Transcribed by Jessica Fry, 1 Aug 2002

Directions: Cemetery is off of Hwy 278, in the Quincy community near Greenwood Springs. Close to the Alabama State Line.

Condition: Cemetery is in good condition.

This is a complete listing of individuals buried at Old Quincy Cemetery. Please send any comments or corrections to Jessica Fry < fryjes1@midsouth.rr.com > Please note that the transcriber is related to the Sims & Easter families listed below.

Mae Summers, 1928-1953
Audrey, 1925-1952
"At Rest"

Gurla Howell, Feb.20,1890- Feb.14,1981
William Wayne, July 21,1890- June 20,1957
"At Rest"

BOYD, Oren Dale, son of G.E. & Mary Boyd, 1919-1943
BOYD,Oren Dale,Mississippi,Pvt.,21 Repl,BN QMC,WWII,Sept.25,1919-March4,1945

Mary Morgan,1885-1962 "Mother"
George Ethel, 1884-1945 "Father"

Buford Wayne,Dec.13,1931-Jan.9,1932
Kathleen, Dec.16,1927-Dec.21,1927

Allie S., 1894-1971 "Mother"
W.L., 1884-1955 "Father"

Metal Marker1

Metal Marker2

Metal Marker3

Metal Marker4

MIZE, Joel Henry, Jan.21,1891- Feb.29,1897

Infant Daughter of W.T. & F.D. Mize(?),Born & Died, Aug.18,1891

ROGERS,Sarah Aun, Nov.7,1842- Jan.20,1873
Aged:33 years,2 months,22 days

ROGERS, Richard, Oct.- June (unreadable & broken)

ROGERS,Thomas,Dec.25,1802- Aug.14,1893
Aged 91 years,6 months,20 days
"Sacred to the memory of"

ROGERS, Sarah, Sept.22,1828- Jan.21,1908



HILL, Charles Glady,son of A.G. & A.M. Hill, Aug.3,1907- Apr. 12,1918

TUBBS, Maggie H., Apr.21,1874- Aug.20,1891

HILL, Jimmie, Sept.29,1871- Feb.5,1891

S.A.,wife of J.P. Hill, Jan.20,1847- Oct.6,1907
J.P., Aug.3,1846- Dec.2,1882

HILL, B.A., Dec.20,1810- May 16,1877
(also has an older stone)

HILL, Frank, Feb.10,1875- Nov.9,1881

HILL, Roland, Sept.3,1869- Oct.1,1869

HILL, Charlie, Sept.3,1869- Oct.1,1869

HILL, J.T., Born & Died, Jan.4,1890

DURRETT,Amanda M.F.,wife of Rev. J.B. Durrett, Sept.? ,1827- July 19,1867
Aged 39 years,10 months,15 days (broken)

ELLIS,George W.,Jr., Feb.21,1852- Feb.18,1854

JONES, Georgie V., daughter of T.W. & E. W. Jones, Oct.14,1881- Sept.9,1885

JONES, Ellen W.,wife of T.W. Jones, Aug.23,1854-Aug.4,1886

JONES, Thad W. ,(unreadable)

Elzie W., May 12,1895- Nov.16,1946
Edna Lee Easter, June 7,1897- Jan.13,1974
(duplicate stones read:)
MIZE,Elzie W.,Mississippi, PFC, 38 INF. 3 Div.,WWI,May 12,1895-Nov.16,1946
MIZE,Edna Lee,June 7,1897-Jan.13,1974

MIZE, Cadet Elzie Lee ,June 3,1920- April 15,1942
(duplicate stone reads:)
MIZE, Elzie Lee, Mississippi AVN Cadet Air Corps,WWII,June 3,1920- April 15,1942

McDONALD,Houston, ? ,1900-Nov.11,1970
(handwritten with paint)

M.A.,June 19,1829- Aug.27,1922 "Mother"
G.W., Feb.12,1828-Sept.8,1887 "Father"

ELLIS,Geo W.,1889 (unreadable & broken)

JONES,Jeffie B., Oct.10,1888- Feb.18,1928



JONES,Ira B., Mississippi, Pvt. US Army, Jan.3,1890- Sept.23,1944





BECKHAM (broken)

