Marchbanks Cemetery

Transcribed by James Wise (

Marchbanks Cemetery is located at the edge of the west side of Wolf Road. It is approximately 7 miles from the intersection of Wolf Road and HWY 278 and 0.2 miles south of the intersection of Bartahatchie Road and Wolf road. About 700 feet on past the cemetery is the intersection of Pinebrook road and Wolf road.

A few years back I took some photographs of the Marchbanks Cemetery. There were a number of graves marked only with stones. If I remember right I took a photograph of the only two headstones with inscriptions. Reading from the photographs the following is what I can best make out:

Headstone #1 IN MEMOREM
G. M. Marchbanks
J. P. Marchbanks
W. B. Marchbanks
F. E. Marchbanks
M. S. Marchbanks
Margaret S.

Headstone #2

multi-name Marchbanks marker    Elijah & Mary A. Marchbanks marker


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