Title:  W. H. Hurst, W. R. Trigg Bible
Submitter:  Delores Sanders
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William Henry & Ann Isabella Bodley Hurst Bible Record
Vicksburg, Warren Co., Ms.

Note: William Henry Hurst was descended from William Stanhope of Fairfax
Va.  nancy Stanhope (b. 1776 ) d/o William Stanhope and his 2nd wife,
Donaldson (a niece & ward of Lady Fairfax ), married Harry Hurst in Va.,
childhood sweetheart.  They moved to Ky. ; and later to Vincennes, Ind.
William Henry Hurst, their son, married Ann Isabella Bodley  They moved
Vicksburg, Ms. where their daughter, Nancy Stanhope Hurst, was born.
      William Bodley (b. 1846 ; d. 4 Dec, 1780 ), ancestor of Ann
Bodley Hurst, was a Major in the Rev. War.  He married Isabella Parker
James & Mary Todd Parker.
      Thomas Bodley father of the above William Bodley, was b. in County
Donegal, Ireland, of English parentage.  he moved in early 1700's to what
now Montgomery Co., Pa. and married there Mrs. Eliza Knox (nee McIntosh )
Edinburgh, Scotland  Maj. wm. Bodley lived in Chester Co., Pa., near
Forge.  He was buried in lower Providence Church yard.  A son, General
Bodley (b. 4 Jy, 1772 near Valley Forge ; d. 11 June, 1833 in Lexington,
Ky. )
married Katherine Harris Shiell near Frankfort, Ky. at the country home
step-father, Judge Harry Innes.
      Katherine Harris Shiell Bodley was descended from John Harris (b.
1640; d. abt. 1700); residence Goatacre, Wilshire, England.  His
Harris, 3rd, was b. in Ireland in 1717 ; married about 1760 Hannah
Stewart ;
lived in Newton, Pa. ; d. 13 Aug, 1773.  His house was known as
headquarters after his return from the battle of Trenton.  A teacup used
John & Hannah harris' house, is now owned by Mrs. Joe Baird.  In 1785,
Harris moved to Ky. (her husband had died in 1773), taking her mother,
and children.  John & Hannah Stewart Harris' daughter, Ann Harris,
Hugh Schiell  Their daughter, Katherine Harris Shiell married Gen. Thomas

William Henry Hurst & Ann Isabell Bodley m. 23 mar, 1830
Wyndham Robertson Trigg & Nannie Stanhope Hurst m. 31 May, 1861
William Henry Hurst, s/o Nancy Hurst, b. 1 Aug, 1805
Anne Isabelle Bodley d/o Thomas & Catherine H. Bodley was b. 20 Aug,
They married in Lexington, Ky. 23 Mar, 1830
Hugh Shiell Hurst s/o William Henry & Isabelle was b. 21 Jy, 1835
Nancy Stanhope Hurst b. 23 May, 1837
Henry Hurst b. 8 Nov, 1840
Mary Hurst b. 20 Feb, 1848
Hugh Shiell Hurst d. 11 Mar, 1836
Henry Hurst d. 14 June, 1841
Anne Isabelle Hurst d. 3 Ap, 1832
William H. Hurst d. 12 Ap, 1857
James Trigg d. 25 May, 1863

Wyndham Robertson & Nannie Stanhope Hurst Trigg Bible Record
Greenville, Washington Co., Ms.

Note: Wyndham Robertson Trigg was descended from Abraham & Judith Clarke
 In the Christ Church Parish register, Middlesex Co., Va. it is recorded
Abraham Trigg s/o Daniel Trigg, was baptized 4 May, 1684 ; married 1st
Elizabeth d/o George & Mary Guest ; married 2nd Judith d/o Robert & Sarah
Clarke, baptized 11 mar, 1687.
      On his maternal side, Wyndham R. Trigg was descended from John &
Elizabeth King Mitchell, who were married 14 May, 1794.  Both were born
Ireland.  John Mitchell brought with him some of the furniture from the
home in Ireland.  One piece is now (1962) owned by Mrs. Joe Baird of
Ms. - a hat stand made of Irish deal.
      Wyndham R. Trigg came to Old Greenville, ms. before the Civil War,
graduating from Emory & Henry College in Va., to teach school and to
under Judge Dixon

See: William R. Hurst Bible

Wyndham R. Trigg & Nannie S. Hurst m. at Greenville, Ms. 31 May, 1861
Frank Willard Riggs & Ellen Gill Trigg m. in Greenville, Ms. 2 Oct, 1895
R. M. Standefer & Byrd Campbell Trigg m. at Coahoma, Ms. 28 Feb, 1901
Thomas King Trigg & Irene H. Merkel m. at Birmingham, Ala. 1914
Joseph Bedert Baird & Nancy Merkel Trigg m. 9 Sept, 1939

Wyndham Robertson Trigg was b. in Smith Co., Va. 22 Jan, 1834
Nannie S. Hurst was b. at Vicksburg, Ms. 23 May, 1837
James Trigg b. at Elmwood Plantation, Washington Co., ms. 6 Ap, 1862
Sallie Mitchell Trigg b. at Abingdon 21 Nov, 1863
Ellen Gill Trigg b. at Greenville, Ms. 21 Feb, 1867
Sue Pelham Trigg b. at Greenville, Ms. 6 Ap, 1868
Wyndham Standhope Trigg b. 24 Oct, 1869
Byrd Campbell Trigg b. at Greenville, Ms. 7 Dec, 1871
Mary Hurst Trigg was b. 12 Sept, 1873 Greenville, Ms.
Davis Buckner Trigg b. 11 Ap, 1876
Thomas King Trigg b. 6 Jan, 1878
Kathrine Innas Riggs b. 12 Ap, 1898
Frank Willard Riggs b. 4 Sept
Nancy Merkel Trigg b. 10 Sept, 1918
Wyndham R. Trigg III b. 28 Dec, 1901
Joseph Bedent Baird b. 29 mar, 1916
Joseph Bedent Baird Jr. b. 16 Aug, 1940 Inverness, Ms.
Thomas Trigg Baird b. 9 Sept, 1942 Greenville, Ms.
Marion Duncan Baird b. 21 Jan, 1945 Greenville, Ms.
Ann Brisbane Baird b. 3 Aug, 1948 Greenville, Ms.

James Trigg d. 28 May, 1863 Deer Creek
Sallie Mitchel Trigg d. 9 Nov, 1868
Wyndham Standhope Trigg d. 29 Jy, 1871
Davis Buckner Trigg d. 31 Aug, 1876 Greenville, Ms.
Wyndham R. Trigg d. 8 Oct, 1904 Greenville, Ms.
Ellen Trigg d. 22 Dec, 1909 Greenville, Ms.
Nancy Standhope Trigg d. 17 Ap, 1919 Greenville, Ms.
Thomas King Trigg II d. 24 Jy, 1920
Byrd Campbell Trigg d. 28 Jy, 1949
Mary Hurst Trigg d. 16 Mar, 1952
Irene Merkel Trigg d. 23 May, 1952 - widow of Tom K. Trigg