA  1P 3S
Samuel Barron 40 Buffalo USA  1P 1S
Thomas Barron     1P
David Baily     1P 1S
William Bell 38 Bayou Sara   USA 1P 1S
George ...own [Brown?]  166 Sayou Sara   USA 1P
Thomas ...oling 1000  Miss. river    Spanish 0P
Zacariah Brasfield  497    Buffalo USA  0P 5S
Peggy  Brasfield ?     0P 6S?  very blurred
James  .....?   ----ville   0P 0S
John  .....?  135  ......creekUSA 1P
[new page---]
Isaac   orB---t 6 Thompson creek  USA 1P 5S
?? 40 ??          USA
???? 40 ????   USA  2S
???? 40 ????   USA  3S
Wilson Burten 92 3/4  Thompson Creek   USA 1P 3S
Williamson W. Bruce 185 Thompson creek    USA 1P 12S
William Burge      1P
Richard Burge      1P
James Brown      2P 6S
William Boyd      1P 3S
William Bryan 38 1/3  Thompson creek  USA   1P 4S
Birds Beauford  535 Buffalo USA   1P 40S
Birds Beauford  280 Buffalo   USA
John Bell 200 Bayou Sara Spanish 2 12
William Barrow[DT]   300   Bayou Sara Spanish 1 37
Mathew Baker      1P
Alsolum Burt? Beet?      1 2
Charles Brucd?      1 1
John Babcok 142 Bayou Sara USA 1 5S
[starting here, the ink has bled through from another page, making it hard to tell if the ?? were intended for this page or the other and blotting out some numbers.]
Needham H. Bryan      1P
Alexander  Brans? Bram?100     1 110
Reuben Boothe      1 2
Henry Bradford      1
Samuel Burks?   Woodville   1 2
Davis Bettison 213 Thompson creek USA  11S
??    49 ??  ??
[corner of film black, cutting off first part of the surnames.]
William J. Boatner?      1 4
Elizabeth E.  Boatner? 52? Comite? USA  12S
Joseph  Bell      1
Presley Berry      1 2
Anderson Berry 40 Percys Creek   1 1
Elz.  Bowling      1
Gerrard Brandon? 1000 Bayou Sara Spanish 1
  ??  ??       ??  ?? 525 ????  ??
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Robert Beasly?       1 13
Gerrard Berry      1
William & Samuel Barkley? 155 Comite USA 2 3
William Brown  122 3/4 Bayou Sara USA 2 3
Jacob Bunch  171 Buffalo spanish 1 1
Beckman [no first name] [DT] 120 Thompsons creek USA
Mathew Bachony?   40 Buffalo   USA 1 5
John H. Baxter estate 80 Thos Creek USA
William M Bass  283 [DT] Bayou Sara USA
James Bingham    Woodville   2 11
Doct. Samuel Brown 450 Percy?s creek    British 1P  32S
??        ?? ??           150 Percy?s Creek   British
???       ???? ????          250 Percy?s Creek    Spanish
????      ???? ????          969 Percy?s Creek   Spanish
Richard Button   900 Bayou Sara Spanish 2P 110S
Richard Button 975 Bayou Sara  Spanish
John Benthall        1P
Thomas Benthall   517 Homochitta Spanish 1P