Resa Boyd, Sept.4,1914- April 25,1974
Dixie, Feb.25,1901- Dec.2,1965

Zorado Swan,1901-1995 "Mother"
Thomas Fred, 1904-1949 "Father"

CHRISTIAN, Arvel,Aug.8,1940-June 19,1941

BREWER, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Dixie Brewer

Lillie L. Roberts, 1893- 1976 " Mother"
Floyd Oleary, 1887-1953 "Father"

Eda Phillips, 1883-1957 "Mother"
Dr. Claude E., 1881-1945 "Father"

Mary C. Nethery, May 25,1856- Sept.7,1931
William Thomas, Aug.22,1861- July 11,1943
"Gone but not forgotten"

BOYD, Mary Ethel, Daughter of G.E. & Mary Boyd, 1928-1932

BOYD, Dalton, Son of G.E. & Mary Boyd, 1913-1921

BOYD, Lillian, Daughter of G.E. & Mary Boyd,1910-1913

BOYD, Claude, Infant Son of C.E. & Eda Boyd, Born & Died ,Dec.11,1909
"At Rest"

BOYD, Ivela, Only Daughter of Wm. & Cornelia Boyd, Jan.17,1894- Oct.4,1897

BECKHAM, Son & Daughter of J.N. & M.B. Beckham
Thomas C., March 17,1870- June 21,1888
Synthia L., Nov.12,1872- Oct.27,1880

MIZE, M., Nov. 13,1897- Nov.15,1897

WILLIAMS, Lonzo McDow, March 22,1868- Sept.18,1871 (broken)




BROYLES, Dr. I. G. ,1817-1899

TERRELL, Deg., Co C., 16 Regt. Mississippi Cavalry, May 3,1846- Oct.14,1870 (broken)

TERRELL, R.M.,Jr.,Dec.25,1849- Nov.6,1855
Aged: 5 years,10 months,11 days
"Sacred to the memory of"

BRIGHT (plot Marker)

TAYLOR,Oscar G.,May 7,1859- Nov.3,1946

BRIGHT, John E., Feb.13,1851- Aug.14,1925
"His memory shall ever be a guiding star to Heaven"

BRIGHT, Mollie Crenshaw, Wife of J.E. Bright, Dec.8,1861- Oct.14,1938

BRIGHT, Byron R., Aug.1,1900- Aug.14,1960
"He is at rest in Heaven"

TAYLOR, Sadie Rebecca, March 31,1888-Dec.24,1963

BRIGHT,Clara Jane, July 6, 1885-Jan.27,1970

BRIGHT,Rowena Roper, 1892-1983
"Loving Memories"

BRIGHT, Joseph A., 1887-1946
"His memory is Blessed"

BRIGHT, Catherine R., Aug.19,1915- Feb.28,1919

BRIGHT, Infant Sons of Joseph A. & Rowena Bright, Sept.5,1923

BRIGHT, Hal Roper, Oct.10,1921- July 4,1940

ASHCRAFT, Madonna Reece B., Dec.7,1909- Sept. 7,1989
"Our Beloved" "Mother & Grandmother"

BRIGHT, Robert Edmond, 1883-1951

BRIGHT, Nancy C., July 29,1846- June 17,1894
Married to J.L. Butler, Nov.24,1868
Aged: 48 years, 1month, 12 days (repaired)

BRIGHT, ? (broken & unreadable)
A. & S. ....
Oct.20,1853- July 22,1872
"Gone but not forgotten"

BRIGHT,A., (broken & unreadable)
March 20,1818- Oct.4,1870
Aged: 52 years, 8 months,14 days

BRIGHT, Sarah J., Wife of A.B. Bright, Dec.30,1828- Jan.15,1886

TAYLOR, Zora May, Daughter of D.G. & M.W. Taylor, Sept.23,1882- Sept.5,1884
"Budded on Earth, Bloomed in Heaven"

TAYLOR, Albertus, Aug.27,1893- Nov.6, 1905

TAYLOR, Margaret Bright, May 2,1856- Feb.19,1914

TAYLOR, Nell Bright, May 30,1885- Dec.6,1919

RODABAUGH, Estell T., Dec.4,1891- Oct.16,1942 "Mother"

Donnie C., Sept.18,1876- May 13,1959,"Wife"
Earl L., Aug.21,1872- July 15,1928, Mason
"Their memory shall ever be a shining star to heaven"

HALL, Ruby M., Daughter of Donnie & E.L. Hall, Nov.17,1895- Jan.11,1952
"Not lost to those that love them.Not dead, just gone before."

