Dr. Alexander Newton & Mary Eliza Peacock Newton Bible Record
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Dr. Alexander Newton & Mary Eliza Peacock Newton Bible Record

Note: Dr. Alexander Newton, D. D. b. 1803 in Buncombe Co., N.C. was a
Presbyterian minister and educator of note in Ms.  His parents were Rev.
Newton and Mary (Polly) McCaul - Call  Rev. George Newton, born 1765 was a
pioneer Presbyterian minister and educator, owning and establishing Academys
wherever he ministered.  He established the First Presbyterian church and
Academy in Ashville, N.C., Swannanoa, N.C., and Shelby ville, Tn.  Rev.
Newton was the youngest of three brothers, all pioneer Presbyterian
and educators.  Rev. John Newton in Ga. started the academy that is today
U. of Ga. in Athens, and Rev. Thomas newton pioneered in the same field in
The prents of these brothers and others were Ebenezer Newton and Elizabeth
Buchanan ,pioneers from York Co., Pa. to Rutherford Co., N.C. before 1767,
where their children were reared.
      Dr. Alexander Newton and his wife Mary Eliz Peacock were married in
Bedford Co., Tn. and organized several churches and schools in Ms. as did
descendants; several of their children being charter members of the Crystal
Springs, Ms. Presbyterian Church.  Rev. Oscar Newton was the first minister,
and owner of the "Newton Institute."
      Meliora Caroline Newton Thomson (grandmother of Elma Foster Nelson)
pledged her first month's salary teaching school as the first pledge to the
building fund for this church.  At the dedication of the present brick
in 1926, a great grandson of Ora Newton was baptised, William Miller Nelson
III, grandson of Mary Louise Thomson (Mrs. Richard L. Foster ) and son of
Foster Nelson (Mrs. Wm. Miller Nelson Jr.) of Jackson.

Alexander Newton to Mary Eliza Peacock 22 Jan, 1824 in Bedford Co., Tn.
Oscar Newton to Susan Maria Colton 5 Aug, 1857
James Marius Newton to Martha G. Willing 15 Feb, 1866
George Alexander Newton to Mary P. Purdom 21 Jan, 1869
Arista Peacock Newton to A. Ferdinand Andri 18 May, 1869
Meliora Caroline Newton to Dr. Joseph White Thomson 6 Nov, 1872

Alexander Newton  15 Dec, 1803
Mary Eliza Newton  25 Nov, 1805
Albert Newton  29 Jy, 1825
Mary Cornelia Newton  25 June, 1827
Nicholas Peacock Newton  20 Jan, 1829
Oscar Alonza Newton  19 Nov, 1830
Wendell Newton  12 May, 1833
Meliora Caroline Newton  21 Jan, 1835
Albert Barnes Newton  10 Jan, 1837
James Marius Marsh Newton  20 Nov, 1838
George Alexander Newton  29 Oct, 1840
Meliora Caroline Newton  14 Aug, 1842
Arista Peacock Newton  12 Jan, 1846

Albert Newton  21 Sept, 1826
Mary Cornelia Newton  17 Aug, 1828
Wendell Newton  29 Aug, 1833
Meliora Caroline Newton  21 Aug, 1837
Nicholas P. Newton  17 May, 1844
Dr. Alexander Newton ,D.D.  27 Nov, 1859 in Jackson, Ms.
Albert Barnes Newton  19 Oct, 1864 (killed during Civil War at Battle of
  Wilderness in Va. )
Mrs. Mary Eliza P. Newton  26 Jan, 1875 ; buried in Crystal Springs, Ms.
George Alex. Newton  8 Jan, 1891 ; bur. in Crystal Springs
Mrs. Arista Newton Andre  14 Ap, 1894 ; bur. in Crystal Springs
James Marius M. Newton  17 Ap, 1895 ; bur. in Crystal Springs
Rev. Oscar Newton  26 Mar, 1913 ; bur. in Crystal Springs
Mrs. Ora Newton Thomson  18 May, 1913 ; bur. in Crystal Springs