Title:  Mississippi Calvary State Troops;  1st Battallion;  Cameron's Company
Submitter:  Kathy Stupp
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Mississippi Calvary State Troops
1st Battallion
Cameron's Company

     Anderson, W.G.
     Aycock, S.J.
     Barnard, G.
     Barnett, C.G.
     Barr, S.M.
     Batts, J.T.
     Boatwright, J.H.
     Brian, M.
     Brown, S.J.
     Browning, J.V.
     Burch, P.H.
     Burch, S.W.
     Callahan, E.
     Cameron, E.
     Chevalier, H.F.
     Covington, C.C.
     Covington, W.A.
     Deason, S.T.
     Deason, T.W.
     Dewberry, B.P.
     Edens, J.
     Elliot, Geo.
     Ford, R.M.
     Gentry, J.F.
     Guice, R.M.
     Heard, J.F.
     Heard, L.F.
     Heathman, J.F.
     Heathman, J.M.
     Jetton, B.
     John, S.D.
     Johnston, L.P.
     Jones, J.E.
     Jones, T.B.
     Kimbrough, R.M.
     King, Ben
     Lamar, T.C.
     Lamb, P.F.
     Lawson, H.T.
     Lawson, F.
     Leach, A.D.
     Lytle, G.
     Martin, J.L.
     Maxwell, R.Y.
     McBride, John
     McCarver, Wm
     McCollum, M.D.
     McGregor, J.V.
     McLaurin, G.W.
     McSpadden, T.E.
     Meek, J.M.
     Montomery, Wm.
     Newby, Ed
     Norman, J.
     Oldham, J.
     Oldham, M.
     Palmer, S.L.
     Preston, Wm. M.
     Scott, S.W.
     Scruggs, Y.J.
     Siller, Joseph
     Smith, H.
     Smith, J.F.M.
     Stafford, J.A.
     Stukes, G.W.
     Thompson, S.H.
     Walton, G.A.
     Waren, V.T.
     Watson, W.N.
     Watts, Geo.
     Wells, H.T.
     Wells, M.
     White, A.D.
     White, I.J.
     White, J.A.
     Willey, Joseph
     Wms, Henry
     Wilson, B.B.
     Wilson, Wm.
     Young, G.F.
     Youngblood, H.A.