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Daniel and France McKie's Rev. War & Pension Reords

Submitted by Pamela aka "pamaddy". A descendant:

Series: M805 Roll: 572 Image: 559 File: R6750/BLWT49264-160-55 Page: 1 of 21
Series: M805 Roll: 572 Image: 559 File: R6750/BLWT49264-160-55 Page: 1 of 21
Series: M805 Roll: 572 Image: 559 File: R6750/BLWT49264-160-55 Page: 1 of 21

Pg. 1

Service: Va. McKie, Daniel Number: R-6750
Frances or
Pg. 2 a

Maurynessee 26711
Daniel McKie
of Maury Co. in the State of Tennessee
who was a private in the Army commanded
by Captain Mason of the __ commanded
by Col. Burwell in the Virginia
line for 8 months
Inscribed on the Roll of West Tennessee
At the rate of 26 Dollars 66 Cents per annum
To commence on the 4th day of March, 1831
Certificate of Pension issued the 5 day of May
1834 and Andrew
Matthews Columbia
Arrears to the 4th of March $80.00
Semi-anl. allowance ending Sept. 13.33
{ Revolutionary Claim }
{ Act June 7, 1832 }
Recorded By David Boyd, Clerk
Book E Voll. 7 Page 93

Pg. 2 b

See letter 10 May
1834 to Hon. J. K. Polk
__ __
See letter 27 June
1834 to Hon. J. K. Polk
See letter to Hon J. K.
Polk 18 Sept. 1834 to
June 15 Dec 1834
New Certificate issued 15th Dec. 1836
I sent to Hon. J. K. Polk N R
See letter 18 Dec. 34 to Hon.
J. K. Polk
Letter to the Hon. J. Thompson 3rd Feb. 1842.
Paid at the Treasury under the
Act 6th April 1838 from March
4th 1835 to Nov. 16th 1839 __ __
___ May 6th 1842
Pg. 3

Sent Hon. G. B. Wright July 10/56
End P
183759 Act 3rd March
July 5.56
Frances McKie widow
Daniel McKie Pension
Genl. Green
Va. Vols.
Amount 160 acres
Revolutionary War
Miss __ July 38
Dec. 2, 1836
J. N. Visor Oxford Miss
Pg. 4

Second Comptroller's Office
April 25, 1842


Under the date of the 6th of April, 1838, entitled "An act directing
the transfer of money remaining unclaimed by certain Pensionors, and
authorizing the payment of the same at the Treasury of the United States,"
The widow of Daniel McKie, dcd
A Pensioner on the Roll of the Nashville, Tennessee
Agency, at the rate of Twenty Six Dollars and
66 Cents per annum, under the law of the 4th June
1832, has been paid at the Department, from the
4th of March 1835, to the 16th Nov. 1839.

Respectfully yours, _________

To the Commissoiner of Present,
Pg. 5

State of Tennessee Maury County } ss.

On this 18th day March 1832 - personally
Appeared in open court, before the Court
Of Pleas & quarter sessins of Maury County
Now sitting, Daniel McKie a Citizen of the
County, State aforesaid, aged about Seventy
Four years, six months, who being
first duly sworn according to law doth on
his oath make the following declaration
in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of
Congress passed 7th of June 1832.

States that he has no record evidence of his
Age but from a memorandum, which he recollects
to have seen in his fathers family Bible, other
circumstances, added to the personal statements
of his parents & others, he believes he was born
on the sixth day of May 1759 in Lumenburg
County, State of Virginia, where he continued
to reside in the family of his father until the
latter psrt of the month of February 1779 - (the day he
cannot recollect) - he entered the service of the
United States as a volunteer on a Tour of
Six months, (or a Militia man) under the
Command of Capt. Joseph Wynn, and by him appointed
Sargant of the Company - The (Wynn Company) then
marched to Halifax (Virginia) where we were
attached to the Regiment of Col. David
Mason, remained at Halifax a short time
and then marched to Hillsboro North Carolina
under Col. Mason, then reformed Liut. Col.
Burwell from Mecklenburg Virginia
From Hillsboro we all marched to Salisbury
Pg. 6

North Carolina, remained at Salisbury a few
Days, and thence continued our march on
to Campden South Carolina then Mecklenburg
N.C. - remained at Camden a few days, and
continued our march from this place to Bacoris
Bridge near Charloton S. Carolina not far
from this bridge we found Gen. Sincolus
Army this was about the first of June same year

We were then attached to the main Army
and marched to Stone Point (or Fort) About
the 20th June 1779 we attacked the British
at Fort Stone and compelled them to retreat
to Johns Island - The Term of service of Col.
Masons troops expired about this time they
returned to Virginia - Applicant was here
app__ quarter master with the command
of two brigades of wagons. John Goodmans
marched Smithson wagon masters - he was
directed to take the wagons to Golphins Mills
at Spring Hills near the town end off of Bush
Island - where he had the wagons loaded withp
provisions - Lieut Goodmans Brigade to fall
in with Col. Masons Regiment on __
march, and Smithson the wagons
to Snow hill near Augusta, where they
marched until we received information & direction
when to fall in with Genl. Greens Army - When
these wagons left Snow hill applicant returned
to Golphins Mills where he remained by
order __ considerable time settling __
__ on which he had been sent and
other business of the rented __ of
the __ character & after his business
was closed here he returned to Virginia -
Pg. 7

