Title:  Calvin I. & Frances ledbetter Caraway Bible Record - Fannin, Rankin Co., Ms.
Submitter:  Linda Mason
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Calvin I. & Frances ledbetter Caraway Bible Record - Fannin, Rankin Co., Ms.

Note: Calvin I. Caraway (b. 1800 ) was the 5th child of Archibald &
Taylor Caraway of Anson Co., N.C. ,and was one of 8 of the 13 children to
migrate to Ms.  He was a grandson of Rev. Wm. Taylor Jr. of N.C., Rev.
      Calvin I. Caraway & Frances Ledbetter were married in Anson Co., N.C.
they migrated to Lowndes Co., Ms. in 1835; and in 1844 moved to Rannin in
Rankin Co., Ms., where they died.

Calvin I. Caraway & Frances Ledbetter m. 13 Nov, 1823
W. H. Hutto & Frances Caraway m. 27 Mar, 1854
J. N. Brown & M. A. Caraway m. 19 Jy, 1871 Fannin, Rankin Co., Ms.
Noble E. Brown & Dora Lee m. 7 Jan, 1914
C. H. McLaurin & Minnie Brown m. 11 Jan, 1914
Cary Edward Cox & Annett Brown m. 20 May, 1934

Calvin I. Caraway b. 24 May, 1800
Frances Ledbetter b. 25 Feb, 1808
Celia Ann Caraway b. 22 Sept, 1824
James Gray Caraway b. 24 Dec, 1825
Wilie Ledbetter Caraway b. 12 Sept, 1827
Celia Elizabeth Terry Caraway b. 21 June, 1829
Harriet Teressa Cindarilla Asberry Caraway b. 30 June, 1831
Frances Ann Caraway b. 27 Oct, 1833
Regina Caraway b. 12 Mar, 1836
Sarah Boggan Caraway b. 30 May, 1837
Rebecca Leodysa Caraway b. 5 Mar, 1844
Millissa Ann Martin Caraway b. 6 Feb, 1847
Regina Patience Caraway b. 26 Jy, 1839
Mary Jane Caraway b. 20 Mar, 1842

Noble Ernest Brown b. 22 Jy, 1873
Minnie Teressa Brown b. 23 Jan, 1876
Wiley Calvin Brown b. 14 Oct, 1877
Annett Brown b. 13 Dec, 1914
Earnest Lee Cox b. 19 Feb, 1935
Bobby Cox b. 28 June, 1940

Celia Ann Caraway d. 24 Sept, 1824
Regina Caraway d. 12 Mar, 1836
Mary Jane Caraway d. 10 Nov, 1842
Wylia L. Caraway d. 21 Ap, 1850
Calvin I. Caraway d. 12 Feb, 1852
C. E. T. Mangum d. 20 Sept, 1858
J. G. Caraway d. 7 Nov, 1863
Frances Ledbetter Caraway d. 12 Sept, 1892
H. P. Tinnin d. 4 Jan, 1893
J. N. Brown d. 15 Oct, 1878
Anna Brown d. 31 Dec, 1923
H. D. Tinnin d. 9 June, 1926
S. W. Tinnin d. 20 Aug, 1928
Dora Lee Brown d. 9 Jy, 1929
Noble Ernest Brown d. 31 May, 1933
Cornelius Hue McLaurin d. 11 Nov, 1933
Minnie Brown McLaurin d. 13 Jy, 1942
Wiley C. Brown d. 13 Nov, 1949

James L. Tinnin d. 7 June, 1853
Lizzie Ann McRaven d. 9 June, 1853
Hugh P. Tinnin d. 4 Jan, 1893
Frances A. Tinnin d. 8 Nov, 1902
Stewart W. Tinnin d. 20 Aug, 1928
I. O. Brown d. 10 May, 1938
H. D. Tinnin d. 9 June, 1926
Fannie Maud Tinnin Brown d. 14 Nov, 1956
Hugh P(erry) Tinnin b. 2 Nov, 1827
Frances Ann Caraway 27 Oct, 1833
H. P. Tinnin & Frances Ann Caraway m. 14 Aug, 1851
James D. Tinnin b. 21 May, 1852
Washington S. Tinnin 4 Dec, 1853
H(ugh) Durward Tinnin b. 29 Oct, 1865 (note: married Jessie Starr )
Fannie Maud Tinnin b. 23 June, 1869
I. O. Brown b. 16 Aug, 1866
Exie May Cawthorn b. 30 June, 1901
Maud Ella Majure b. 3 Jan, 1925
Linda Ann Rusling b. 22 Jy, 1948
Robert Buhler Rusling b. 28 Oct, 1951

Henry & Nancy Wolf Nunnery Bible Record - N.C.

Note: Narcissa Jane Steen b. 1853 Hinds Co., Ms. ; d. 1904 near Cato, Rankin
Co., Ms. ; married 1872 Alexander Price (b. 1841 in Lumber Bridge, N.C. ; d.
1905 near Cato, Ms.), s/o James & Clarky Nunnery Price & grandson of Henry &
Nancy Wolf Nunnery.
      Narcissa Jane Steen Price was the d/o Carroll Jeffries & Margaret Ann
Neely Steen of near Cato, Ms. & granddaughter of Thomas & Catherine
Neely ,who lived 6 miles east of Jackson, Ms. in Rankin Co.  Thomas Neely
the s/o Jacob Neely, Rev. soldier, b. 1758 in Caswell Co., N.C. ; d. 1845 at
the home of his son, Thomas Neely, and was buried at old Liberty Baptist
cemetery.  Land on which this cemetery is located was part of the Thomas
plantation, and was given by him to the Liberty Baptist Church for a church
building, with 2 acres reserved for a cemetery.  Thomas & Catherine Neely
buried here also.  See: Liberty Grove Baptist Church Cemetery ; Thomas Neely
      Carroll Jeffries Steen was the grandson of the Rev. soldier, William
Steen (b. ca 1738 Ireland; migrated to America & settled near Great Broad
in S.C. ; abt 1772 married Nancy Lusk b. Ireland ; d. in Ms.).  To them were
born 11 children.  William Steen fought in the battle of King's Mountain;
wounded and taken prisoner.  Jacob Neely also fought in this battle, was
those who rescued him from the British.  Ref: Dr. D. A. Moses Steen's "Steen
Family in Europe and America" printed 1917 (2) Rosa Lee Price Paschal's
Who in the Steen - Neely Family," printed 1959 (3) Mary J. Berry's "Bible
Cemetery Records," compiled 1952, p290-292 (Alexander Price Bible)

Henry Nunnery & Nancy Wolf m. 8 Ap, 1808
Clarky Nunnery & James Price m. 4 Oct, 1835
James F. Price & Caroline Barrow m. 5 Dec, 1866
(Note: a three-inch space here so faded it could not be read)
Susannah Nunnery m. Olin Hair 10 Feb, 1830
Charlott Nunnery m. William Pearsall 13 Oct, 1830
Nancy C. Price & William Phillips m. 28 Dec, 1869
Alexander Price & Narcissa Jane Steen m. 8 Oct, 1872
H. B. Williams & Flora Ann Price m. 19 Aug, 1874 Rankin Co. (Ms.)

Susanne Nunnery was b. 29 Mar, 1810
Charlott Nunnery was b. 1 Jy, 1812
Clarky Nunnery was b. 10 Dec, 1815
James Price was b. 22 May, 1810
Hinton F. Hair was b. 7 Jan, 1831
Flora Susan Price was b. 25 Nov, 1857 ; d. 31 Jan, 1921
Edward James Pursall was b. 25 Nov, 1831
Charlott Ann d/o Olin Hair was b. 1 Nov, 1832
John Henry Hair s/o the above was b. 31 Aug, 1835
Susan Ann Pursall was b. 24 Jan, 1836
Henry Pursall was b. 16 Dec, 1835
Flora Ann Price was b. 17 Mar, 1844
Charles Wolf Price was b. 8 June, 184_
Thomas Robert s/o James & Clarky Price was b. 14 Jy, 1836
Robert C. Price was b. 8 Dec, 1837
Henry Nunnery Price was b. 25 Mar, 1839 (Triplets)
Nancy C. Price was b. 25 Mar, 1839
James F. Price was b. 25 Mar, 1839
Alexander Price was b. 20 Mar, 1841
Ellen Price was b. 6 Sept, 1849
James Oliver Price was b. 29 Nov, 1857
Margaret Carolyn Price & Elizabeth Jane Price were b. twins 4 Jan, 1856

Flora Ann Price w/o H. B. Williams d. 23 Aug, 1879 near Rockfort, Tx. where
had been living for 5 years
Hinton James Hair d. 15 June, 1831 / aged 5m 7d
Charlott Pursall d/o Henry Nunnery & Nancy his wife d. 10 Feb, 1836
Henry Nunnery d. 30 Mar, 1840
Nancy Nunnery d. 28 Oct, 1850
Thomas R. Price d. 9 Nov, 1862 at Little Rock, Ark.
James Olin Price d. 29 May, 1868
James Price d. 19 Dec, 1875
Clarky Price d. 27 Sept, 1882 in Rankin Co. (Ms.) - buried in Fannin
Nancy C. Phillips d. 5 Oct, 1932
Maggie Price Womack d. 22 Mar, 1937
Charles Wolf Price d. 12 Mar, 1906
Elizabeth Jane Price d. 27 Ap, 1856

Francis Marion & Laura E. Laird Walker Bible Record - near Star, Rankin Co.,

This certifies that the Rite of Matrimony was celebrated between F. M.
of Rankin Co. and Laura E. Laird of Rankin Co. on 20 Sept, 1871 at Rankin
by Revd Daniel Loflin - Witness: James Cawley ; Martha Laird

F. M. Walker                           12 Dec, 1860
Senea Bridges                          12 Dec, 1860
Laura E. Laird                         20 Sept, 1871
F. M. Walker                           20 Sept, 1871
Dora L. Walker                         26 Oct, 1882
Thomas M. Walker                        9 Feb, 1888
Howard Walker
Ethel Walker                           28 May, 1901
Effie Walker                           26 Ap, 1906
Emma Walker                            16 Dec, 1898
Bob Walker
Parham Walker                          22 May, 1901
Mattie Walker                          24 Dec, 1912
Barksdale Walker                       11 Aug, 1913
Bess Walker                             7 Jy, 1908
Maud Walker                            12 Oct, 1908
Henry Walker                            1 Oct, 1920
Howard Walker                             Jan, 1927

Willis Walker  1st Charity Berry 1819 Wayne Co.
               2nd Martha Brinson 1835 in Simpson Co. (b. 1806 - Ms.)

Willis Walker b. 1795 S.c.

