Title:  Bolivar County Casualties in WWI
Submitter:  Kathy Stupp
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Bolivar County Casualties in WWI

Baird, Dan - Pace
Christmas, George O. - Cleveland
Cotton, Elijah - Gunnison
Crosby, Glen - Skene
Crosby William G. - Cleveland
Davis, George - Shelby
England, George - Rosedale
Ervin, James, W. - Cleveland
Garrett, Meck - Rosedale
Gary, Alfred - Lobdell
Hatch, David - Lobdell
Hopkins, Willie - Boyle
Jackson, WIllie - Shelby
Jeter, Maurice Calvin - Deeson
Jones, Alfred Payne - Benoit
Jones, Issac Garrett - Benoit
Jones, J.J. Jr. - Benoit
Jones, Willie - Shelby
Justice, J.H. - Shelby
Lagrone, Edgar Allen - Cleveland
Lee, Richard L. - Pace
Leggett, Denson - Pace
Lonn, Fred M. - Cleveland
Lonn, Nick/Mick - Cleveland
Mackie/Makae, Bob - Renova
Maddox, Clinton - Shaw
Massey, Oscar - Shelby
McCrendon, James - Aligator
Mullins, Charles E. - Cleveland
Ousley, Clinton W. - Renova
Percy, Jack - Perthshire
Provine, Leondias F. - Rosedale
Reilly, Lloyd - Lobdell
Roberson, W.E. - Shelby
Robinson, ?
Robinson, Thomas - Shaw
Smith, Frank - Cleveland
Wade, George, - Bolivar
Weissinger, William - Beulah
Williams, Issac - Merigold
White, Fred E. - Skene
Wilson, William - Shaw

Sources--The History of the State of the Mississippi Society Daughters of the American
Revolution 1896-1996 and War Dead of the Stae of Mississippi, a Public Service Publication of
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Archives