Title:  John D. Carroll Bible
Submitter:  Delores Sanders
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John D. & Lucy Hogan Carroll Bible Record

Present owner (Feb, 1958): Dr. Harry Franklin Pierce Jr. - Vicksburg, Ms.

William Hogan Sr. was b. 1 June, 1750
Sarah Hogan Sr. was b. 1 June, 1760
David Hogan was b. 17 June, 1781
Nancy Hogan was b. 2 Mar, 1783
Sarah Hogan was b. 2 Nov, 1784
Betesy Hogan was b. 2 Jy, 1786
William Hogan was b. 2 Aug, 1788
John Hogan was b. 22 Mar, 1790
James Hogan was b. 14 Feb, 1792
Elizabeth Hogan was b. 16 May, 1794
Elijah Hogan was b. 16 Mar, 1796
Lucy Hogan was b. 29 Ap, 1799
Samuel Hogan was b. 30 Mar, 1801

William Hogan Sr. m. 27 Aug, 1780
Sarah Hogan m. 11 Sept, 1800
Nancy Hogan m. 5 May, 1801
William Hogan m. 1 Jy, 1813
John Hogan m. 4 Sept, 1817
Lucy Hogan m. 9 ap, 1818
Elizabeth Hogan b. 28 May, 1818
William Hogan Sr. second marriage 29 Jy, 1819

Betsy Beaty d. 17 Ap, 1817
Sarah Hogan d. 16 Oct, 1817
William Hogan d. 3 Ap, 1827
Sarah Guider d. 19 Jy, 1827

Carroll Family Record

Leonidas Carroll was b. 12 Aug, 1822
Eleanor Carroll was b. 13 June, 1824
John D. Carroll Jr. was b. 31 Aug, 1827
John Lafayette Carroll was b. 25 Dec, 1828
John D. Carroll was b. 21 Oct, 1789
Lucy wife and consort of John D. Carroll was b. 29 Ap, 1799
Maria Louisa Carroll the eldest & first dau was b. 24 Ap, 1819
Narcissa Mullenbert Carroll was b. 10 Aug, 1820

John D. Carroll & Lucy Hogan m. 9 Ap, 1818

William Hogan f/o Mrs. Carroll d. 2 Ap, 1827 /age 77y
Sarah H. Carroll sister of John D. Carroll d. 2 June, 1824 /age 22y
Gen. J. D. Carroll d. in Montgomery, Ala. 31 Oct, 1857
John D. Carroll Jr. d. 1 Aug, 1828 /age 11m
John D. Carroll Sr. d. 18 Feb, 1835 in Vicksburg, Ms. of consumption /40y 4m
Leonidas Carroll d. 19 June 1839 /age 16y 10m 7d
Elizabeth S. Beaty sister of Mrs. Carroll d. 17 Ap, 1817
Sarah Hogan mother of Mrs. Carroll d. 16 Oct, 1817
Thomas I. Elevendon d. 3 Feb, 1835 in Vicksburg, Ms. of consumption

Pierce Family Record

Harry Franklin s/o Frank Garland & Mollie Myers Pierce b. 9 Ap, 1878
John Peale s/o Alice & Thomas D. French b. 1 June, 1871
Thomas Melville s/o Alice & Thomas D. Franch b. 30 June, 1873
Harry Duncan s/o Alice & Thomas D. French b. 3 Oct, 1876
Lelia d/o Alice & Thomas D. French b. 9 Sept, 1878 at Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Alice Peale d/o Harry F. Sr. & Lelia F. Pierce b. 1 Dec, 1911
Ludwell Cowan s/o Harry F. & Lelia F. Pierce b. 23 Dec, 1912
Harry Franklin Jr. s/o Harry F. & Lelia F. Pierce b. 22 June, 1916
Tessie Day d/o Tessie L. & C. R. Day b. 9 Ap, 1913 Baton Rouge, La.
Tessie Meredith d/o Tessie D. & Ludwell C. Pierce b. 5 Aug, 1943 at
Vera Elizabeth d/o Henry P. & Cora S. Wekesser b. 20 Aug, 1916
Nancy Carroll d/o Vera W. & Harry F. Pierce Jr. b. 25 Jan, 1943 Stockton, Ca.
Judith Caralsi d/o Vera W. & Harry F. Pierce Jr. b. 18 Jan, 1947 Vicksburg, Ms.
Alice Peale d/o Tessie D. & Ludwell C. Pierce b. 25 Aug, 1946
Ludwell Cowan Jr. s/o Tessie D. & Ludwell C. Pierce b. 12 Ap, 1949
Susan French d/o Harry F. & Vera W. Pierce b. 22 Mar, 1948