F. M. Walker 22 Aug, 1836
Senea Walker about 1839 (note: Senea Bridges b. 18 May, 1842; d. 24 Nov,
1870 -
 tombstone: Mt. Creek Cemetery, Rankin Co., Ms.)
Robert W. Walker  13 Sept, 1861
Thomas M. Walker  5 Jy, 1863
Dora L. Walker  13 Sept, 1865
Martha Walker  23 May, 1867
Parham P. Walker  5 Jy, 1869
Emma Walker  22 Ap, 1873
Samuel Howard Walker  3 Sept, 1877

Laura E. Laird Walker   29 Aug, 1850
Samuel M. Laird  27 Nov, 1813
Sarah Ann Dea Laird  6 Dec, 1820
Ethel Denie Walker  11 Nov, 1879
Effie Lula Walker  7 Mar, 1882
Barksdale Ales Walker  2 Jy, 1884
Bessie May Walker  28 Jan, 1886
Bettie Maud Walker  31 Oct, 1888
Henrie Inez Walker  14 Oct, 1892

Willis Walker  1848
Martha Walker  1847
Family cemetery in Simpson Co., Ms.
Senea Walker 25 Nov, 1870 Mountain Creek Church Rankin Co.
Samuel Laird died
Sarah Dear Laird
Buried at Florence - Headstone
Parham P. Walker d. 13 Ap, 1907
Dora Loflin  26 Nov, 1919 Wesleyanna Cemetery
Dr. T. M. Walker 23 June - about 1923 - Mendenhall, Ms.
Francis M. Walker d. 14 Feb, 1924
Buried at Wesleyanna near Star - headstone
Laura E. Walker d. 25 Sept, 1925 - buried at Wesleyanna cemetery near Star -
R. W. Walker d. 13 Jan, 1943
Bess Walker Johnston 21 Ap, 1950

Daniel C. C. & Sarah Loflin Byrd Bible Record - Star, Rankin Co., Ms.

Daniel C. C. Byrd & Sarah Loflin m. 4 Dec, 1851
John Ainsworth & Sarah Byrd m. 19 Oct, 1865 by Rev. D. Loflin
Thos. A. Ainsworth & Fannie Singletary m. 15 Jan, 1891
Thomas Albert Ross m. Mary Maud Ainsworth
James E. Crymes m. Sadye Ainsworth May, 1927
Thomas Allen Ainsworth m. Genie G. Smith 2 May, 1936
Thomas Albert Ross Jr. m. Roselyn Andre Butler 31 Aug, 1949

Daniel William Byrd  b. 9 May, 1853
Isaac Berry Byrd  b. 1 May, 1856
Malinda Jane Byrd  b. 17 Jan, 1859
Lewis Oliver Byrd  b. 23 Jy, 1862

Thomas Ainsworth was b. 12 Aug, 1866
Sarah Edy Rosana was b. 27 Jan, 1869
Joseph Benjamin Ainsworth was b. 14 Feb, 1853
Richard Augustus Ainsworth was b. 15 Feb, 1858
Robert Jesper Ainsworth 1 Dec, 1860
May Maude Ainsworth     18 Sept, 1896
Annie Ruth Ainsworth    12 May, 1900
Thomas Allen Ainsworth   6 Nov, 1903
Sadye Ainsworth         20 Dec, 1905
Of Sadie & Jimmie Crymes :
Sarah Lucretia Crymes  6 May, 1936
Of Tom A. & Genie Ainsworth :
Thomas Monroe Ainsworth  1 Jan, 1937 (twin son)
Luther Allen Ainsworth   1 Jan, 1937 (twin son)
Frances Anne Ainsworth (d/o Genie & Tom)
Daniel C. C. was b. 25 May, 1831
Sarah Byrd was b. 6 June, 1833
Of Mary Maude & Albert Ross :
Mary Frances Ross  27 Mar, 1923
Thomas Albert Ross Jr.  b. 22 Sept, 1926

Daniel William  Byrd d. 19 Jan, 1857
Daniel C. C. Byrd d. 22 Jy, 1864
Sarah w/o J. B. Ainsworth d. 13 Jy, 1869 /aged 35y 1m 7d
Mary Frances d/o T. Albert & Mary M. Ross  19 Feb, 1944
Annie Ruth Ainsworth  15 Nov, 1946

Joseph Franklin Norman Bible Record - Rankin Co., Ms.

Note: The Norman family is connected with the Lambuth family, one of the
Madison Co. families.  The Lambuths were Missionaries to China and were
instrumental in organizing the Pearl River Church just off old Natchez
 They are buried in the church yard.

J. F. Norman of Rankin Co., Ms. & O. J. Lambuth of Madison Co., Ms. married
Jan, 1864 at the residence of J. R. Lambuth, by Robert W. Lambuth.  Witness:
John W. Brown          Witness: Joseph Mitchell

Mary Denman d. 7 Jan, 1881

Dr. C. R. Norman d. 7 Jan, 1910
Ella Norman d. 15 Feb, 1871
Joseph Franklin Norman d. 12 Jan, 1905
Clara Norman d. 13 Sept, 1904

S. C. Cully & Jennie Lou Norman 27 Jan, 1886
J. T. Norman & Sallie Lancaster 1 Oct, 1888
Archie Clifton Norman & Sudie Martin was b. 2 Nov, 1900
Franklin Norman & Irma Ornr (?) m. 24 Dec, 1902
Coleman Norman & Eva McDaniels m. 25 Mar, 1925

J. F. Norman was b. 26 Feb, 1830
J. J. Norman was b. 6 Sept, 1838
Jennie Lou Norman was b. 12 Feb, 1865
John Thomas Lambuth Norman was b. 21 Nov, 1866
Ella Norman was b. 10 May, 1870
Archie Clifton Norman was b. 11 Jan, 1877
Franklin Norman was b. 19 Ap, 1881
Norman Cully was b. 24 Oct, 1886
Sam Lancaster Norman was b. 9 Jan, 1890
Joseph Franklin Norman was b. 2 Feb, 1893
Coleman Norman was b. 28 June, 1895
Jennie Irene Norman was b. 16 May, 1888
Clara Norman was b. 21 Aug, 1904
Sara Jean Norman was b. 20 Jy, 1926
John T. Norman was b. 7 Jan, 1928
Edna Norman was b. 19 May, 1900
Ethel Norman was b. 10 Sept, 1903
Clifton Norman Jr. was b. 10 Sept, 1904
Coleman Norman Jr. was b. 28 Jan, 1931
Ruth Clifton Norman was b. 14 May, 1937

Loose sheet in the Bible:
Sam L. Norman & Hilda Ellis Norman (26 Nov, 1898) married 19 Nov, 1918
Harvey Ellis Norman was b. 26 Sept, 1919
Sam L. Norman & Modena Simmons Wigley Beech were married 16 Aug, 1957

On another loose sheet:
Alexander Drake b. 18 Oct, 1828 ; d. 22 Oct, 1844
James Williams b. 2 Mar, 1830
John Wesley b. 23 Feb, 1832

In the Bible is a clipping from the New Orleans Christian Advocate dated 17
Aug, 1939, carrying obituary of Dr. John Thomas Norman, which shows he was
21 Nov, 1866, d. 16 Jy, 1939, married 1 Oct, 1888 to Miss Sallie Lancaster
,three living children: Sam Lancaster Norman of Jackson, Ms., Irene Norman
Bennett of Chicago, Coleman Norman of Farmhaven; five grandchildren: Harvey
Ellis, son of Sam; Sara Jean, John Thomas, Coleman, Jr. & Ruth Clifton
children of Coleman Norman.  Two children died young: Joe & Clara

Also on a loose sheet in the Bible:
Sudie Edna Norman b. 27 May, 1901 Johns Ms. m. June, 1924 T. L. Everett b.
Aug, 1899: Tommie Sue 21 May, 1925; Sarah Nell 23 Ap, 1927; Mary Juanita 16
Oct, 1930; John Norman Everett 8 Dec, 1932

Arch Clifton Norman 10 Sept, 1904 Braxton
Joe Martin Norman 31 Mar, 1906 married Mary Francew Bates (14 Feb, 1913) 24
Feb, 1932: one son, Joe Martin Norman Jr. 26 May, 1937, 1010 Walnut,
Naida Lambuth Norman 22 Aug, 1907 married 17 Mar, 1926 John O. Wilson (24
1901) lives 1020 Walnut St., Jackson, Ms.  One son, Pat Norman Wilson 14
Frank Hale Norman 31 Jy, 1910 Jackson
Thomas Denman Norman 3 Feb, 1912 married 8 Dec, 1936 Dovie S. Spencer

A lineage chart on a separate sheet:
1. J. Frank Norman 26 Feb, 1830 /8 Aug, 1910, Jennie Norman 6 Sept, 1838 /10
   June, 1914
2. Jennie Lou Norman 12 Feb, 1865 /19 Jy, 1936 m. 27 Jan, 1886 Samuel
   Culley 17 Jan, 1857
   3. Norman Culley 24 Oct, 1886 m. (1) Mary Curry 30 Ap, 1887 /20 Dec, 1938
                                    (2) 22 Aug, 1942 Sybil G. Gibson
   3. Lena DeGraftonreid Culley 20 June, 1888 m. Carl Schurtz Crider 19 Aug,
      4. Carlena Crider 17 Ap, 1915 ; Louise Crider 10 May, 1920
   3. Lillie Beatrice Cully 2 Jy, 1893 m. Walter Gray Boyett
      4. Esther Gray Boyett 27 June, 1914 m. Chas. Ethelbert Crisley
         5. Charles Ethelbert Crisley Jr.
      4. Walter Lambuth Boyett & Ben Hunter Boyett
   3. Frank Lambuth Culley 16 Jan, 1904, still single with Geodetic Coast
      Survey, Washington, D.C.

Elias & Elizabeth Smith Steen Bible Record - Rankin Co., Ms.

