Kinard Family

Submitted by Patricia Brown Merrill



Family of Christopher Columbus Kinard ca. 1898 Lauderdale County, MS
Left to right children: Ransom Salathiel "Jake" 1884-1963, Mary Etta Kinard 1882 - 1949,
(center) Maude Cherylane 1888-1952, Samuel David Kinard 1880-1953, Ira Preston Kinard 1886-1907.Parents: Christopher Columbus Kinard 1855 - 1934, Virginia James Richardson Kinard 1851 - 1936.
People in photograph identified by Luna Kinard Brown 1905-1990 (Samuel was her father) in 1988.

This is a photo of the family and various relatives of Christopher Columbus Kinard (Kyerd) (1909) of Lauderdale County, MS