Title:  Probate Records, Tunica County, MS
Submitter:  Barbie Peddicord
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BALL, Walter H., deceased, intestate, Mary H. BALL administrator, 10 Dec 1840
BIVENS, A.M., deceased, Robert MORRIS administrator, 4 Jan 1841
BRIDGES, E. H., deceased, intestate; Charles MAY administrator, 14 Jun 1845
BRIDGES, E.H., deceased, Lucy BRIDGES administrator 14 Jan 1846
BRIDGES. Edmund, administrator estate of Andrew BRIDGES, a child of John BRIDGES, deceaded; 4th Monday Nov 1847
BRIDGES, Edmund, deceased; Elijh B. BRIDGES temporary administrator, 31 Aug 1848; full power granted 04 Oct 1848
BRIDGES, John H., will proven, E.H. BRIDGES and Elijah B. BRIDGES administrators, 01 Dec 1841
BRIGANCE, Elizabeth, deceased, intestate, James BRIGANCE administrator, 30 Apr 1839
CASEHOULT, Isaac, deceased, intestate; James DeWOLF administrator, 01 Jan 1844.
GORDEN, John B., deceased, Olivia GORDEN administrator, 05 Oct 1842
HARRIS, Casey H. will, Williamson Co TN; Martha F. HARRIS executrix, first Monday Nov 1842
MATHEWS, Archer P. deceased, intestate, Reice BOURLAND adminstrator, 16 Nov 1840
McGARY, S.G.H., Reyton H. SKIPWITH administrator, 20 Nov 1841
McGRAY, S.G.H., deceased; Benjamin F. DILL administrator, 17 Oct 1842
McHAY, deceased, will proven, Calvin BOUNS administrator, 04 Jan 1842
McKINNEY, Isaac, deceased, intestate; special term Probate Cort; Lakearhy McKINNEY, wife of deceased, administrator. McPEAK, deceased, intestate; Thomas M. FLETCH administrator, 26 May 1843.
McPHERSON,Jas., letter of administration Colligendum?, 04 Nov 1847; Charles MAY, R.H. BYERS, and I.W. BRIDGES bond for administration of estate of Jas. McPHERSON 04 Nov 1847. McPHERSON, Jas., deceased, intestate; Charles MAY administrator, 22 Nov 1847
MILLER, Willam S., Phillips Co AR requested guardianship for Elizabeth BRIDGES and Mary F. BRIDGES, minor heirs of Edmond H. BRIDGES, deceased, 17 Oct 1848
MURCH, David, deceased, intestate, William THIMBINE administrator, 07 Jan 1839
PHILLIPS, William, deceased, Ellen PHILLIPS administrator, 03 Oct 1842
PINES, W.C., deceased, intestate, Robert MORRIS administrator, 20 Nov 1841
PRICE, Richard, deceased, intestate; Aaron SHELBY,administrator, 26 Feb 1844
RAWLS, Henry, deceased, intestate, John RAWLS administrator 05 Oct 1842
ROCHARDS, R.M., deceased, intestate, Reice BOURLAND administrator, 16 Nov 1840
SMITH, James N., deceased, intestate; Thomas MAY temporary administrator 19 Jun 1844; Thomas May full power administrator 7 Oct 1844
STEPHENS, Edward, deceased, intestate prior to 17 Jul 1837, FREEMAN-PATTERSON executor
STRONG, Erastus B., deceased, intestate; Samuel FILLINGISM? administrator 22 Nov 1847

 THORNTON, William M., deceased; Washington B. THORNTON temporary administrator, 08 Nov 1847
THORNTON, William M., deceased, intestate; Washington B. THORNTON granted full administration 16 Feb 1849
YEALMAN, Walker, John RAWLS administrator, 05 Oct 1842


The Editorial in the COMMERCIAL APPEAL of June 8th concering the Last Will and Testament of President JAMES K. POLK is most interesting to Tunica Countians because the Will is also on record in our Chancery Clerks Office. The Will was written 28 Feb 1849, and was probated in Nashville at the October Term of Court in 1849. It was certified to Tunica County by Davidson County, Tennessee, on November 5th.
His will provided that the POLK home in Nashville, after the death of his wife, should be occupied by a relative by the name of POLK forever. The relative was always to be chosen by teh Governor of Tennessee and the Legislature. The taxes and repairs were to be paid by this relative and the tomb of the President and his wife was to be cared for. After the death of Mrs. POLK the heirs went into Chancery and this part of the Will was set aside, the home sold, and the tomb moved to the Capital grouds where it now is.
With the exception of the old ancestral home at Columbia, Tennessee which was left to his brother WILLIAM and land in Arkansas bequeathed to an orphan nephew, "MARSHALL T.POLK, a Cadet at West Point", all his property was left to his "beloved wife SARAH POLK".
This included all lands in Mississippi, Tennessee and elsewhere, personal property of all kinds, money, debts owed to him, securities, and servants (he did not call them slaves). At her death he desired that she divide the property equally between such of his and her "blood relatives" as she thought deserving. She was to use her own discretion and not go by the rule of next kin.
The last part of the Will deals with his slaves, and reads as follows: "Should I survive her--it is my intention to emancipate all my slaves, and I have full confidence that if at her death she should deem it proper she will emancipate them".
President POLK's Mississippi property was the plantation at POLK's Landing, Tunica County. It was inherited by the President's nephew, ANDREW POLK, the father of Major WILL POLK so long citizen of our County, and at his death went to his sisters. The present owner, Miss REBECCA POLK, lives in Paris France, with her sister ANTOINETTE, the Countess de Charette.
The Historic Research workers tell us tht this interesting Will is recorded in Book I Wills and Docuents, page 459-460/ The record of the Tunica County property passing to Miss REBECCA POLK is recorded in Volume O-2 Deeds.