Title:  Chickasaw County Wills - Samuel Williams & P. S. Parker
Submitter:  Jackie Rhodes, and Patsy Bostick
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 Will of Samuel Williams on file in the Probate Office at Houston,

 The State of Mississippi -- Chickasaw County -- In the name of God, Amen.
 I Samuel Williams of the State of Mississippi and the County of Chickasaw,
 being sick, but of perfect senses and memory, do make constitute and ordain
 this my last will and testament in manner as follows viz.  I give unto my son,
 Hutson H. Williams, a negro woman named Genney and a negro girl named
 Charity, which the said Hutson H. Williams has in possession.  And I also
 give unto my daughter, Polly Henry, a negro named Charity, and at the
 death of said Polly Henry said negro Charity be sold and equally divided
 among all of her lawful heirs.  And then after all of my just debts are paid all
 the rest of my estate and personal property to be put in 9 lots and equally
 divided between the following named heirs, to wit:  Easther Williams, my
 beloved wife, James S. Williams, Benjamin T. Williams, John McD. Williams,
 Samuel C. Williams, Milley Speed, Martha Irby, Richard Williams, Nancy
 Jane Martin.  Said lots of property to be appraised by three suitable persons
 to be appointed for that purpose by the Judge of Orphant Court.  Then said
 lots and property to be put in a box or a hat and each heir's name written
 and when the appraisers have apraised the 9 lots of property, then the
 appraisers to write down each of the 9 heirs named and their names called
 and a suitable person to draw a lot of the appraised property to be good
 unto them, their chldren and their children's children.  At the time of the
 death of my beloved wife, Easter Williams, the property willed to her to be
 equally divided between the following named heirs:  James S. Williams,
 Benjamin T. Williams, John McD. Williams, Samuel C. Williams, Milly
 Speed, Martha Irby, Richard Williams and Nancy Jane Martin.  And I do
 appoint, constitute and ordain my worth friends James S. Williams and
 Samuel C. Williams my lawful executors of this my last will and testament
 this 18th day of Sep A. D. 1856.
        Samuel Williams
 Thomas B. Reid
 J. R. Broome
 O. V. Stewart
 John B. Holloday

 Will proved in Probate Court August Term 1858
 In June 1867 a commitee was appointed to divide the estate of Samuel
 Williams.  The estate was appraised at about 860 acres of land, 19 slaves and
 stock at the time of his death.  In 1867 Samuel's daughter, Nancy had died
 and left 2 daughters, Mary and Serena Martin.  Samuel Clement Williams
 applies for remuneration for guardianship of the Martin children. In 1867,
 Martha is wife of Thomas J. Barker, having remarried after the death of her
 husband (Irby).  Polly Henry is dead, having died 8 JUL 1858.  She left the
 following heirs:  Wilson Henry, William Henry, Washington Henry, Martha
 Henry, James Henry, John Henry and Presley Henry.  Benjamin lived in
 Greensboro, Green Co., Ala and in Perry Co., Ala.  Benjamin Speed and
 wife, Milly, lived in Loundes Co., Miss.  James S. Williams lived in
 Octibbaha.  All other children are living in Chickasaw Co., Miss.  In 1864
 Samuel C. Williams testifies that Benjamin T. Williams resides in
 Greensboro, Green Co., Ala.  By 1866 Nancy Martin's daughter, Mary has

 Samuel Williams' Will Dispute
 There is a court fight that goes on for years.  James S. and John McD.
 Williams think that Samuel C. Williams had sold some land that he is not
 declaring in the estate.  The court records read that during the war when the
 people of Houston heard that the Yankees were at the edge of town, they
 gathered up all the court records, burying what they could and burning what
 they couldn't.  Some of the records having to do with the sale of the land of
 Samuel Williams were in part of the records that were destroyed.  The
 petition did not stand up -- at least they couldn't prove that the claim was
 valid.  The battle went on for many years before the estate was settled.

 From Fayette Co., Tx -- Power of Attorney -- Sarah Williams, wife of J. M.
 D. Williams, deceased; Lucy Vansil, by husband P. A. Vansil; Fannie
 Williams; Lizzie Williams; Mattie Keller by husband, J. H. Keller; Esther
 Collier by husband, J. W. Collier; surviving heirs of John McD. Williams of
 Fayete Co, Tx appoint John Williams of Fayette Co, for us and in our names
 place instead, dispose of 175 acres of land in Chickasaw Co., Miss. owned by
 J. M. D. Williams, dc'd.  Land located E 1/2 of N E 1/4 Sec 10 & 11 Range 3
 E 65 acres of N E of W 1/2 of N E 1/4 of Sec 10 and 13 range 3 E. S. W. and
 John Williams also heirs of John McD. Williams.
 (Note: The above will is the last will and testament of my
 great-great-great-great grandfather, Samuel Williams who was born in Anson
 Co, NC in 1781.)

 (Note: The above will is the will for the Great-great-great-great-grandfather of Jackie
 Rhodes and submitted in the hope that someone might find the information useful in
 their research. .  If you find any helpful information on your ancestoral family, I would
 appreciate a note.)

 P. S. Parker Will
 Chickasaw Co., Houston, Mississippi court Records.
 Will Book I, (1872 - 1935)

 Last will and Testament of P. S. Parker.

 I give devise unto my wife Mary E. Parker, all my lands numbered as follows:
 SE 1/4 and 5 acres SE corner NE1/4 Section 33 and SW 1/4 Section 34 all
 lying in Township 13 Range 4. The above described SW1/4 to be used as a
 pasture for the place, also all my personal property during her natural life
 time or widowhood. At her death or when widowhood ceases to be,
 equallydivided among my children . Signed and declared by the said testator
 in our presence who had signed our names at his request as witnesses in his
 presence and in the presence of each other.

 Signed: P. S. Parker

 We the under singed witnesses saw the said P. S. Parker sign the within and
 we can testify he is in his right mind.
 Signed: R. H. Mayfield
 Signed: J. A. Mordecai

 State of Mississippi     Chancery Court in Vacation
 Chickasaw Co.       January 23rd A.D. 1905

 In the matter of a certain instrument of writing, purporting to be the last will
 and testament of P.S. Parker, deceased, of Chickasaw County

 Personally appeared before me T. W. Hamilton, Clerk of the Chancery
 Court in and for said county, J. A. Mordecai one of the subscribing
 witnesses to a certain instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and
 testament of P. S. Parker, deceased, late of Chickasaw Co., who having been
 first duly sworn, deposed and said that the said P. S. Parker signed,
 Published, and declared said instrument as his last will and testament on the
 _____ day of ______ the day of the date of said instrument, in the presence
 of the deponents, and that the said testator was then of sound disposing
 mind and memory, and more than 21 years of age, and that these deponents
 subscribed and attested said instrument, as witnesses in the presence of the
 said testator and in the presence of each other, on the day and year of
 thedate thereof.

 Signed: J. A. Mordeaci
 Sworn to and subscribed in vacation on these the 23rd day of January 1905.

 Signed: T. W. Hamilton, Clerk
 By:  D. J. Collins,  D.C.

 State of Mississippi
 Chickasaw Co.

 The following instrument was filed for record in my office on the 23rd day of
 January 1905 at 10: o?clock AM and this day duly recorded in Book of Wills
 page 163 on the Record of wills of said County, to which I certify under my
 had and Official Seal, this 23rd day of January 1905.

 Signed: T. W. Hamilton,  Clerk
  By: D. J. C. Collins , D.C.

 (Note: Oldest son of John B. Parker and Moriah Chitwood.  I am still searching for the
 parents of John B. Parker.)