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Thanks to Deb Gibbons for sending me the class list.
A photo has been found in the Skipwith Historical and Genealogical Society's Local History File, 2nd floor, Lafayette Co/ Oxford Library, submitter unknown.

For a larger copy of photograph, please, contact the volunteer on duty in Skipwith Historical / Genealogical room, 2nd floor, Lafayette Co/ Oxford Library , Oxford MS. Copies are ten cents for non-members.

Claud Reeves, Everette Phillips, Waitus Burris, Noel Mills, Baxter Lakey, John Hugh Gilmore, Hubert Karr, Milton Rowsey, Bert Palemtree, Charlie Kimsey, Nathaniel Gray, Webster Mills, S A Phillips, Richard Phillips, Moyle Treloar.

Annie Glenn Gray, Sib Locke, Fannie Mae Karr, Laura Reeves, Nina Rowsey, Jessie Mae Bumgardner, Mildred Lakey, Alice Tubbs, Hester Green, Myrtis Locke, Elmer Mills, Tidy Todd, James Rowsey, Mr McFadden (teacher), Marjorie Kirkwood (teacher), Dora Felker (teacher), Frances Tatum, Doris Nelson, Mayford Cook, Annie Lara Nelson, Nora V Phillips, Margurite Austin, Matyldia Gray, Ruth Phillips, Frances Mills, Lucille Palemtree.

Anna Quay Rowsey, Pauline Karr, Frances McKee, May Gray, Glennie Johnson, Genny Burris, Sathelle Gray, Clyde Mills, Glayds McKee, Kathleen Todd, Cecil Lakey, Louise McKee, Hollis Locke, Ada Palemtree, Gertrude Cook, Maggie Nelson, Wesson Austin, Calvin Rowsey, Ethel Mills, Louise Tatum, Ethel Locke, Euphiazene Karr, Lois Palentree, Clifton Tubbs.

John Adams Cooper, Rufus Todd, Clarence Rowsey, Ottis Porter, Ralph Phillips, Robert Lakey, J P Karr, Sherrald Phillips, Edd Rowsey (trustee), Walter Tatum (trustee).

John Adams "Mud" Cooper, Rufus Todd, and Wesson Austin were school wagon drivers as well as students.


If you have further information concerning the Orwood School, please e-mail me Miss Crocker and I would be happy to include it on this page.


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