Title:  T. W. Allen Bible Record - Georgetown, Copiah Co., Ms
Submitter:  Delores Sanders
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T. W. Allen Bible Record - Georgetown, Copiah Co., Ms.

T. W. Allen & Willie Bridges m. 14 Sept, 1890 at her father's
A. C. Allen & Vergie Vee Wallace m. 26 Feb, 1921 (Dovrocewd 1935)
P. G. Allen & Aimee McGowan m. 12 June, 1922
V. E. Allen & Clara Lamas (?) m. 8 Oct, 1929
L. T. Steen & Mamie Allen m. Aug, 1930
T. W. Allen & Althea Rose Lyon m. 3 Jy, 1935
E. C. Allen & Edna Earl Poole m. 1934
A. C. Allen & Lona Mae Johnson m. 3 Jan, 1938
A. C. Allen Jr. & Grace Burns m. 24 June, 1940

Philip Graydon Allen b. 17 Dec, 1898
Willie ( Bridges ) Allen b. 13 Ap, 1868
Mary Joan Steen b. 12 Oct, 1932
Elizabeth Joy Allen b. 16 Dec, 1937
Thomas Wilroy Allen Jr. b. 16 Nov, 1944
Fannie Lee Allen the adopted d/o MM T. W. Allen b. Jan, 1889

J. E. Allen d. 1 Dec, 1884
T. W. Allen d. 14 Jan, 1918
Rachel Allen d. 27 Sept, 1922
Willie Bridges Allen d. 8 June, 1945
R. L. Bridges d. 17 Mar, 1913

Note: Also in this Bible is the following data contained on a Marriage

8 Feb, 1892  Received from Mr. J. Lyon the sum of one dollar for registering
the marriage of Mr. Joseph Lyon and Miss Emma Miller
In Book 17 Folio 344
(Joseph Lyon and Emma Miller are the parents of Althea Rose Lyon who married
T. W. Allen