Applicant had served his country faithfully
__ new country under going the perils of
his death to the many times, and the danderous
diseases of a southern sickly Climate
at the battle of Stone he was a Sergeant in his
company & was in action , seen & dangerous service
During the whole day - Capt. Erby (applicants
relation & neighbor was here severly wounded and
died of his wounds in a few days - And his Company
was shot him, the ball entered the
breast very near the breast bone & passed straight
thru the body - no one expected him to live -
yet in 5 or 6 weeks this man walked home to Virginia __.

When applicant left Golphins hills for
Virginia he spent some considerable time with
some of his relations in South Carolina an
did not get home until perhaps in Jany 1780 -
shortly after Applicant returned he learned
that another act of assult, or some
general understanding very certain number
of men now bound to furnish one near
to serve during the war - applicant being
a young man without any particular
incumbrance & having first returned in Sept. from
one tour, felt no disposition to be idle - he then
offered his services to one of the companies
or class, to obtain man - and was by then
employed to serve __ the war in __
of that particular company or class - he went to
Col. Tompkins & presented himself as the soldier
furnished by Capt. Dawson company or class
and was then __ by Col. Tompkins and enrolled (as he
supposes) as a regular soldier during the war
Pg. 8

after having been recd. & __ by Col.
Tompkins as a regular soldier applicant obtained
a Furlough, with information to hold himself
in readiness to march into service on a moments
__ - he returned home to wait
the command of his officers - when he
remained home 5 or six months before he
was called on - when he rec'd orders from
Col. Tompkins to Rendezvous at Brunswick
Court house prepared to march in active
Service - during the 5 or 6 months applicant
Was at home on furlough his mind became
somewhat miared from Military matters - got
rather engaged in business of another nature
so when called on to march he hired a free
man of colour called Burwell Jones to take his place as a soldier
during the war - went with him to Col. Davie
at Brunswick Court house & offered him (said
Jones) as a substitute in his place, from that time
forward till the close of the war - and Col. Davie
received him as a substitute in discharge
of applicant - Jones afterward died in the service
so applicant was informed - Applicant would
respectfully suggest to the department __
under all the circumstances they do not him
actually to a person or a soldier
__ __ war - applicant conceives
himself clear & entitled to compensation
for at least six months service on his
account - for he had served or held himself
in readiness to serve at least six months
of the time - he undertook to serve in discharge
of a "class" during the war - he has discharged
his obligation to them - (at his own expence) & hired
Jones to go in his place -
Pg. 9

Between the first and middle of January
1781, applicant again volunteered his services
as a soldier and was then appointed by Col.
Hobson, Second Lieutenant in Capt.
William Dawsons company, Matthew Flanery
was First Lieutenant - the Luxemburg Militia
met or rendezvous, at a place called the double
from this place we marched southward with
indication of falling in with Genl Greens army
Which was then hard pressed on Cornwallis, we
met the Genl (Green) near a place called Dobins old Tavern -
We were then in the neighborhood of Lord Cornwallis Army -
who by the way was rather a dangerous fellow
The two armies maneuvered about the country
for some time frequently changing position
until the Battle at Guilford Court House
The battle at Guilford was fought as well as
appli__ __, about the middle of March
applicant was in the heat & danger of this
battle during its continuance
- During the engagement applicants neighbors
& particular friend lieutenant Matthew
Maury was very badly wounded in the
lower part of the back - applicant being
present when Maury was wounded assisted
in carring him from the field - after the
battle was over the wounded men ordered to
Col. Perkins Iron Works on Dan River there to
remain, Applicant was directed by General stepling
to accompany & attend upon Lieu. Maury who
it was supposed could not live many days.
Pg. 10

Applicant accordingly attended Lieu. Maury
and remained with him during the whole of
his illness at Col. Perkins' on Dan River, and
as of present thinks until they heard
of the surrender of Lord Cornwallis, at
Little York - about which time
Lieu. Maury had so far recovered of his
wound as to be able to resume his journey
homeward - applicant then returned
home with Lieu. Maury - The war of the
Revolution having now terminated
most gloriously - and applicant is
proud & happy that he has contributed
his humble __ towards the affecting
of this glorious __ - He never
recd. Any pay from his country for
his services - nor would he under
ordinary circumstances now ask it - but
the vigor of health & youth have made
there eternal advisor to him - and or "Age
and wants ill matched pain 7 or show
How war made to mourn" Have __
__ hopping on - misfortune has
visited on his gray hairs, the bitter fruits
of the malicious hate of some Enemies
and the imprudence to follies of his friends -

his necessity or his misfortune & not his fault -
Applicant has no documentary evidence
Of his services and does not know of
Any evidence within his reach except
Pg. 11

