Title:  Mississippi Casualties in WWI
Submitter:  Kathy Stupp
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Mississippi Casualties of WWI

Abraham, Joseph
Agaires, Theodore
Best, Henry A.
Booker, Howard
Boyett, Earl W.
Burns, Richard W.
Byrd, George
Cade, Dee F.
Campbell, Rush
Chilcoat, William W.
Claber, Marshall
Clark, David O.
Clark, Walter
Collums, Dempsey
Cooper, Wesley
Cox, Clifton
Cunningham, Ephrian
Dear, Denver S.
Dismukes, Henry
Eaggleston, Ben
East, Bennie W.
Ellington, John R.
Ellis, Harry A.
Ervine, Charlie
Erwin, John W.
Eshee, Laddie
Fewell, Leslie P.
Franklin, Chester
Gayden, Hugh D.
Goff, John W.
Gooch, Benard B.
Gough, Jayhu
Griggs, Lee
Hamrick, Charles C.
Hardesty, James W.
Harper, Willie W.
Harris, Saddie
Harris, Will
Harvey, Esau
Hiltin, Grover.C.
Hogan, Sutton
Holland, Charles H.
Holloway, Clarence
Holton, Floyd
Hooks, Dandy
Horne, Ernest
Huckstead, Thomas F.
Huff, Willie
Hutson, Malcome B.
Ikard, Alfred
Jamieson, Frank E.
Jamison, Steve
Jones, Issac J. Jr.
Jones, Lee A.
Joyce, Warren H.
Keen, Cage
Kennedy, William
Ladnier, William C.
Lanaka, Harry
Lee, Richard R.M.
Levy, George
Lindsey, Clyde B.
Magee, James
Mangum, Dailey
McDonald, Charlie
McDonald, Henry
McDonald, William R.
McLendon, Jim
Meier, Herbert C.
Mescher, Edward J.
Miller, Alex
Moody, Jim
Moore, William H.
Morehead, Joe H.
Morgan, Holmes
Moschelio, Salvatore
Nails, Robert C.
Nash, Andrew
Neely, Oliver L.M.
Neiberding, George W.
Owen, Nathaniel J.
Owens, Lee
Parker, Jesse O.
Parsons, Cecil T.
Patterson, James R.
Perkins, Emmett D.
Pernell, Ollie
Polcar, Anton
Polk, Will
Price, James
Putt, Claude A.
Ray, Thomas J.
Reece, Myron
Richardson, John
Robinson, Laurence E.
Ross, Wes
Russell, Clarence L.
Sandifer, Luther D.
Sanford, George S.
Schmitz, Estel L.
Shaw, John R.
Shelton, Verdie L.
Sims, William E.
Sims, William F.
Slaughter, Henry L.
Smith, Clifton A.
Smith, Jeff
Stone, Walter D.
Strauss, William S.
Street, John A.
Sullivan, Sam A.
Summers, John M.
Summers, John O.
Tanner, Boyd
Thacker, Claude
Thames, Riley H.
Todd, Roy D.
Torjusen, Cornelious O.
Upshaw, Elisha E.
Wallace, Fred
Walters, Hardy
Wasson, Thomas S.
Waters, Paul
Welch, Sam T.
Wells, Carl A.
Whitaker, Hearn C.
Whhitfield, Will
Wiley, Van
Williams, Lloyd
Williams, Stonewall
Wilson, Louis
Wingfield, Frank G.
Wood, Andrew
Wood, Jeremiah R.
Young, William F.

Sources--War Dead of the Stae of Mississippi,
A Public Service Publication of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Archives