Note: Elias Steen s/o William Steen (b. ca 1738 in Ireland ) and Nancy Lush
Steen, was b. 1799 near Great Broad River in s.C. and died 1847 in Rankin
Ms.  William & Nancy Steen were the parents of 11 children, all born in
Dist., S.C.  They were (1) John (2) Mary - d. in infancy (3) Elias (4) James
(5) Sarah (6) Nathaniel (7) Robert (8) William (9) Mary (10) James (11)
      William Steen (b. 1738 ), a soldier in the Rev., was wounded and taken
prisoner in the Battle of King's Mountain in 1780, but was soon rescued by
American soldiers, among whom was Jacob Neely (b. 1758 in Caswell Co., N.C.
d. 1845 in Rankin Co., Ms.).  Many years later, in 1846, Carroll Jeffries
Steen, a grandson of William & Nancy Lush Steen, married in Rankin Co., Ms.,
margaret Ann Neely, a granddaughter of jacob Neely
      After the Rev., William Steen and his family started their migration
Ms.  En route, in Carroll Co., Ten., William died.  His widow, Nancy Steen,
with all of her children except three, continued the trip, and in 1817 they
settled in Lawrence Co., Ms.  It was there that Elias Steen married, in
Elizabeth Smith (b. 1801 ; d. 1864 in Rankin Co., Ms.)  In 1820, Nancy Steen
and five of her children moved to Rankin Co., Ms.  Ref: (1) Family Records
Rev. Soldiers by Alice Tracey Welch, pub. 1955 (2) The Steen Family by Moses
A. Steen pub. 1900 (3) Who's Who in the Steen - Neely Family by Rosa Lee
Pascal, pub. 1959

Elias Steen & Elizabeth Smith m. 8 Feb, 1818

Carolyn Steen was b. 23 June, 1861
David P. Steen was b. 16 Jy, 1864
Edwin P. Steen was b. 8 Jan, 1867
Elizabeth M. Steen was b. 2 Sept, 1870
Elias Steen was b. 3 Mar, 1799
Elizabeth Steen w/o Elias Steen was b. 11 May, 1901

Isaac Steen was b. 15 Jan, 1819
William Steen was b. 20 Ap, 1821
Melissa Steen was b. 22 Jan, 1823
Nancy Jane Steen was b. 24 May, 1825
Nathaniel H. Steen was b. 14 Aug, 1827
Eliza Louisa Steen was b. 7 Nov, 1829
Isam R. Steen was b. 18 Dec, 1831
Asenith Steen was b. 13 Dec, 1834
Mary Ann Steen was b. 9 Feb, 1837
Elias Estus Steen was b. 27 Dec, 1839
Silas V. Steen was b. 23 Nov, 1842

Elizabeth M. Russell was b. 23 Jan, 1842
Isham E. Russell was b. 7 Feb, 1847
Caroline Steen was b. 23 June, 1861
David P. Steen was b. 16 Jy, 1864

Isham R. Steen d. 8 Ap, 1834
Elizabeth L. Steen d. 5 Jan, 1837
Polly Ann Steen d. 10 Sept, 1838
Elias Steen d. 13 Feb, 1847
Elizabeth Steen d. 14 Dec, 1864

William & Martha A. Dear Steen Bible Record - Rankin Co., Ms.

Note: One page had been torn from the William Steen Bible and was in the
Steen Bible.  It is not known where the William Steen Bible is, or whether
has been destroyed.
      William Steen (b. 1821 in Rankin Co., Ms.) was the s/o Elias &
Smith Steen and grandson of the Rev. soldier, William Steen (b. ca 1738 in
Ireland ) and his wife, Nancy Luck Steen.

See Elias Steen Bible Record

William Steen & Martha A. Dear m. 15 Dec, 1847
W. T. Isbell & Mary V. Steen m. 17 Oct, 1869

William Steen was b. 20 May, 1821
Mary Araminto Victoria Steen (d/o William & Martha A.) was b. 16 May, 1850
William Estes Steen (s/o William & Martha) was b. 13 May, 1852
Sarah Elizabeth Florence (d/o William & Martha A. Steen) was b. 23 Dec, 1854
Elias Hardy Steen s/o William & Martha A. was b. 4 Nov, 1856
Martha Jane Steen d/o Wm. was b. 15 Jy, 1859

near Brandon, Rankin Co., Ms.

Note: The pages containing the family record were torn from the Bible many
years ago, and the Bible has been destroyed; only the family record pages
      Elias Alliston, the father of Leroy W. Alliston, was living in Wilkes
Co., Ga. in 1816, when his son, Wiley Pope, was born.  In the 1830 U. S.
of Morgan Co., Ga., Elias Alliston was living there with his wife, 2
and 6 sons.  Five of these sons came to Rankin Co., Ms.  His will is filed
Morgan Co., his heirs in Ms. receiving their part of the estate.  One of his
sons, Lysander Cicero, taught school at the Richland Academy at Plain,
Co., Ms.; another son, Wylie Pope, was Clerk of the Probate Court of Rankin
Co., Ms. at the time of his death in 1860.  Wylie Pope married Martha Ann

Leroy W. Alliston & Harriet S. Butler m. 29 Jan, 1851
William P. Alliston & Mattie Graves m. 12 Oct, 1880
W. P. Alliston & S. A. English m. 3 Mar, 1901
(Note: Sarah (Sallie) A. Smith English, a widow, m. William Potter
Alliston )

Leroy W. Alliston s/o Elias & Nancy Alliston b. 22 Jan, 1819
Harriet Speer Butler d/o Wm. G. & Mary Butler b. 6 Sept, 1830 ( Va. )
Wylie Archie Alliston (s/o Wm. P. & Mattie Graves Alliston) b. 7 Mar, 1891
Andy Milner (s/o Wm. P. & Sallie English Alliston) b. 1 Dec, 1901
John s/o Elias & Nancy Alliston was b. 7 Dec, 1803
Sarah was b. 18 Oct, 1801 (?)
Bryant 18 Nov, 1807
Elias Jr. 11 Jy, 1811
Nancy Jr. 21 Nov, 1812
William Potter 2 Nov, 1814
Wylie Pope 21 Nov, 1816
Leroy Wilkes 20 Jan, 1819
Lysander Cicero 3 June, 1824
Charles W. s/o Elias & ..(unable to decipher - 2nd wife) Alliston 23 Oct,
Mary Ann d/o L. W. & H. W. Alliston was b. 6 Mar, 1853
William Potter Alliston s/o L.W. & H.S. was b. 14 Jan, 1855
Fanny Nebraska Alliston d/o L.W. & H.S. was b. 11 Aug, 1856
ida Virginia Alliston d/o L.W. & H.S. was b. 11 Aug, 1858
Bettie Johnnie Alliston d/o L.W. & H.S. was b. 12 May, 1862
Mary Lee Alliston d/o L.W. & H.S. was b. 29 Ap, 1865 (mother of Ruth Pierce
Therrell who m. 1883 James B. Pierce )
David Eugene Alliston s/o W.P. & Mattie Alliston was b. 20 Feb, 1886
Robert Earl 27 Jy, 1888
Wylie Archie Alliston s/o W.P. & Mattie Alliston was b. 7 Mar, 1891
Reece Johnston Alliston s/o W.P. & Mattie Alliston was b. 24 Nov, 1896
Andy Milner Alliston was b. 1 Dec, 1901

Mary Ann Alliston d/o L.W. & H.S. d. 9 Feb, 1854
Fanny Nebraska Alliston d/o L.W. & H.S. d. 16 Oct, 1858
Ida Virginia Alliston d/o L.W. & H.S. d. 7 Oct, 1863
H. S. w/o L. W. Alliston d. 25 Aug, 1867
L. W. Alliston s/o Elias & Nancy Alliston d. 23 Dec, 1870
Wylie P. Alliston s/o Elias & Nancy Allison d. 15 Ap, 1860
William Goode Alliston s/o William P. & Mattie d. 5 Oct, 1884
Mattie A(delaide) Alliston d. 9 Jan, 1901
Sallie A. Alliston (2nd w/o William Potter Alliston) d. 10 Aug, 1902
Archie Smith d. 11 Feb, 1944 (h/o Bettie Johnnie Alliston )

James Monroe & Amanda Elizabeth Martin Purvis Bible Record
Rankin Co., Ms. (3 miles north of Rufus, near Antioch Baptist Church)

James Monro Purvis & Manda Elizabeth Martin m. 11 Oct, 1866

J. M. (James Monroe) Purvis was b. 27 Mar, 1849
A. E. (Amanda Elizabeth) Purvis w/o J. M. b. 31 Mar, 1846
Mary C. (Caroline - Callie) Purvis b. 21 Oct, 1869
G. A. (G. Abb) Purvis b. 24 mar, 1870
Sarah E. (Elisabeth) Purvis b. 26 Dec, 1872
J. O. (James Ollie) Purvis b. 25 Mar, 1875
W.H.D. (Wm. Henry Dennis) Purvis b. 6 Aug, 1878
Luicy A. S. D. Purvis (Luicy A. S. Dora) b. 30 Jan, 1881
Emmer E. (Estella) Purvis b. 26 Jy, 1883
Archey E. (Erastus) Purvis b. 30 Jan, 1886
Almon Stanly Purvis b. 4 Mar, 1889

John S. South Bible Record

Note: All marriages, births and deaths took place in King and Queen County,
Va., unless stated otherwise.

Hetty E. Brookes m. John South 23 Nov, 1843

Mary E. South d/o John & Hetty was b. 20 Sept, 1844
Virginia Ann South d/o John & Hetty was b. 26 June, 1846
John Eller South s/o John & Hetty was b. 3 Mar, 1848
Anna Maria South d/o John & Hetty was b. 15 Mar, 1850
Susannah Catherine South d/o John & Hetty was b. 7 Sept, 1860
John Hardy South s/o John & Hetty was b. 3 Ap, 1863
Annie Gray South d/o John & Hetty was b. 3 May, 1866

N. Mariah South d/o Hardy South & Polly his wife was b. 16 Ap, 1807
John S. South s/o Hardy South & Polly his wife was b. 29 Oct, 1814 - our
Henreitta Elizabeth Brooke d/o Richard & Nancy was b. 27 May, 1827 - our

Virginia Ann South d. 8 Oct, 1852
John Eller South d. 10 Oct, 1852
Anner Mariah South d. 15 Oct, 1852
N. Mariah South d. 4 Aug, 1870
Annie Gray South d. 4 Mar, 1871
John S. South d. 11 Sept, 1874 - our father
Mrs. H. E. South d. 26 Jan, 1884 in Crystal Springs, Ms.
Mary Elizabeth South Didlake d. 7 Feb, 1919 in Crystal Springs, Ms.
John Hardy South d. 30 Sept, 1926 in Florence, Ms.
Hannah Catherine South Lowther d. 1 Sept, 1927 in Florence, Ms.

Lysander Cicero & Mary Caroline Elizabeth Reed Alliston Bible Record
Briarhill or Monterey community near Florence, Rankin Co., Ms.

Note: Lysander Cicero Alliston was born in Ga., a son of Elias (will of
filed in Morgan Co., Ga. dated 2 Ap, 1866; proved July term of court 1866 )
Nancy Alliston.  He was a full brother of Leroy Wilkes Alliston.
      In all cases the verbatum entry has been copied, including known or
obvious errors and/or omissions.  Amplifyied or corrected information is
indicated by a "Note" following the original entry.  Such added information
based on other sources available to the copier that was considered to be
authenic in the judgment of the copier.  These sources include photo copies
documents supplied by the national Archives and Records Service, cemetery
records and similar information.