HALL, Sadie Graci, Daughter of E.L. & D.C. Hall, May 3, 1904- May 5, 1912

HOLBERT, Joel M., Co. A 5 Mississippi Infantry C.S.A.

HOLBERT, Mary Jane, Wife of J.M. Holbert, Dec.16,1837- May 5,1908

Metal Marker5

MIZE, James Monroe, July 2, 1878- Jan.3, 1951 "At Rest"

MIZE, ILA, Wife of J.M. Mize, 1878- 1938 "At Rest"

MIZE, Ollie , Jan.17,1902- Oct.28,1924
"Gone but not forgotten"

Fidelia B., His Wife, Nov.5,1870- July 25,1943
William T., Feb.19,1866- March 7,1937

COSBY, Laverne, Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.V. Cosby

COSBY, Robert Earl, Son of Mr. & Mrs. C.V. Cosby

Alice M., Dec.4,1911- Feb. 12,2000, Eastern Star
James C., Dec.17,1905- Sept. 22, 1982, Mason
" In my Father's house are many mansions"

MIZE, Claudie E., Sept. 15, 1929- Jan.19, 1930
"Our Darling"

Willie G., 1905- 1971, Eastern Star
Robert J., 1898- 1966, Mason

James W., 1861- 1925, Mason
Alva ,His Wife, 1873-1930

PHILLIPS, Elzie Ray, Aug.15,1918- Sept.28,1922
"Our Darling"

GREEN, Eldria Mize, Oct. 1,1893- Feb.18,1976
"Worthy of Rememberence"

MIZE, Birtie L., Nov.7,1889- Jan.18,1919, Woodman of World

MIZE, Mattie, Wife of E.G. Mize, 1874-1937

MIZE, E.G., Dec.17,1874- Jan.1,1917,Woodman of World

ROGERS, B., Oct.20,1882- Nov.25,1919 "Father"

RUSSELL, Morris G., Oct.10,1901- June 18,1918

Metal Marker6

ROGERS, R. Leak, B:1955 D: no date, Father of L.B.

Metal Marker7

McDONALD, John A., Born: 1868 in Ms. Died: March 29,1939, Married: May 5,1892
(handwritten with paint)

McDONALD, Mollie Robinson, 1872- 1923,Married in Ala. May 5,1892
(handwritten with paint)



GUIN, William Levi, Oct.?,1944 ,Aged: 71 years, 8 Months
(Metal Marker,hard to read)

GIBSON, Thomas J., 1825- Jan. 6, 1890




G.L., April 13,1894- April 22,1933
Julia Cantrell, March 2,1870- March 17,1948

SIMES, Grady O., Sept.16,1904- May 27,1906

McGEHEE, Dena, 1889- 1943
"Our Dear Mother"

SIMS, Mary Francis, 1878- 1952 "Mother"

SIMS, Artemus Dunk,1878- 1958 "Father"

Metal Marker8

SIMS, Harold, Son of Mr. & Mrs.Glados Sims, Feb.11,1930-Feb.19,1930

SIMS, Carrol, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Glados Sims, Feb.11,1930-Feb.22,1930

Bobby Ray, April 29,1940- July 29,1966 "Son"
Charlie W., June 4,1918-May 23,1984 "Father"
Annie K., Aug.8,1923-no date "Mother"
"We will meet again"

GUIN, John A., Co. C, 43 Ala. Infantry, C.S.A.