Elijah Coats  80 Buffaloe USA  1P 1S
Judith Chaney        9S
James Collingsworth 277 Bayou Sara USA   3S
Beta  Cook      1P
Doc. John F. Carmichael 965 Bayou Sara  Spanish 2P 60S
Jacob Chambers      1P 1S
Mathew Cole  163/4?  Percy?s Creek USA  1P 4S
Daniel Collins  40 Thos. Creek USA  1P 5S
Lewis Coon       1P
Jacob Coon       1P
Jasper S M Coon 40 Buffalo USA  0P
William Chance 160? Comite river USA  1P
Doct. David C--k  Woodville   1P
John Comer?        1P
John  Crow       1P
William  V. Carey 40 Buffalo Spanish
Benjamin Collier 112 Bayou Sara Spanish 1P
Marjah  Cooper       1P
Moses  C..ittos?      1P 1S
Charles Curtis   Pickneyville   1P 2S
William S. Collier      1P 1S
Charles S. Cosby      1P
William Cabean 103 Comite  USA
Thomas Cason Sen 80 Buffalo USA   4S
James Cain   40 Buffalo USA  1P
David Cox  40 Buffalo USA  1P
Allin Cain  150 Comite  USA  1P 1S
William Cain        9S
Henry Cox  40 Buffalo USA  1P 6S
Thomas Cason       1P
James Crow       1P 1S
William Curtis      1P 1S
Jonathan  Conrty? Cornby?     1P
John Campbell      1P
Frances Collier  Woodville   1P 6S
Daniel Clark       1P
Thomas Cummings 280 Homochitta    Spanish 1P 4S
Isaac Chambers      1P 7S
Richard Crawford     2 wheel pleasure carriage
Lewis Cason?      1P
Josios? Chambers      1P
David Cooper  405? Thompson Creek  USA 2P 30S
William Crothers?Crocham?   [DT]  96 1/4?  Thompson Creek  USA  1S
Zachiriah Cater   116  Comite  USA  1S
Janith? Jamth?  Carroway      1P 1S
Eiz and Jane Carroway        4S
Reuben Castles      1P
William Castles      1P 4S
Nehemiah Carter 23  Homochitto USA 1P 2S?
Isaac Carter       1P 1S
William Carrole        1P
John Coulter?   135  Bayou Sara  1P 33S
 ??       ??    Bayoud Sara  1P
William  Conner? Comer?  [DT] 966  Buffalo Spanish  1P

James  Debow?        400 Thos. Creek USA
Randon Dower?   679  Homochitta    Spanish
  ??        ?? 640  Homochitta USA
Samuel  Davis? 2 wheel pleasure carriage
Doct  Richard  .Davidson?  paper torn   469 Bayou Sara   Spanish  1P 9S
Hugh Davis   891  Homochitto Spanish   39S
Rebeca Dove        1S
Ephriam Davidson[DT]    Pickneyville   2S
Thomas Dawson 143  Bayou Sara Spanish  1P 8S
William Dawson        1P
Micojah Davis       1P 1S
John Dunckley? 48  Bayou  Sara USA 1P
Jerimiah Downs   Woodville  1P 1S
Hugh Dixon  48?  Comite  USA 1P 4S
John Dixon  56?  Comite  USA 1P 2S
John Depur?        1P
John H Davis  80  Thos. Creek USA 1P 4S
David Davis       1P 1S
Samuel Davis  29  Thos. Creek USA 2P 12S
Elisha Danivile?      1P
William Dillahunt estate of ]  25 Buffalo USA  4S
William Dunbar  estate of]   1172 Buffalo Spanish
 William Dunbar estate of]  2542 Buffalo Spanish
William Dunbar estate of]   1722 Thompson creek Spanish
George Duffy  40  Thompson Creek   USA 1P 2S
Theodore Donsett       1P
Willaim  Danty?        1P
John Devauls?         1P
William Dove         1P
Elizabeth Dayton  estate of[DT]  400 Homochitta Spanish
William C. Davis      1P
Ruffin Deloach[DT] 345 Bayou Sara Spanish  11S
Ruffin Deloach 152 Bayou Sara Spanish
Austin J. Davis [DT] 230 Buffalo Spanish
Lewis Dubrouils?[DT]  93 Buffalo Spanish

Randal Eletvid?Elelrid?    400 Bayou Sara USA 1P 4S
Curtis Ewing?   Euiny?   52 Buffalo USA  2P 1S
Nathanel Evans 422 Bayou Sara Spanish 1P 11S
Nathaniel Evans   Wilkinsburgh   3P 2S
William Erwin 40 Buffalo Spanish
William Ellis       1P
Ballard Evans  ?? Percy?s Creek USA  1P 1S
Charles Edwards ??? Thompson Creek   USA 1P 5S
Jesse?  Edwards      1P
Thomas Edwards, Sen.? Homochitto Spanish
Thomas Edwards, Jun?     1P