L. C. Alliston was b. 3 June, 1824 (note: Lysander Cicero b. Ga. )
Mary C. E. Alliston was b. 3 May, 1840 (note: w/o Lysander - full maiden
Mary Caroline Elizabeth d/o Joshua Caleb Reed )
Alice Jane d/o L.C. & Mary C.E. Alliston was b. 28 Ap, 1858
Charles Walter Alliston was b. 15 Nov, 1860
Mattie Louisa Alliston was b. 6 June, 1863
Florence Louisa d/o Jonathan & Mary Taylor was b. 13 Nov, 1866
  (note: widow Mary Reed Alliston married Jonathan Watson Taylor)
William Harvy (Harvey) s/o Jonathan & Mary C. E. Taylor was b. 7 Mar, 1869
A s/o Jonathan & Mary C. E. Taylor was b. 19 Sept, 1873 & d. 2 Oct, 1874 -
Mary Aills Taylor d/o Jonathan & Mary C. E. Taylor was b. 10 Sept, 1875
Jonathan Watson Taylor s/o Jonathan & Mary C. E. was b. 13 Jan, 1880
Lysander Thompson Alliston s/o W.C. & M.L. Alliston was b. 25 Aug, 1884
  (note: "Thompson Lysander" was used by the indivual and appears as such
  "marriages".  He was the eldest s/o Charles Walter and Mary Louise Webb
  Alliston.  Mary Louise Webb was the d/o Thompson B. & Elizabeth Shephard
  Sutton Webb)
Wiley Sutton Alliston w/o W.C. & M.L. Alliston was b. 17 Jan, 1886
Mary L. Alliston (note: 1st wife) was b. 17 June, 1868 (note: full maiden
  was Mary Louise Webb)
Wayne s/o W.C. & M.L. Alliston was b. 10 May, 1888 (full name: Wayne David
Walter White s/o C.W. & B.E. Alliston was b. 19 Mar, 1896
  (note: Eldest s/o Charles Walter Alliston and his second wife, Beulah
  Elizabeth Ross d/o Hugh Thomas & Mary Ann Phillips Ross.  She was b. 11
  1878 )
Mary Alice Alliston d/o B.E. & C.W. Alliston was b. 2 Jan, 1898
Robert Dewey s/o B.E. & C.W. Alliston was b. 2 Jan, 1898
Jon. Enox Alliston was b. 5 Feb, 1903 the s/o W.C. & B.E. Alliston
Vaughan Samuel Alliston b. 6 Aug, 1909 s/o C.W. & B.E. Alliston
James Taylor Alliston was b. 29 Oct, 1911 (note: s/o C.W. & B.E.)
A s/o C.W. & B.E. Alliston was b. 3 Ap, 1914 d. 4 Ap, 1914 (not named)
Sadie V. (Sadie Vee Alliston) d/o C.W. & B.E. Alliston b. 16 Ap, 1918

Lysander C. Alliston & Mary C. E. Reed m. 13 Dec, 1855 in Rankin Co., Ms.
Jonathan Taylor & Mary C. E. Alliston (note: widow) m. 25 Jan, 1866 Rankin
  (note: Jonathan Watson Taylor had two previous marriages to Thedus Hasty
  Mary Price )
C. W. Alliston (s/o Lysander) & Mary L. Webb (d/o Thompson B.) m. 11 Oct,
  in Rankin Co., Ms.
C. W. Alliston & Bula E. Ross m. 13 Jan, 1895 in Hinds Co., Ms.
Thompson Lysander Alliston & Miss Lillie Belle Lowther m. 30 June, 1909
Wayne David Alliston & Miss Sallie South m. 29 Jan, 1912
Robert Dewey Alliston & Miss Beulah Mattie Harris m. 21 Dec, 1924 at
(Ms.) by Wayne Alliston
Walter White Alliston & Miss Evelyn Lorene Armstrong m. 12 Ap, 1927 in
  Co. at Lee Webb's home by Wayne Alliston
Joe Reed Alliston & Miss Jorena Dear m. 7 Jy, 1928 by Wayne Alliston
Vaughn Samuel Alliston & Miss Belle Barron m. 11 Mar, 1933 by Wayne Alliston
  (Note: full name - Recy Belle Barron )
Sadie Vee Alliston & Berry (full name: Thomas Berry) Lowther m. 7 June, 1936

Alice Jane Alliston (eldest d/o L.C. & Mary C.E.) d. 25 Oct, 1861
Mattie Louisa Alliston (d/o L.C. & Mary C.E.) d. 30 Aug, 1864 /1y 2m 15d
L. C. Alliston d. 30 Nov, 1864 /aged 40y 5m 27d
  (note: name appears on a report of officers killed, wounded and missing of
  Sears' Brigade, French's Div. 46th Miss. Inf. CSA at Franklin, Tn. on this
A child not named (s/o J. & Mary C. E. Taylor) d. 2 Oct, 1874
A d/o Jonathan & Mary C. E. Taylor d. 5 Feb, 1879 (not named)
B. F. Sutton was b. 30 May, 1819 ; d. 22 Jan, 1885 ; was 66 years old;
  of Dry Creek Church ; died of heart disease ; Dr. White Physician
Jonathan Taylor (2nd h/o Mary Reed Alliston) d. 1 Mar, 1887
William H. Taylor (s/o Jonathan W. & Mary) d. 9 Sept, 1892 /22y 6m 2d
Mary Lou (1st) s/o C. W. Alliston d. 12 May, 1893
Mary E. Taylor (Reed) (note: w/o Lysander Cicero Alliston & 3rd w/o Jonathan
  Watson Taylor) d. 26 Nov, 1902
C. W. (Charles Walter) Alliston d. 12 Jan, 1926
Buela E. (2nd) w/o C. W. Alliston d. 29 Aug, 1926
Mary Allice d/o C.W. & B.E. Alliston d. (name & date on stone= Mary Alice
  Alliston -- 4 Nov, 1917 )
Taylor (full name: James Taylor) s/o C.W. & Beulah Alliston d. 6 mar, 1929

Charles Walter Anderson was baptised 5 June, 1864
Mattie Louisa Alliston was baptised 5 June, 1864
Charles Walter Alliston was b. 28 Aug, 1881 member of Dry Creek /age 20y 9m
Mary L. Alliston joined Baptist Church at Brier Hill 22 Aug, 1887 /19y 3m 5d

Shadrack & Chiziah Dickinson Bible Record - Wayne Co., N.C.

Note: This Bible was brought from N.C. by Patience Dickinson Turner when she
came to Ala. about 1836 with her two sons, Henry Grantham Turner and
Dickinson Turner, and her daughter, Elizabeth Turner.  They first went to
Sumter Co., Ala. where she died in 1851.  Her will is probated in that
      Patience Dickinson Turner was the great grandmother of Swepson James
Taylor, who was the grandfather of this copier, Mrs. Slater R. (Martha
Gordon, Rt. 1, Box 20, Florence, Rankin Co., Ms. 39073)
      No place of residence is given in this Bible record, but other family
papers indicate that the Dickinson family lived in Wayne, Edgecomb and
Counties, N.C.  The 1790 Census shows Shadrack Dickinson and Daniel
living in New Bern Dist., Wayne Co., N.C.

See: Henry G. Turner Bible

                                  Family Record
Archelous Barnes & Penelop Dickinson his wife m. 10 June, 1815
Mathew Turner d. 30 Jy, 1818
Benjamin Turner his and and pen 14 Jan, 1820
Patience Daniel d/o Ruffus Daniel and Rebecca his wife was b. 29 May, 1820
Benjamin Daniel Was b. 29 Nov, 1821

Martha Dickinson d/o Shadrack Dickinson & his wife Chiziah was b. 15 May,
Elizabeth Dickinson b. 16 Ap, 1774
Mary Dickinson b. 25 Mar, 1776
Sally Dickinson b. 30 Dec, 1777
Patience Dickinson b. 18 Nov, 1779
James Dickinson b. 18 June, 1782
William Dickinson b. 25 Ap, 1785
Penelope Dickinson b. 19 June, 1786
Susannah Dickinson b. 20 June, 1789
Nancy Dickinson b. 19 Mar, 1794

Calvin Willie Barnes s/o Archelous & Penelope was b. 10 Oct, 1816
Washington Barnes was b. 10 Feb, 1888

Willie I. Stanton b. 30 Dec, 1774
Elizabeth Dickinson Stanton b. 16 Ap, 1774
Polly Stanton d/o Willie & Elizabeth was b. 9 Dec, 1794
Henry T. Stanton b. 17 Ap, 1797
James Stanton b. 17 Mar, 1799
John Stanton b. 16 Mar, 1801
Saly Stanton b. 7 Jan, 1803
Edwin G. Stanton b. 9 May, 1805
Rufus W. T. Stanton b. 25 Oct, 1807
Hubbard D. Stanton b. 2 Jan, 1810
Warren G. Stanton b. 5 Sept, 1812

Rufus W. Edmonds was b. 21 Jan, 1818

Chiziah Dickinson d. 21 Sept, 1811

Jonathan Dickinson s/o Daniel & Zilpha was b. 27 June, 1805
Laurence Dickinson was b. 5 Oct, 1807
James Dickinson was b. 27 Jan, 1810
Silas Hollowell Dickinson was b. 11 Mar, 1812 ; d. 10 Oct, 1813
William Dickinson was b. 11 Jan, 1815
Penelope Dickinson was b. 3 Aug, 1817

Rebecca Turner d/o Mathew & Patience was b. 13 Sept, 1802
Benjamin Turner was b. 4 Nov, 1804
Saley Turner was b. 29 Feb, 1807
Henry Grantham Turner was b. 23 Dec, 1808
Penelope Turner was b. 15 Jan, 1810
Susanna Turner was b. 3 Feb, 1813
Elizabeth Turner was b. 26 June, 1816

Mathew Turner d. 31 Jy, 1818
S. Dickinson d. 15 Jan, 1819

Henry Grantham & Sarah Winifred Tugh Turner Bible Record
Sumter Co., Ala. -1st marriage; Choctaw Co., Ala. & Waynesboro, Ms. -2

Note: Henry G. Turner was b. in Bertie Co., N.C.  He was living in Wayne
N.C. before coming to Sumter Co., Ala. about 1836.  Other members of his
came to Ala. also.  They lived in Pickens, Clark, Choctaw & Washington Co.,
Ala.  Henry G. Turner died in Waynesboro, Wayne Co., Ms.
      Sarah Winifred Pugh ,wife of Henry Grantham Turner, was the daughter
James Pugh, granddaughter of William Scott Pugh and great granddaughter of
Rev. soldier, Lt. Col. Thomas Pugh (1726-1806) of N.C.
      My grandfather was Swepson James Taylor and Henry Grantham Turner was
grandfather.  - Mrs. Slater R. (Martha Nelson) Gordon
                Florence, Rankin Co., Ms.

