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Surname Researcher
RAGSDALE Dorothy Hunter
RAINES Dolores Raines/Sutton
RANDLE (African-American) LaShawn Briggs-Tellis
RANDOLPH Joyce Rogers
RANSOM Allison Massengill Saxman
RAY Greg Green
RAY Wes Irvin
REED Carol Ann
REED Charles Reed
REEDY Allison Massengill Saxman
REES Sharon Tyson
RICHARDSON Beaufer Nell Farr
RIDDLE (African-American) LaShawn Briggs-Tellis
RIGGS Darla Bostick
RICHEY Nora Richey
RIEVES Karen Eldredge
RITCHIE Delores King
RITTER Carma - Address reported to not work 1/02
RITTER Mildred Tatum
RITTER Debbie Prestridge
ROBERSON James Harmon
ROBERTS Gracie Mayfield Morlino - Deceased
ROBERTS (African-American) LaShawn Briggs-Tellis
ROBERTSON Allison Massengill Saxman
ROBERTSON Gracie Mayfield Morlino
ROBERTSON (African-American) LaShawn Briggs-Tellis
ROBESON James Harmon
ROBINSON Patricia Horne
ROBINSON Sylvia Wilson
ROBINSON James Harmon
ROBISON Patricia Horne
RODGERS Gracie Mayfield Morlino - Deceased
ROGERS Gracie Mayfield Morlino - Deceased
ROSS Clark Sinclair
ROSS Morenike Ogebe
ROSS (African-American) Morenike Ogebe

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