GUIN, Elizabeth Jane, Feb.11,1844
(only date listed)

Ellis, June 29,1905- Feb.8,1957
Foree, Nov.28,1909- May 17,1980

HILL, W.D., Son of Mr.& Mrs.Harry Hill, Nov.21,1931- Aug.9,1935
"Asleep in Jesus"

HILL, Infant Son of P.P. & Notie Hill, Dec. 22, 1922

LACKIE, Tommie Don, July 5,1941- July 21, 1941
"Only Sleeping"

LACKIE, Marion Hill,Dec.26,1933- Dec.21,1947

MIZE, William Davis, Dec.27,1936- Nov.5,1937

MIZE, Robert Oneil , Nov.25,1935- Dec.16,1935

MIZE, Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Mize, Stillborn, July 12,1934

HEAD, Charilette, June 15,1963- May 9,1965

HEAD, Infant Daughter of W.W. & Lottie Head, June 8,1931

John T., Jan. 21,1886- Jan.25,1949 "Father"
Annie C., March 24,1890- March 22,1976 "Mother"

DAVIS, Michael L., Born & Died ,June 19,1962-June 19,1962

RYE, Dewey, Nov.26,1905- Aug.29,1978



Robert J., 1881-1964 "Father"
Louella, 1884-1957 "Mother"

RYE, PFC Loyce D., March 11, 1924- March 18,1945
(duplicate stone)
RYE,Loyce D., PFC 1 Mississippi Infantry 6 Div WWII
March 11,1924-March 18,1945

MATHIS, Mollie, Nov.3,1897- Nov.27,1950,"Mother"

Paul P., Dec. 22, 1884- Jan.4,1968
Notie G., Sept.8,1886- May 27,1966

Arthur Sr., Sept.10,1916- March 20,1982
Pauline H., April 14, 1926- no date

DOZIER, Arthur Lee, US Army,Sept. 10,1916- March 20,1982

KIMBRELL, Marie, Wife of Erlon Kimbrell, 1924-1943

Willie Mae, 1901- 1953
C.J., 1893- 1969
"We will meet again"

WIDEMAN,Reedy Lee, April 30,1916- Aug.4,1945

KIMBROUGH, Infant Twin Sons of Aubrey & Mattie Sue Kimbrough, Oct.19,1946- Oct.19-1946

Annie Mae Hilliard, Sept. 23,1887- Sept.23,1968
Arthur Guy, Sept.8,1881- March 13,1951
"Gone but not forgotten"

WEBSTER, J.W., Co. D, 5 Mississippi Infantry,C.S.A.

SIMS, Itha Ryon, Mississippi, Pvt. US Marine Corps. Res.,June 29,1918- Dec.3,1961

SIMS, Itha Ryan,Jr., Feb.2,1942- Feb.1,1943

HAIRSTON, James Robert, Son of C.P. & Ruby Hill Hairston, Born & Died, Jan. 2, 1954
"Gone to be an Angel"

PHILLIPS, Belle Hill, Nov.3, 1888- May 19, 1968

Ruth Hunt, June 29,1864- Feb.1,1959
Dell, Aug.10,1867- Jan.22,1951

Robert F., April 14,1896- Sept.27,1969
Guss Hill, Sept.27,1899- no date
(duplicate stone)
BURRIS, Robert F., Florida Pvt. Infantry WWI, April 14,1896- Sept.27,1969

RENFRO, Aline Smith, April 23,1904- July 25,1972 "Mother"

Richard Clark, 1871- 1954 "Father"
Glovinia, 1874- 1957 "Mother"

SMITH, Flora I., Feb.8,1875- Feb.18,1958

GUIN, James A., 1886- 1942
"Our Beloved Dad"

Francis C., 1876- 1948 "Mother"
Jesse Richard, 1878-1934 "Father"

WIDEMAN, Lucendia, May 12, 1834- April 2,1919

WIDEMAN, Infant Son of J.R. & F.G. Wideman, Born & Died, Jan. 15,1914


MILES, W.R., Sept.11,1906- Sept.17,1929

EASTER, Bertha Mae, Jan.18,1953- May 16,1953
"She's gone to be with Jesus"

***********small area on other side of fence***************

SARTER, Willie Car, April 4,1910- June 2, 1996, Aged 86 years
(metal marker only, Jackson Mortuary,Aberdeen & Amory)

"Our Twins"
Jimmie Dale
Jinny Dianne
July 4-8, 1955

SARTER, Momie M. Carter, Oct.11,1903- Sept.23,1968
"Forever in our hearts"

McDANIEL, Ira, 1903- 1943
"Goodbye World, I'm Gone"

This completes Old Quincy Cemetery as of Aug.2002. There are about 6 large landscape stones, not sure if they are being used as markers.This listing has NOT been checked against the Dr. Evans Monroe County Cemetery Book for older listings.



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