See: Shadrack Dickinson Bible

Henry G. Turner & Sarah W. Pugh were m. 20 Mar, 1838 and
Sarah W. d. 2 Ap, 1845, leaving behind her husband & 3 children
H. G. Turner & Martha Ann Somerville m. 10 Nov, 1846
Martha Ann was lost at the burning of the Steam Boat Eliza Battle on the
Tombigbee River near Kemps Landing in Ala. on the 1st Mar, 1858.  At the
time her daughter Margaret Elizabeth shared the same fate.

Henry G. Turner was b. 23 Dec, 1808
Sarah W. Turner was b. 2 Dec, 1808
Susan Emily Turner d/o H.G. & S.W. was b. 15 Dec, 1838
Sally Turner was b. 10 May, 1841
James Pugh Turner was b. 31 May, 1843
Marthy Ann Somerville was b. 9 Jan, 1819
Winnafred Turner d/o H.G. & Martha Ann was b. 26 Aug, 1847
John S. Turner was b. 9 Mar, 1849
Margaret Elizabeth Turner was b. 23 Jan, 1851
Matthew Henry Turner was b. 26 Jy, 1853

Elihue Moffett d. 13 Jy, 1840
Dr. Josiah R. Horn d. 2 Oct, 1840
Rebecca Daniel d. 29 June, 1842
Susan Bell d. 5 Sept, 1837
Sallie Turner d. of Measels 22 Sept, 1858
Henry G. Turner d. 10 Jan, 1881

Memorandum - Births
David G. Turner s/o H.G. & Ann was b. 29 Sept, 1854
Mary Turner was b. 4 Aug, 1856

John S. & Hetty E. Brookes South Bible Record

Hetty E. Brookes m. John South 23 Nov, 1843

Mary E. South d/o John & Hetty was b. 20 Sept, 1844
Virginia Ann South d/o John & Hetty was b. 26 June, 1846
John Eller South s/o John & Hetty was b. 3 Mar, 1848
Anna Maria South d/o John & Hetty was b. 15 Mar, 1850
Susannah Catherine South d/o John & Hetty was b. 7 Sept, 1860
John Hardy South s/o John & Hetty was b. 3 Ap, 1863
Annie Gray South d/o John & Hetty was b. 3 May, 1866

N. Mariah South d/o Hardy & Polly was b. 16 Ap, 1807
John S. South s/o Hardy & Polly was b. 29 Oct, 1914 - our father
Henrietta Elizabeth Brooke d/o Richard & Nancy was b. 27 May, 1827 - our

Virginia Ann South d. 8 Oct, 1852
John Eller South d. 10 Oct, 1852
Anner Mariah South d. 15 Oct, 1852
Annie Gray South d. 4 Mar, 1871
John S. South d. 11 Sept, 1874
N. Mariah South d. 4 Aug, 1870
Mrs. H. E. South d. 26 Jan, 1884

John Hardy South d. 30 Sept, 1926 in Florence, Ms.
Mary E. South Didlake d. 7 Feb, 1919 in Crystal Springs, Ms.
Hannah Catherine South Lowther d. 1 Sept, 1927 in Florence, Ms.
Children of George Washing & Mary Elizabeth South Didlake :
Martha (Mattie) Thomas Didlake b. 8 Nov, 1866 in Va. ; d. 5 Sept, 1890 in
  Crystal Springs, Ms.
Jennie Didlake b. 6 Mar, 1869 in Va. ; d. 1 Jy, 1952 at the Baptist Hospital
  Jackson, Ms.
Charles Didlake b. 11 Dec, 1871 in Crystal Springs, Ms. ; d. 16 Feb, 1950 at
  the family residence northeast of Crystal Springs, Ms.
George Didlake b. 15 Oct, 1874 in Crystal Springs, Ms. ; d. 14 Sept, 1954 at
  the family residence northeast of Crystal Springs, Ms.
Henry Didlake b. 22 Sept, 1879 in Crystal Springs, Ms. ; d. 26 Jy, 1944 at
  home in Battle Mountain, Nev.  His remains were buried in the family lot
  the city cemetery, Crystal Springs
Mary Didlake b. 18 Sept, 1877 Crystal Springs ; d. 19 Oct, 1964
George Washington Didlake & Mary Elizabeth South ( Smith ) married 29 Jan,
  in King & Queen Co., Va.

Wesley Crisler Bible Record - Byram, Rankin Co., Ms.

Present (1973) owner: Mrs. Kate Dun Lamkin, 1439 W. Capitol St., Jackson,

Note: Charles Kennedy Dunn married Lulia (Lula) Crisler 10 Mar, 1888.  He
the father of Kate and Hugh B. Dunn

Wesley Crisler b. 19 Jy, 1801
Ann Crisler his wife b. 5 Jy, 1791
Wm. B. Crisler b. 28 Aug, 1825
John W. Crisler b. 14 Sept, 1827
Julius S. Crisler b. 7 Mar, 1829
Sarah Elizabeth w/o Dr. Raney 28 Ap, 1830
Wm. B. Raney her son b. 27 Aug, 1849
Mary E. Raney her daughter b. 27 Sept, 1851

Catherine Crisler 2nd s/o W. Crisler b. 14 Sept, 1829
Ora d/o Wesley & Catherine Crisler b. 28 June, 1859
Jefferson D. Crisler s/o Wesley & Catherine b. 25 mar, 1861
Ervin L. Crisler b. 7 Jy, 1862
Lily Phebe Florimel d/o W.B. & E.V. Crisler b. 22 Ap, 1858
Lulia A. d/o Wesley & Catherine Crisler b. 7 Feb, 1864

G.W. Davis 14 Nov, 1859 ; 22 Oct, 1940
Myrtis H. Crisler b. 4 Nov, 1866
Julius Crisler f/o Wesley b. (no date)
Elizabeth Louther ,his wife b. (no date)
Burrel Salmons f/o Catherine Crisler b. 15 Oct, 1802
Amey Reid ,his wife, b. 22 May, 1804
Louis Salmons f/o Burrel Salmons b. 1776
Mary Bobo ,his wife b. 11 Nov, 1777
Amey Reid ,mother was a Rush - her father was George Reid
Jefferson D. Crisler (no info by this name)
Alice Brisler b. 12 Nov, 1890
Kate Dunn ,d/o Lula Crisler, b. 18 Dec, 1888 (Lula Crisler Dunn)
Hugh B. Dunn b. 28 Dec, 1890
Myrtis children -
Ernest Ward Davis b. 6 Oct, 1887
Leslie C. Davis b. 17 Nov, 1889
Nelon Price Davis b. 15 Ap, 1891

Julius L. Crisler d. 7 Aug, 1829
Sarah E. Raney d. 25 June, 1852
Ann Crisler their mother d. 24 Mar, 1857
Ora d/o Wesley & Catherine Crisler d. 26 Nov, 1860
Ervin J. Crisler d. 15 Sept, 1862
Wesley Crisler d. 24 Jan, 1874
John W. Crisler d. 19 Jan, 1884
Amey Salmons m/o Catherine Crisler d. 22 mar, 1880
Burrel Salmons d. 7 June, 1892
Catherine Crisler d. 19 Dec, 1912
Geo. W. Davis d. 22 Oct, 1940
Lula C. Dunn d. 5 May, 1940

William & Rachel ( Shuler ) Kersh Bible Record - S.C. & Rankin Co., Ms.
Present (1970) owner: Mrs. Otto (Lucille Kersh) Bell - Crystal Springs, Ms.

Note: Mrs. Otto Bell, d/o Dr. Irvin Kersh ,who was a grandson of William and
Rachel Kersh, has this list.  All children were born in S.C. except Rachel
who was born after they came to Rankin Co., Ms.

William Kersh was b. 24 Oct, 1781
Rachel ( Schuler ) Kersh was b. 17 Oct, 1795
William and Rachel Shuler were married 24 May, 1812

Elizabeth Shuler Kersh b. 5 Mar, 1813
William G. Kersh b. 3 Sept, 1814
Andrew Allen Kersh b. 31 Mar, 1817
Margaret Kersh b. 15 Oct, 1819
Timothy P. Kersh b. 8 Sept, 1820
David George Kersh b. 5 Dec, 1822
Louis Ervin Kersh b. 9 Nov, 1824
Eliza Ann Kersh b. 9 June, 1827
Edwin Thomas Kersh b. 23 Sept, 1829
Renvy Leah Kersh b. 22 Aug, 1832
Rachel S. Kersh b. 30 May, 1836

Andrew Frederick & Minerva Apphira (Buckner) Kersh Bible Record - Rankin

Note: Andrew Frederick Kersh was the son of Jacob and his second wife, Eva
Margaretta Geysler (or Eve Margaret Gisler ).  He came to Ms. with his
in 1833 and settled in Rankin Co.
      Jacob Kersh was in the War of 1812, and received a land grant of 50
in Rankin Co. for his service.  After his death Rachael got a pension of
per month.  They raised a family of 13 children and their descendants are
scattered all over the U.S.
      It is said that Andrew Frederick's grandfather, Andrew Kersh, came
Germany to America when a small boy, with his father.  He received 2 land
grants: one for 113 acres in Craven Co. in 1766 and one of 700 acres in
Orangeburg District in 1805.  He served in the Revolutionary War, enlisting
June, 1777.  His first wife was Rhoda ___.  They had only one son, Joseph,
perhaps several daughters.  In 1786 Andrew gave 100 acres of land to Joseph,
located on Cypress Creek in Orangeburg District, S.C.
      Andrew's second wife was Eva Margaretta Geysler daughter of Jacob and
Maria Catherine Geysler, whom he married 25 Mar, 1788.  Eva came to America
from Germany at age 3 with her mother and brother, Frederick, on the ship
Belfast Packet, landing at Charleston, S.C. in Oct., 1866.  Her father had
over from Germany on ship, Britannia.  He received a land grant of 250 acres
Orangeburg Dist., S.C.
      We believe Andrew died between 1805, when he got the second land
and 1810 - 1810 census does not list him.  According to the 1810 census Eva
was still living and with her were 4 boys and 2 women about her own age, who
could have been daughters of Andrew & Rhoda Kersh.  The two oldest boys,
and William, brought their families to Ms. in 1833 and settled there.  They
buried in Shiloh Cemetery in Rankin Co.  We know nothing of the other 2
      The wife of Andrew Frederick Kersh was Minerva Apphira Buckner the
daughter of Minerva Broadwater Cook and James Merry Buckner, who came to Va.
from England in the 1660s.  He was a member of the House of Burgesses, and
brought the first printing press to Va.

