Title:  Thomas G. & Frances H. Woodyear Decell Bible Record - Copiah Co., Ms.
Submitter:  Delores Sanders
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Thomas G. & Frances H. Woodyear Decell Bible Record - Copiah Co., Ms.

Note: Copied from handwritten notes of Joseph Woodyear ,entitled "Record of
Father's Family"
      "George J. Decell was born in Charleston, S.C. in 1797, married
East ,b. in Caldwell Co., Ky. in 1808.  George J. Decell lived in Sweetwater
community, west of Wesson in Copiah Co., Ms.  The eldest son, Thomas G.
married Frances Hillen Woodyear, d/o Joseph Woodyear and Mary Fulton on 27
1848.  Joseph Woodyear was b. 4 June, 1793; d. 12 May, 1863.  He was born in
Baltimore, Md. and died in Franklin Co., Ms. near Hamburg.  He was the son
Edward Woodyear who married Mary ___, who died 21 Feb, 1823.  They were
in 1790 in St. Kilts, West Indies.  Mary Fulton, wife of Joseph Woodyear was
in New Jersey 12 Sept, 1808, the d/o William Fulton b. 29 Sept, 1777 in
Armagh, Ireland, and Margaret Nesbit, b. 13 Dec, 1789, in same county and
country.  They migrated to New York, then to New Jersey and floated down the
Ohio River to Rising Sun, Indiana (1810).  In 1812 they moved to Franklin
Ms. where William Fulton taught school.  He died 19 Ap, 1831 and Margaret
Fulton died 22 Mar, 1873, and are buried in the Fulton Cemetery in Franklin
Co., Ms.  They married Ap, 1807.  Mary Fulton Woodyear died 28 Aug, 1884."

George J. Decell & Rebecca C. East m. Copiah Co., Ms. 27 July, 1828
Thomas G. Decell & Frances H. Woodyear m. Franklin Co., Ms. 27 Jy, 1848
A. E. Moreton & Laura R. Decell m. 22 Oct, 1868
Frank McIntosh & Mary A. Decell m. 17 Dec, 1873
John W. Bessonett & Melissa S. Decell m. 12 Mar, 1879

George J. Decell b. Charleston, S.C. 20 Jan, 1797
Rebecca C. East b. Caldwell Co., Ky. 5 Mar, 1808
Thomas G. Decell (s/o G.J. & R.C.) b. Copiah Co., Ms. 16 Aug, 1829
Frances H. Woodyear (w/o T. G. Decell) b. Adams Co., Ms. 27 Mar, 1831
Laura Rebecca (eldest d/o T.G. & F.H. Decell) b. Copiah Co., Ms. 18 Feb,
Mary Adaline b. Copiah Co., Ms. 21 June, 1852
Melissa Strickland b. in Copiah Co., Ms. 16 Oct, 1854
Thomas Joseph b. Copiah Co., Ms. 30 Mar, 1857
Martha Frances b. Copiah Co., Ms. 1 Feb, 1860
Lewis johnson b. in Lawrence Co., Ms. 26 Aug, 1861
Fannie Eleanor ( Dozier) (5th d/o T.G. & F.H.) b. Lawrence Co. 5 Feb, 1865
George Moreton b. Lincoln Co., Ms. 8 mar, 1871

On a separate sheet in the Bible:
William J. Fulton b. in County Armagh, Ireland 29 Sept, 1777
Margaret Nesbit b. in County Armagh, Ireland 13 Dec, 1789
Mary Fulton b. in N.J. 12 Sept, 1808
Joseph Woodyear b. in Baltimore, Md. 4 June, 1793
William Fulton & Margaret Nesbit m. Ap, 1807
Joseph Woodyear & Mary Fulton m. 25 Mar, 1830
Margaret Fulton d. in Franklin Co. 22 Mar, 1874