[Next page,  names at top almost illegible.  The amount of land and the location may be a clue to establishing their identity. Because the edges of the page is missing and/or badly filmed, I do not know if these men?s names started with an E or F]

Alexander ----?   469 Homochitto Spanish
John     -----?    2091 Buffalo Spanish   0P 118S
 ?? ??    ??  ??   2091 Buffalo Spanish
?? ??      ?? ?? 756 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P
?? ??     ??  ?? 945 Bayou Sarah Spanish 0P
?? ?? ?? ?? 640 Thompson Creek  Spanish 0P
Sarah Ellis 1125 Bayou Sara Spanish 1P

James Fanner      1P 3S
William Fanner   211 Bayou Sara USA  1P 16S
?? ??      ??  ??  300 Bayou Sara USA  0P
Misojah?  Frazier   582?  Bayou Sara USA 1P 15S
??  ??          ?? ?? 100 Bayou Sara USA  0P
Isam Furgison       1P
William Fugua 71 1/4 Thompson Creek  USA 1P 5S
John Frankom?      0P 8S
Robert Folles       1P
Patrick Foley  1219 Bayou Sara Spanish 1P 33S
??   ??      ??  ?? 846 Buffalo Spanish 0P
John Fruts? Frists?      1P
Samuel  Fergeson?      1P
Joseph Fanner       0P 4S
Ephraim Foster      1P 8S
Ezekiel Foreman 567 Thompson Creek   Spanish 0P 4S
David Foreman 300 Bayou Sarah       Spanish 0P
Benjamin Farrah 289 Bayou Sarah Spanish 0P
  ??   ??      ?? ??  500 Bayou Sarah       Spanish 0P
John Foster  750 Homochitto Spanish 0P 15S
375 Homochitto Spanish     0P
140 Homochitto Spanish 0P
200 Mississippi River Spanish 0P
263 Mississippi River Spanish 0P
Elijah Fendley?    1P
Daniel  Fline?      1P
Jesse Fort 40 Buffalo USA 1P 15S

Paul ------url? 225 Bayou Sara USA 1P 17S
John Grumball? 187 Bayou Sara Spanish 1P
Young? Grins?    1P
Thomas G--inball    1P 6S
David  Gray?    1P 8S
---ers G---t 4352 Thomas Creek USA 2P 30S
John Graham?  40 Buffalo USA 1P
Moses Gordan?      1P
Dorsey? D. Gaulding    1P
Benjamin Germany 40 Buffalo USA 1P 1S
John Germany 40 Beaver Creek USA 1P 4S
William Glover    1P 2S
Joel Glass    1P 2S
Robert Grayson    1P
Abram Griffin    1P
Richard Graves    0P 15S
Abner Green [DT] 256 Buffalo Spanish
Zachariah Gauldin 3?   1P 8S
Davis  Greenleaf 110 1/2  Thompson Creek  USA