Family Record
Miss M.A. Buckner and Mr. A.F. Kersh m. 23 Sept, 1857 at Rehoboth

Andrew Kersh was b. 29 Aug, 1818
Minerva A. Kersh was b. 20 Aug, 1838
Manerva A. D. Kersh was b. 2 Sept, 1858
James R. E. Kersh was b. 1 Jan, 1860
Rachel S. Kersh was b. 23 Aug, 1861
Joseph E. A. kersh was b. 25 Dec, 1862
Laura H. Kersh was b. 18 Ap, 1864
John W. Kersh was b. 7 Jan, 1866
Mary E. Kersh was b. 9 Feb, 1868
Harriet A. Kersh was b. 8 Aug, 1870
H. B. Kersh was b. 8 Nov, 1872
Launa N. Kersh was b. 9 Feb, 1875
Ralph M. kersh was b. 17 June, 1877
Earnest F. Kersh was b. 19 Feb, 1880
William A. Hoskins was b. 27 Jan, 1854
Lenis S. Kersh was b. 13 Feb, 1882

M.A.D. Kersh and P. Russell m. 14 Feb, 1878
R. S. Kersh and William Hoskins m. 28 Nov, 1877

William Hoskins d. 4 June, 1878 /age 24y 3m 9d
A. F. Kersh d. 28 Nov, 1897
M. A. Kersh d. 2 Oct, 1885
L. N. Kersh d. 25 Nov, 1900
L. S. Kersh d. 14 June, 1883
J. A. Kersh d. 4 Jan, 1918
Ernest Frederick Kersh d. 28 Jan, 1955
Iva Marie Kersh d. 24 Dec, 1940
Karen Denease Kersh d. 31 Jan, 1959 (lived only a few hours)

William Eli & Elizabeth Sarah ( Rhodes ) Kersh Bible Record - Rankin Co.,

Lewelen Francis Marion Kersh was b. 13 Jy, 1847
William Wesley Kersh was b. 21 Jy, 1850
George Washington Kersh was b. 1 Nov, 1851
Martha Ann Kersh was b. 25 Jan, 1854
Richard Caliwa Kersh was b. 5 May, 1856
Alonzo Thomas Kersh was b. 11 Aug, 1858
Pinckney Kersh was b. Aug, 1863

William Kersh was b. 22 May, 1820
Elizabeth Sarah Kersh was b. 5 Jan, 1828
Eugene Leon Kersh was b. 29 Jy, 1865

Jean Kersh was b. 8 June, 1924
James Clifton Kersh was b. 28 Ap, 1927

William Kersh & Elizabeth Sarah his wife m. 27 Feb, 1845
A. T. Kersh and Ida his wife m. 24 Ap, 1895

George Washington Kersh d. 10 Nov, 1852
Richard Caliway Kersh d. 27 Jy, 1864

William Liles & Mary Elizabeth Kersh Denson Bible Record - Rankin Co., Ms.

Family Record
W. L. Denson & Mary Elizabeth Kersh m. 7 Sept, 1892 in home of Andrew F.

William Liles Denson b. 10 Aug, 1865
William Raymond Denson b. 28 Ap, 1894
Jessie May & James Hugh Denson b. 10 June, 1895
Frances Minerva Denson b. 4 Aug, 1896
Joseph Lou Denson b. 6 Oct, 1897
Launa Myrtle Denson b. 22 Sept, 1901
Reginald Clinton Denson b. 5 Jy, 1904

Joseph Lou Denson d. 23 Oct, 1918 /aged 21y 2w 2d
William Raymond Denson d. 1 May, 1940 /age 46y 3d
William Liles Denson d. 10 Dec, 1935 /age 70y 4m
Mary Elizabeth Denson d. 1 May, 1943 /age 75y 2m 21d
Dave Monroe & Alice Edwards Kersh Bible Record - Rankin Co., Ms.

D. M. Kersh s/o A. S. Kersh & Alice Edwards d/o J. R. Edwards m. 5 Jy, 1899
A. S. Kersh & Maggie L. Denson m. 3 Ap, 1878
Jennie L. Kersh & Clarence Gross m. 6 Sept, 1921
Julious Kersh & Marie Comfort m. 12 Mar, 1925
Dave P. Kersh & Velma Smith m. 18 Nov, 1931

D. M. Kersh b. 29 May, 1879
Alice Kate Edwards b. 21 Aug, 1879
Jennie Louise Kersh was b. 20 Jy, 1902
Julious Kersh was b. 20 Jy, 1902
Dave Penelton Kersh was b. 19 Jy, 1906
James Fulton Kersh was b. June, 1902
Minnie Berdinia Kersh was b. 27 Mar, 1912
Thelma Kersh was b. Oct. (?)

Mrs. Alice Kersh d. 22 May, 1922
James Fulton Kersh d. 10 Dec, 1926
Mr. Sam (A.S.) Kersh d. 25 Jy, 1927
Maggie Thelma Kersh d. 30 May, 1935
Julious M. Kersh d. 11 Dec, 1843
Jennie L. Cobb d. 30 Aug, 1960

Dave Penelton Kersh was b. 19 Jy, 1906
Velma Smith was b. 10 Sept, 1916
Eva Lois Kersh was b. 8 May, 1933

James & Eliza Ann Kersh Martin Bible Record - Rankin Co., Ms.

Note: All that remains of this Bible is the family record which someone took
from the Bible and passed down.  Judge Geo. R. Nobles is a descendant of the
above couple.

James Martin & Eliza Ann Kersh m. 30 Mar, 1848
B. H. Noble & L. A. Martin m. 22 Dec, 1870
J. D. Robbins & Hattie V. Nobles m. 3 Sept, 1893
J. H. Nobles & Asha J. Townsend m. 24 Dec, 1896
W. L. Nobles & Minnie A. Warren m. 14 Jan, 1900
Geo. R. Nobles & Pearl Russell m. 29 Aug, 1906
L. B. Boykin & Ina Nobles m. 22 Jan, 1913
W. G. Nobles & Irene Dyess m. 26 Ap, 1914

James Martin was b. 9 Feb, 1817
Eliza Ann Martin was b. 9 June, 1827
B. H. Nobles was b. 11 May, 1847
Laura A. Nobles was b. 31 Jy, 1852

James Henry Nobles was b. 9 Oct, 1871
Eula Ann Nobles was b. 13 Ap, 1873
Hattie V. Nobles was b. 14 Jan, 1875
Walter Lee Nobles was b. 13 Nov, 1876
George Roscoe Nobles was b. 13 Nov, 1878
Laura Jane Nobles was b. 16 Aug, 1881
Nettie May Nobles was b. 19 Mar, 1886
Ina Estelle Nobles was b. 16 Jy, 1891
William Gann Hobles was b. 13 Oct, 1882

Martin Daughter (1st child) was b. 28 Feb, 1849
Albert E. Martin was b. 15 Mar, 1850
Laura Ann Martin was b. 31 Jy, 1852
George Thomas Martin was b. 25 Sept, 1854
Ella Virginia Martin was b. 1 Nov, 1856

Eula Ann Nobles d. 8 Ap, 1874
Laura Jane Nobles d. Dec, 1881
Laura Ann Nobles d. 19 Jy, 1898
B. H. Nobles d. 28 Dec, 1921
Martin Daughter (1st child) d. 12 Mar, 1849
George Thomas Martin d. 4 Nov, 1855
Eliza A. Martin d. 13 Ap, 1895
James Martin d. 11 Nov, 1896

Ercy Eugene Huff & Lettye Beatrice Huff Bible Record - Rankin Co., Ms.

Ercy Eugene Huff & Lettye Beatrice m. 4 Feb, 1939 in Rankin Co., Ms.

Ercy Eugene Huff was b. 21 Jy, 1914 in Rankin Co., Ms.
Lettye Beatrice Huff was b. 4 March, 1918 in Rankin Co., Ms.

Their children:
Thelma Jean Huff was b. 27 Nov, 1939 in Brandon Hospital, Rankin Co., Ms.
Dorothy Joan Huff was b. 11 Jan, 1944 in Baptist Hospital, Jackson, Hinds
Sylvia Ann Huff b. 3 Oct, 1945 in Rankin Co., Ms.

Ercy Eugene Huff d. 15 Nov, 1960 in Scott Co. Hospital, Scott Co., Ms.

Allen David Kersh & Sarah Regene Rhodes Kersh Bible Record - Rankin Co., Ms.

Note: Allen David Kersh was the second child of Jacob and Rachel Easterling
Kersh.  He came from S.C. to Ms. with his family in 1833 and settled in
Co.  When he was 20 years old, he married Sarah Regene Rhodes, age 15.  The
ceremony was performed by John M. Sims, J.P.  Allen was a farmer and lived
the Crossroads Community in Rankin Co.  Both he and his wife were members of
the Shiloh Methodist Church.  They raised a large family - 11 children.
is known about most of these children.  Mildred Elizabeth married Little R.
Gray 24 Dec, 1857.  She died 8 Sept, 1859 and is probably buried in Shiloh
cemetery, although her grave has no marker.  No further record has been
of Little R. Gray.  Martha Ann Renvy died 17 Sept, 1848 at age 5.  Samuel
lived only about one year.  Mary Catherine (Mollie C.) married William
26 Nov, 1879.  In 1880 they were living with Mary's mother.  No further
has been found.  Enos Ezrer was a bachelor.  He lived somewhere in the Ms.
Delta, died, and is buried there.  Allen David was the administrator of his
brother, Richard C. Kersh, who died in 1854 from Yellow fever and is buried
Brandon cemetery, Rankin Co., Ms.  Allen David and two of his sons, David
Abraham and Jacob Daniel Wesley, were in the Civil War.

The following from Dept. of Archives and History in Jackson, Ms.:
Kersh, A.D.  Pvt. Co. A 3 Bn (Cooper's) Miss. State Cav. CSA (RMCS)
Kersh, D.A.  Pvt. Co. A Yerger's Regt., Miss. Cav. CSA (RMCS)
Kersh, D.A.  Pvt. Co. L 12 Miss. Cav. CSA (RMCS)
Kersh, J.D.  Pvt. Co. G 39 Miss. Inf. CSA (RMCS)  Captured and sent to Fort
  Douglas, Ill.  He died there from typhoid fever.  He is buried near the

Allen David and his wife are buried in Shiloh Methodist Cemetery, although
Sarah Regene does not have a tombstone.  The will of Allen David Kersh can
found in the office of the Chancery Clerk of Rankin Co. in Brandon, Ms. in
Record of Wills, Book 1, page 74.

