Title:  Kearney Bible
Submitter:  Delores Sanders
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Patrick & Catherine Fox Kearney Bible Record

This Bible is now on display at "Cedar Grove" ante-bellum mansion owned by the
Vicksburg Theater Guild, 2200 Oak Street, Vicksburg, Ms.

Patrick Kearney & Catherine Fox m. in The Mountain Church at Emmittsburg,
  20 Aug, 1844
John C. Kearney & Maria J. Maher m. in the Catholic Church in Vicksburg
27 Nov, 1882

Patrick Kearney was b. in Frederick Co., Md. 12 Mar, 1814
Catherine Fox was b. in Baltimore 16 Sept, 1821
James Kearney was b. in Baltimore 7 Oct, 1845 ; baptised 29 Oct at St.
Vincents  Church. Baltimore
Mary Catherine Kearney was b. in Vicksburg, Ms. 27 May, 1847 ; baptised 30 May
  Catholic Church, Vicksburg
John Christopher Kearney b. Vicksburg 1 Oct, 1848 ; baptised 28 Nov, Catholic Church, Vicksburg
Anne Regina b. Vicksburg 3 Sept, 1851 ; bap. 16 Sept Cath. Ch, Vicksburg
Hester Agnes Kearney b. Vicksburg 14 Jan, 1850 ;bapt. 3 Feb Cath. Ch., Vicks.
Francis Patrick Kearney b. Vicksburg 4 Oct, 1853 ;bapt. 11 Oct, Cath Ch, Vicks.
Martin Aloysious Kearney b. Vicksburg 24 Nov, 1855; bapt. 2 Dec Cath Ch, Vicks.
Elizabeth Kearney b. Vicksburg 29 Aug, 1857 ;bapt 2 Dec Cath. Ch, Vicks.
Josephine Kearney b. Vicksburg 19 Mar, 1861; bapt 24 Mar Cath. Ch, Vicksburg
William Vincent Kearney b. Vicksburg 23 June, 1863; bapt. 25 June in a cave  during the Siege
Mary Lucy Kearney b. Vicksburg 13 Dec, 1865; bapt. 24 Dec, 1865 Cath Ch, Vicks.

Anne Regina Kearney d. 29 Sept, 1853 ; age 2y 26d
Hester Agnes Kearney d. 11 Oct, 1853 ; age 3y 9m
Martin Aloysious Kearney d. 12 June, 1857 ; age 18m 18d
William Vincent Kearney d. 4 June, 1864 ; age 11m 19d
James Charles Kearney d 4 june, 1867 ; age 21y ?m 25 or 28 d
Mary Catherine Kearney d. 29 Dec, 1882 ; age 36y 7m 1d