Ellen Peale d. 20 Sept, 1847
John D. Peale d. 1 Dec, 1847 - twin children
Jacob Peale d. 23 Mar, 1851
William B. Peale d. 20 Dec, 1854
Eleanor w/o Jacob Peale d. 14 Ap, 1856 of consumption of the lungs /31y 10m 1d
Jacob Peale b. 4 May, 1806 in Franklin Co., Pa. & d. at the residence of his
sister Mary A. French 30 June, 1867 /age 61y 26d, Waynesboro, Pa.
Died on the evening of the 30th of Dec, 1884 at Shipland Plantation, w/o John
A. Peale of Abcess and Inflamation of the brain, s/o Jacob and Eleanor Peale
Thomas D. French d. 19 Nov, 1887 in Vicksburg
Alice Peale Pierce d/o Harry F. & Lelia F. d. 28 Dec, 1911
Thomas Melville French s/o Duncan & Alice Peale French d. 26 Aug, 1924
Alice Peale French d. 1 Aug, 1941 in Vicksburg /age 92y 4m 25d
Lelia French Pierce d. 25 Aug, 1949 /age 70y 351d
Alexander s/o John & Mary Peale b. in Franklin Co., Pa. 5 Feb, 1814 ; d. 28 Jan, 1842
Alice Peale French d/o John Peale & Maxine Franch b. 2 June, 1934

Funeral Notice
Died in Bonita, La. 26 Aug, 1924 Thomas Melville French .  The remains are to be shipped to Vicksburg for interment.  Rev. Robert Selby officiating.  He is survived by a wife, a daughter and three sons of Bonita, la.  Deceased is also survived by a mother Mrs. Alice Peale French, two brothers J. P. French, H. D. French, and sister, Mrs. Harry Pierce of Vicksburg, who have the sympathy of a wide circle of friends.

Jacob Peale to Ellen Carneil m. 2 Ap, 1846 at the Plantation of Mrs. Lucy
Caniel, Madison Parish, La.
Miss Elizabeth Vera Wekesser to Harry F. Pierce Jr. m. 20 Ap, 1940 Fourth
Presbyterian Church, Chicago
Alice d/o Jacob and Ellen Peale m. 16 May, 1870 to T. D. French at the
residence of John A. Peale, Vicksburg
At the residence of Alice Peale French, Vicksburg, Ms. Miss Lelia d/o
Thomas D. & Alice French to Harry F. Pierce 17 Oct, 1901
Miss Tessie Day to Ludwell Cowan Pierce ,Vicksburg, Ms. 10 June, 1939
John A. Peale Jr. & Fannie Virginia Bunch 28 Jy, 1875

John D. & Lucy Hogan Carroll Bible Record (cont.)

John D. & Ellen Peale twin children of Jacob & Ellen Peale b. 20 Sept, 1847
Alice Peale d/o Jacob & Ellen Peale b. 5 Mar, 1849
Jacob peale s/o Jacob & Ellen Peale b. 20 Mar, 1851
John A. peale s/o Jacob & Ellen Peale b. 5 ap, 1852
William R. Peale s/o Jacob & Ellen Peale b. 9 Aug, 1854
Thomas Duncan French s/o Rier Melville & Mary A. French b. 3 Feb, 1838 in
Fayetterville, Franklin Co., Pa.
Fannie Virginia Bunch w/o Jno. A. Peale Jr. b. 28 Jy, 1857