Robert Allen Kersh was b. 15 Dec, 1873
Bradley (Brantly) Kersh was b. 4 Mar, 1876
Fred Ira Kersh was b. 10 Dec, 1877
Lennis Harden Kersh was b. 15 Oct, 1879
Emmett Ezra Kersh was b. 25 Jy, 1883
Walter Rankin Kersh was b. 2 Dec, 1886
James Larkin Kersh was b. 12 Ap, 1888
Minnie Lee Kersh was b. 25 May, 1890
Edwin Bishop Kersh was b. 5 Ap, 1894
Harriet Lanora Myers was b. 25 Sept, 1851

Martha Ann Renvy Kersh d. 17 Sept, 1848
Samuel Lewis kersh d. 24 Mar, 1852
Allen D. Kersh d. 17 Sept, 1865 /Aged 48y 11m 6d
Meldrit Elizabeth Kersh w/o L.R. Gray d. 8 Sept, 1859 /Aged 18y 6m 21d
Emmit Ezra Kersh d. 5 June, 1909
Lennis Harden Kersh d. 29 May, 1932
Harriet Lenora Kersh d. 17 Jan, 1931
W. Webster Kersh d. 15 Jan, 1942
Robert Allen Kersh d. Nov, 1946

A.D. Kersh exprest to have religion 19 Jy, 1845
Allen D. Kersh & Sarah Regain Rhodes m. 14 Jy, 1836
Was married by John M. Sims ,esquire, 1936
Allen D. Kersh was b. 11 Oct, 1816 Jacob Kersh my father and Racel my
  and d. 17 Sept, 1865 /48y 11m 6d
William Gray & C.S. Kersh m. 11 Jy, 1855 by the Rev. Jacob Carr

Caroline Sarah Kersh was b. 27 Feb, 1839
Meldred Elizabeth Kersh was b. 29 Mar, 1841
Martha Ann Renvy Kersh was b. 28 Feb, 1843
Jacob Daniel Wesley Kersh was b. 15 Feb, 1845
David Abraham Kersh Jr. was b. 29 Dec, 1846
Washington Webb kersh was b. 15 Ap, 1848
Neva Ruth Kersh was b. 18 Ap, 1853
Samuel Lewis Kersh was b. 29 June, 1851
Loran Ann Semanth kersh was b. 18 Feb, 1852
Richard Kersh was b. 17 Sept, 1855
Mary Catherine Kersh was b. 18 Jan, 1860
Enus Ezry Kersh was b. 13 Sept, 1863
Enos Ezra Kersh was b. 13 Sept, 1863
Dixie Lee Kersh b. 26 Feb, 1947
Ronald Edwin Kersh b. 24 Oct, 1948

Note: in the back of the Bible is a list of the children of W. Webb Kersh
first group of births in the Bible are these same children.  Very dim and
to read:
Mrs. W.W. Kersh         Fred (M.J.?) Ira Kersh       James L. Kersh
Mrs. W.L. Kersh         Lennis H. Kersh              Minnie L. Kersh
Robert A. Kersh         Emmet E. Kersh               Edwin B. Kersh
Brantley W. Kersh       Walter R. Kersh

Daniell Green Roger Kersh & Mary Ann Johnston Holcomb Kersh Bible Record
Rankin Co., Ms. & Anderson Co., Tx.

Note: Daniell Green Roger Kersh was the s/o John & Mary Ann Kersh and a
grandson of Andrew Kersh (who was a soldier in the Rev. War) and his second
wife, Eva Margaretta Geysler ,both of whom came from German : Andrew in 144
the ship St. Andres ; Eva in 1766 on the ship Belfast Packet
      Daniell was born and married his first wife, Mrs. Elizabeth E. H.
in Rankin Co., Ms.  Elizabeth's maiden name was Lindsey  Her first husband
Stephen H. Wilkinson ,whom she married 21 Oct, 1847 in Rankin Co., Ms.  They
had 2 daughters, Cecelia and Medora.  In the 1850 census of Rankin Co.
was 2 years old and Medora was 4 mos. Old.  In the marriage recrods of
Co. are found the following:
  Miss C.V. Wilkinson m. W.L. Russell 31 Jan, 1872
  Florence Medora Wilkinson m. A.W. Evans 9 June, 1874
      Elizabeth married second Alexander R. Trigg 2 May, 1854 in Rankin Co.
They also had 2 children: William age 2 (in 1860 census) and L.M., a little
girl aged 7 mos.  It is believed that L.M. died when quite young.
      Elizabeth married third Daniell Green Roger Kersh 14 Mar, 1861 in
Co.  Their first 6 children were born in Rankin Co.  Then Daniell went to
Anderson Co., Tx. to make a home for his family.  They moved in 1872 and 3
children were born in Tx.  There 9 children were:
  Joe M. b. 26 Jan, 1862
  Robert E. Lee b. 26 Ap, 1864
  Clara DeCasta b. 6 Nov, 1865
  John L. b. 15 Mar, 1867
  Hattie Edna b. 10 Dec, 1868
  Charles Culberson b. 16 Feb, 1870
  Elizabeth Josephine b. 22 May, 1872 in Anderson Co., Tx.
  Emma Robert b. 29 Dec, 1873
  Samuel Enos b. 11 Oct, 1876
      Daniell had a hard time getting started in Tx.  Finally he got a
to supply wood for the train, and later he owned land in Salmon, Tx. and
      Daniell's second wife was Mrs. Mary Ann Holcomb nee Mary Ann Johnston
They had 5 children, three of whom are still living (1977).  The children of
this marriage are listed in family record below.  Daniel became quite
prosperous as shown by his will, filed 5 Mar, 1906 in Anderson Co., Tx.
of his possessions were left to his second family.

Daniell Green Rogers Kersh was b. 6 Nov, 1838 in Rankin Co., Ms.
Mary Ann Johnston was b. 4 June, 1855 in Claiborne Parish, La.
Beulah Leonora Kersh d/o D.G.R. & Mary Kersh was b. 3 Aug, 1890 Anderson Co.
Daniel Webster Kersh s/o D.G.R. & Mary b. 23 Aug, 1893 Anderson Co.
William Wesley s/o d.G.R. & Mary A. Kersh b. 2 Aug, 1895 Anderson Co.
Sallie Ruth d/o D.G.R. & Mary A. Kersh b. 30 Jy, 1896 Anderson Co.
Fannie Jewell d/o D.G.R. & Mary A. Kersh b. 3 Jan, 1901
Raymond Laverne s/o E.W. & Jewell Earl b. 1 Sept, 1918 in Monroe, La.

Daniel Green Rogers Kersh d. at his home in Anderson Co., Tx. 28 Feb, 1906
William Wesley s/o D.G.R. & Mary A. Kersh d. 1 Aug, 1899 /aged 3y
John & Mary Ann Rhodes Kersh Bible Record - Rankin Co., Ms.

Note: John Kersh was a descendant of Hans George Kersh who came, with his
and six children, from Germany to Charleston, S.C. by way of Rotterdam,
on ship St. Andrew, with Captain Brown 16 Feb, 1744.  Three of the children
were bound out to pay for their passage.  Hans George received a land grant
250 acres in Saxe-Gotha, now Lexington Co., S.C.  He deeded this land to his
son, Conrad, in 1751.  Conrad also received a grant of 50 acres in 1752
adjoining his father's land.  Andrew Kersh received a grant of 113 acres in
Richland Co. in 1766, and his brother, John, got a grant which joined
land.  George's grant was in Barnwell Co.  It is believed that the other two
children were daughters, and that two more boys, William and Jacob, were
after they came to S.C.
      Andrew Kersh was one of the children who was bound out.  He was in the
Rev. War in the 6th S.C. Regiment, enlisting 23 June, 1777.  His first wife
Rhoda ___.  They had only one son, Joseph, to whom Andrew gave 100 acres of
land on Cypress Creek in Orangeburg Dist. in 1886.  We believe there was at
least one, or perhaps more daughters.
      Andrew married Eva Margaretta Geysler on 25 Mar, 1788.  She came from
Germany to America with her mother, Maria Catherine, and brother, Frederick,
1766 on the ship Belfast Packet., landing at Charleston, S.C. in Oct. 1766.
Her father, Jacob Geysler ,came over on the ship Britannia.  He received a
grant of 250 acres on Cow Castle Creek in S.C. near where Andrew Kersh later
owned land.  Andrew and Eva, according to census records, has four son.  The
first two were Jacob and William, born in 1789 and 1791.  Both married in
Jacob to Rachel Easterling d/o Enos and Jean Bradwell Easterling, 4 Nov,
and William to Rachel Shuler on 24 May, 1812.  Both lad large families and
brought them to Ms. about 1833 where they settled in Rankin Co.  We think
other two sons of Andrew and Eva were Andrew and Evan.
      Jacob Kersh served in the War of 1812 in S.C.  His gun used to be in
Historical Museum in Jackson, Ms., but when the Museum was moved to the new
building, it was misplaced.  Jacob and Rachel had twelve children: John,
David, Andrew Frederick, William Eli, Elizabeth Jane, Mary Ann, Alvin Jacob,
Lewis Evans, Susannah R., Richard C., Ezra Thomas, and Enos R.  Jacob was a
farmer.  When he died in 1851 everything was sold and Rachael lived with
one child and then another until her death at age 91.  Both Jacob and
were members of Shiloh Methodist Church in Rankin Co. and are buried in that
      John was the first child of Jacob and Rachael Kersh.  He married Mary
Rhodes ,about whose ancestors nothing is known.  John was a farmer and a
Baptist.  He raised a large family and his children scattered over Tx. and
Ms. Delta, with a few remaining in Rankin Co.  John and two of his son,
Wesley, who was a Baptist Minister, and John Leonidas, served in the Civil
 William Wesley was wounded in the Battle of Shiloh.  One of John's
descendants, of whom we are very proud, was Means Johnston ,who was an
in the Navy, and later was Commander of the South Pacific.  Both John and
Ann lived very long lives.  At their deaths John was 87 and Mary was 92.
are buried in Oakdale Baptist Cemetery in Langford, Rankin Co., Ms.