Robert B. Hammett    2P 9S
David Holmes 162 Buffalo USA 1P 9S
Joseph Henderson 3?   1P
John Henderson 508 Homochitto Spanish
Jospeh Hunter 50 Bayou Sara Spanish 1P 3S
??  ??     ??  ?? 50 Bayou Sara Spanish
Henry Hunter 600 Bayou Sara Spanish 1P 22S
Thomas Hunter     1S
Samuel Hughes    1P
Henry Hampton 269 Buffalo Spanish 1P 11S
Elliott H-ckley 1800 Bayou Sara Spanish 2P 88S
Narsworthy Hunter 150 Bayou Sara Spanish 1P 1S
Thomas Hutchins 3 2/10?  Buffalo USA 0P 8S
William Hunter 50 Percy?s Creek USA 1P 11S? 311?
Thomas Herrin 26 Percy?s Creek USA 1P 1S
Francis B. Harris   1P 2S
Charles Hesler 40 Buffalo USA 1P 2S
George Hart    1P 18S
Abraham Harper 40 Commite USA 1P 2S
Samuel Harper 40 Commite USA 1P
Bethals Haynes 40 Buffalo USA 0P
James Harvey? 150 Comite USA 1P
Jesse ---her 38 Comite  1P
William -----?    1P 1S
Daniel H--way? Holloway?    1P
Jacob Holliman    1P 2S
James Hamilton?   Woodville
Benjamin Herd?    1P
William Hammett? Hammell?    1P
Enoch Hooper    0P 8S
William Holliman    0P 14S
Moses Hooke 200 Bayou Sara Spanish 2P 30S
??   ??      ??  ?? 317 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P
Fielding P. Hunter    1P 1S
Darling H-ll 95 Bayou Sara USA 1P 11S
Andrew Hare 800 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P
John Harvy? Hewy?[DT] 75  Thomas Creek USA 1P
John Hodge 50 Buffalo USA 0P 12S
William Hux    1P
Joshua Howard    0P 9S
John Howard    1P 2S
James Howard est of      2S
Soloman Hopkins    1P 1S
Edward Hachett    1P
Joseph Harson 250 Buffalo Spanish 1P 2S
John Harson       1P
Moses Hadley 75 Thompson Creek USA 0P 8S
Alexander Harper 41 Comite  0P 2S
William Hess [DT]  Woodville USA 4P
Daniel C. & John Holliday 590   Bayou Sara USA 3P 52S
Joseph Hess [DT]    1P 2S
Wade? Hampton? 100 Mississippi Spanish 0P 3S
  ??  ??     ??   ?? 2400 Mississippi Spanish 0P
?? ??       ??   ?? 4000 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P
Daniel Huffman?    1P
John  H----? 231 Buffalo Spanish 1P
David ----? 40 Buffalo USA 1P
illegible    1P
John  ----?    1P


Jacob Jones? 125 Percy?s creek USA 1P
William Jones 143 Bayou Sara USA 1P 18S
??  ??     ??  ?? 93 Mississippi Spanish 0P
Ely P. Jones    1P
Daniel Jaggers    1P
James Jones 320 Buffaloe USA 1P 2S
David Jones 320 Buffaloe USA 0P
William Jones    1P
Alexander Jackson 40 Buffaloe USA 1P 4S
Samuel Jackson 3    2S
James Jones    2P
Richard Jones 40 Buffaloe USA 1P 2S
Margarett James      18S
Rueben Jackson 26 Percy?s Creek USA  4S
Isam Jackson estate of  590 Beaver Creek Spanish 0P
Isaac Johnson, Sen.       967 Thompson Creek USA 1P 7S
Isaac Johnson, Jun. 125 Thompson Creek USA 0P
John J. Jones 504 Homochitto Spanish 0P
John Jones    1P 3S
Joseph Johnson 600 Homochitto Spanish 1P 19S
?? ??      ??  ??    225 Thos. Creek Spanish 0P
??   ??    ??  ?? 200 Thos. Creek USA 0P

Henry Knight    0P 5S
George Keller 40 Comite USA 0P 8S
John Kenedy 38 Thompson Creek USA 0P 7S
David Keen    1P 2S
John Keller    2P 6S
Federick Kimball 37 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P
Phineas Killine?    1P
Reuben Kuper? 500 Bayou Sara Spanish 0P

[Below are  the last few names at the end of the page and the first few on the next page.  The corners are missing or very dark. I could not see the lettering.]

Jacob ---llin? 155 Comite USA 1P
Kirkham -----?    1P
Spencer  ---?    0P 2S
Arbre?  -----?    1P
Thomas --- ey 175 Lo---ty  C-- Spanish 1P 4S
John Kigler    1P 3S
William Kigler    1P 4S
George Keller, Jr     1S
Elizabeth Kilgore 1050 Homochitta Spanish  1S
John King 70 Buffaloe USA 1P 3S