Three Generations
Andrew Kersh & Eve Margaret Gislar married 25 mar, 1788

Rachel Easterling & Jacob Kersh married 4 Nov, 1812 by Isaac Bradwell ,esq.
John Kersh was b. 24 Jan, 1814 & d. 8 Mar, 1901 /age 87y 1m 14d
Mary Ann Kersh was b. 25 Nov, 1818 & d. 7 Nov, 1911 /age 92y 1m 12d
Their married life was 65y 5m 14d

John Kersh and Mary Ann Rhode his wife m. 24 Sept, 1835

Their children
Renvy E. Kersh d/o John & Mary A. was b. 5 Jan, 1837
Daniell G.R. Kersh was b. 6 Nov, 1838
William W. Kersh was b. 24 Dec, 1840
Margaret Ann Evans Kersh was b. 1 Ap, 1843
John Leonidas Kersh was b. 1 Sept, 1845
Jacob M. & Rachel M. Kersh was b. 27 Feb, 1848
Harrison Monroe Kersh was b. 12 Jy, 1850
(The last 3 children were not on the family record.)  They were:
Andrew Samuel Kersh
Sarah A. Kersh
Catherine Ella Kersh   5 Jy, 1855 /3 May, 1933

Related family Bibles in Vol. 16:
Enos Easterling
William Kersh
William Eli Kersh
William Liles Denson
Dave Monroe Kersh
James Martin
Andrew F. Kersh ( Buckner lineage in this Bible leads back to Colonial Dames
  & Magna Carta )

                      in Vol. 17:
Allen David Kersh
Sarrah Victoria Kersh
Rev. William Wesley Kersh
Sarrah Victoria Kersh Bible Record - Rankin Co., Ms.

Note: Sarrah Victoria Kersh was the d/o Cornelius & Caroline Moore
She was the second w/o William Wesley Kersh, s/o William Eli Kersh &
Sarah Rhodes Kersh.  They were married in Rankin Co. 18 Nov, 1883 by W.P.
Franklin ,J.P.  William Wesley Kersh was married three times (Note: Do not
confuse with Rev. William Wesley Kersh s/o John & Mary Ann Rhodes Kersh, who
was also married three times.)  William Wesley was a farmer and served in
Civil War.  All of his children were born in Rankin Co., but some moved to
& Tx.  William Wesley Kersh and his wife, Sarah Victoria, are buried in
Cemetery in south Rankin Co., Ms.
      Sarah Elizabeth Kersh, the first child listed in this Bible, was the
William Wesley's first wife, Liza J. Chapman ,and married Jim E. Lewis in
Rankin Co. 2 Ap, 1907.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. William Wesley
(s/o John Kersh and brother of William Eli Kersh)

Sarah Elizabeth (Sallie) Kersh was b. 16 Jan, 1878
Charlie Kersh was b. 21 Dec, 1884
Annie Kersh was b. 17 Ap, 1889
Rosa Caroline Kersh was b. 18 Sept, 1891
Ella Lou Kersh was b. 21 Sept, 1894
Mattie Sue Kersh was b. 30 Oct, 1896

Wesley W. Kersh was b. 21 Jy, 1850
Sarah V. Kersh was b. 8 Aug, 1858

Rev. William Wesley Kersh Bible Record - Rankin Co., Ms.

Note: William Wesley Kersh was born in Rankin Co., Ms. and was the third
of John Kersh and Mary Ann Rhodes Kersh.  He was married three times.  He
his first wife, Joann M. Rhodes ,were living in Madison Co. in 1870, then
to Tx.  Joann died and is buried there.  William brought their three
back to Ms., and in 1875 he married Justina Elizabeth Butler d/o Jesse Hill
Butler and Zilphia Cox Butler.  They had five children.  Justine died in
and in 1888 William married Zeruah America Steed d/o Phillip M. Steed and
Harrelson Steed, and they had seven children.
      After William's death in 1908, Zeruah put the two youngest children in
the Masonic Home in Meridian because she could not care for them.  They did
live very long and are buried in Meridian.
      William was a farmer and preacher, and was, at various times, circuit
clerk, chancery clerk, and treasurer of Rankin Co.  He was ordained a
Minister in 1875.  They Bible in which his family record is found was given
him by the congregation of Rehoboth Church when he was pastor there.  He
married many of the Kersh family as seen in the marriage records of Rankin
He was a very active Mason, joining the Lodge at Mt. Pisgah in Rankin Co. in
1864.  In 1870 he demitted, but reaffiliated in 1871.  He served as Master
the Lodge at least ten times.  He demitted from this Lodge in 1895 and
became a
charter member of Tyrian Lodge No. 427 in Brandon, Ms.  This Lodge was
chartered in 1895.  The first officers were installed on 11 Mar, 1895, and
William Wesley Kersh was installed as Senior Deacon.  He was a member in
standing when he died.  William served in the Civil War.  He was wounded in
Battle of Shiloh - a wound which bothered him for the rest of his life.
at the Archives in Jackson, Ms.:
Kersh, W.W.  Pvt Co G 28 Miss Cav CSA (RMCS)
Kersh, W.W.  Pvt Co K 3 (State Troops) Miss Cav CSA (RMCS)
      He is buried beside his third, Zeruah America, in the cemetery in
Brandon, Ms.  Grady Kersh, his son, who had a drug store in the Heidelburg
Hotel for many years is still living (1977).

Family Record
Rev. W.W. Kersh to Miss Z. America Steed at P.M. Steed's 112 Sept, 1888, in
presence of Elder L.M. Phillips and Mrs. Butler
                                    Signed - Elder Jesse A. Lee
Rev. W.W. Kersh was b. 24 Dec, 1840
Mrs. Z.A. Kersh was b. 1 Jan, 1862
Oliver John Kersh was b. 17 Nov, 1866
William Daniel Kersh was b. 16 Jy, 1869
Joann Beulah Kersh was b. 5 June, 1872
Ethel Barksdale Kersh was b. 6 Dec, 1875
Sudie A. Kersh was b. 17 Feb, 1878
Jessie Butler Kersh was b. 4 Mar, 1880
Aura H. Kersh was b. 18 Nov, 1882
Alma Justina Kersh was b. 15 Jy, 1885
Infant son was b. 27 June, 1889
Lula Elvy Kersh was b. 8 June, 1890
Annie Elizabeth Kersh was b. 12 June, 1892
Phillip Didlake Kersh was b. 18 Ap, 1894
Henry Grady Kersh was b. 13 Jy, 1896
Zeruah America Kersh was b. 19 Dec, 1898
James Richard Kersh was b. 7 May, 1901
Joann M. Kersh was b. 1 June, 1844
Justina Elizabeth Kersh was b. 1 June, 1853

William W. Kersh & Joann M. Rhodes were m. 23 Mar, 1864
William W. Kersh & Justina E. Butler were m. 27 Jan, 1875
William W. Kersh & Zeruah America Steed were m. 12 Sept, 1888
Walter B. Smith & Beulah Kersh were m. 15 June, 1889
W.N. Permenter & Sudie A. Kersh were m. 17 Nov, 1901 in Jackson, Ms.
Earl Russell & Aura H. Kersh were m. 27 Dec, 1903
J. Butler Kersh & Mary Wynn were m. 30 June, 1907
Carl C. O'Neal & Aura Kersh Russell m. 18 Feb, 1914 in Gloster, Amite Co.,
Roy L. Wiggins & Lula E. Kersh m.
Phillip D. Kersh & Mary Edwards m.
H. Grady Kersh & Mildred Green m. 10 Sept, 1916

Joann M. Kersh d. 2 Dec, 1872
Justina E. Kersh d. 2 Oct, 1885
Alma J. Kersh d. 16 Aug, 1886
Infant son d. 27 June, 1889
William D. Kersh d. 2 June, 1900
Beulah Kersh Smith d. 28 Ap, 1904
Rev. W.W. Kersh d. 16 May, 1908
Zeruah America Kersh d. 6 Ap, 1917
James Richard Kersh d.
Oliver John Kersh d. 17 Jan, 1925
Ethel Barksdale Kersh d. 22 Oct, 1947 in Jackson, Ms.
Sudie A. Kersh Permenter d. 8 Jy, 1952 in Jackson, Ms.
Jesse Butler Kersh d. 1 Aug, 1952 in Jackson, Ms.
Annie E. Kersh d. 12 Aug, 1893

Edward Elton & Madie Ozella Purvis Everitt Bible Record
Rt. 2, Pelahatchie, Rankin Co., Ms.

Parents' Names
Husband - Edward Elton Everitt b. 29 Jy, 1919
Wife - Madie Ozella Purvis b. 7 Oct, 1912
Married 4 mar, 1939

Vivian Carolyn Everitt b. 11 Feb, 1942
Charolene Everitt b. 10 Jy, 1946
Elton Purvis Everitt b. 6 May, 1949

Almon Stanley Purvis b. 4 Mar, 1889
Ina May Varner b. 2 Aug, 1893
  Madie Ozella Purvis b. 7 Oct, 1912
  Amanda Marie Purvis b. 19 May, 1916
  Lettie Beatrice Purvis b. 4 Mar, 1918
  James Nelson Purvis b. 23 Mar, 1921
  Edit Elaine Purvis b. 14 Aug, 1931

Almond Stanley Purvis & Ina May Varner m. 7 Jan, 1912 in Rankin Co., Ms.
George Lewis Everitt & Dellie Mae Calcote m. 12 May, 1904
  (Parents of Edward Elton Everitt)

Almon Stanley Purvis d. 14 Sept, 1937
George Lewis Everitt d. 24 June, 1945
Dellie Mae Calcote Everitt d. 14 June, 1960

George Lewis Everitt b. 7 Aug, 1865
Dellie Mae Calcote b. 4 Nov, 1884
  (Parents of Edward Elton Everitt)

Phillip Marshall & Sarah Eliza Clara ( Everett ) Huff Bible Record
Rankin Co., Ms.

Ntoe: Only the pages containing the family record still exist.  The
group of children are those of Justenia Mae d/o P.M. & S.E.C. Huffman ,who
married John Robert Little Gray 14 Dec, 1899

Linnie Etta Gray b. 15 May, 1900
Robert Carl Gray b. 21 Sept, 1902
Bessie Lee Gray b. 4 Oct, 1904
William Troy Gray b. 13 Jy, 1907
Mary Pearl Gray b. 27 Oct, 1909
Berta Rea Gray b. 25 Ap, 1912
Clara Mae Gray b. 26 Jan, 1915

Sarah Eliza Clara Everett b. 28 Dec, 1853
Justenia Mae 1st d/o P.M. & S.E.C. Huffman b. 18 Nov, 1881
Edna Clarra Huffman b. 20 Dec, 1883 in Rankin Co., Ms.
Marvin Ray Huffman b. 2 June, 1887