what he herewith transmits - The death
of Henry Cooke has prevented him from
putting his evidence in a __ exception
from - Mr Cook, poor man has since
applicants papers were before the
deportment - paid the debt which
all flesh must pay & which this
applicant must can long pays -
_ Applicant received the Commission
of Lieutenant from Col. Hobson which
he has long since lost - he left it among his
fathers papers & never heard of it afterwards
- never had a militia discharge that he
recollects - Applicant is well acquainted
with Joseph Herndon Esq. who is one of the
best Lawyers in this Country & a man of
high standing & respectability - and with
John Worndey both of whom can
testify as to his veracity & as to there belief of his having
"served as" soldier in the Revolution
There is no preacher of the Gospel in this
County with whom he is aquainted & whose certificate he can now obtain
_ About 12 or 18 months after the close of the war
applicant moved to the State of Georgia, remained
there about 4 years - then next to Spartenburg
District South Carolina in which State he lived
about 25 years - he then moved to this
State where he has resided ever since 1826
with the exception of a short residence of
about 2 years in the State of Alabama
he now resides in the County of Maury State
of Tennessee - He hereby relinquishes
every claim whatever to a pension or annuity
Pg. 12

except the present, and declares that his
name is not on the pension Oath or Roll of any
of the Agency of any State or Territory

Sworn to and subscribed } D McKie
this day & year aforesaid }

Thos. J. Porter Clerk }
Of Maury County Court }
By Wm. E. Erwind clk. }
residing in the
county & State aforesaid and Joseph Herndon &
John C. Wondey residing in the same State
& county do hereby certify that we are well acquainted with
Daniel McKie who has subscribed & sworn to the above
declaration, that we believ him to be about Seventy
four or five years of age, that he is reputed and
believed in the neighborhood where he resides
to have been a Soldier of the Revolution and that
he concurs in that opinion -

Sworn and subscribed in open } Jo. Herndone
Court the day & year aforesaid } John C. Wormiley
Thos J. Porter clk. }
of Maury County Court }
By Wm. E. Erwind clerk }

And the said court do hereby declare there opinion
after the investigation of the matter and
after putting the interrogatories prescribed
by the War department, that the above named
applicant was a Revolutionary soldier, and that
he served as stated - And the cort further
certifies that it appears to them that
(crossed out words)
Pg. 13


25th Sep. 1833


The evidence in support of your claim, under the act of June 7, 1832, has been examined, and the papers are herewith returned. The following is a statement of your case in a tabular form. On comparing these papers with the following rules and the subjoined notes you will readily perceive that objections exist, which must be removed before a pension can be allowed. The notes and the regulations will show what is necessary to be done. These points to which your attention is more particularly directed, you will find marked in the margin with a brace, ( thus: } ). You will, when you return your papers to this Department: send this printed letter with them: and you will, by complying with this request, greatly facilitate the investigation of your claim.

A Statement, showing the service of Daniel McKie
Period when Volunteered 1779 1880 1881
the service Jany. To Battle Guilford
was rendered. __ Oct. 1781

yr. ........ mos. 6 ........ 9 ds.

Rank of the ------------Sergeant of Militia & Lieutenant

Names and Rank of ------------Col. Mason
the Field officers. -------------------Col. Burwell
Under whom he served------------- Genl. Sencoles

Age at present, -------------73 years
Age-----------------------------16 yrs.
and place of abode --------------Lumenburg County, VA.
When he entered the

Evidence by which the------ Traditionary & living witnesses
declaration is supported.

I am respectfully,
Your obedient servant
J. L. Edwards
Commissioner of Pensions
Pg. 14

The State of Mississippi
Marshall County

On this the 13th day of June 1848 personally appeared
Before the undersigned D. M. Young an acting justice of the peace in aforesaid County and State frances McKie a resident of Mississippi County of Marshall aged seventy two Years who being duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following statement in order to obtain the benefits of the provisions made by the act of Congress passed on the third of March 1843 granting pensions to widows of persons who served during the Revolutionary War that she is the widow of Daniel McKie who was a pensioner in his life time and who was a private for the term of one year during the Revolutionary War and belonged to the Virginia Troops, that she never has made application for a pension under the law of 1838 nor was she informed until after the passage of the law of 1843 that she was entitled to a pension. She was married previous to the year 1794 but owing to the length of time since the marriage, and her remote situation from the place where the marriage took place it is almost impossible to obtain positive proof of the exact date. She is also informed that in South Carolina the State in which she became the wife of Daniel McKie no record is preserved of marriages. Daniel McKie died on the 16th day of November 1839 aged eightyone years since which time she has remained a widow. She understood from her husband Daniel McKie during his life time that he belonged to the Virginia Troops one year or more, but of this she has no means of positive proof as all the evidence of which her husband was ___ of his term of service and honorable discharge were filed at Washington City as evidence of the Justice of his application for a pension. If her claim upom examination be found just & right she desires and expects to receive the benefit of all laws providing for revolutionary soldiers widows.

Sworn & subscribed before me Fanny McKie
On the date first above written

D. M. Young {Seal}
Justice of the peace

I certify that the above declaiment Francis McKie is and has been personally known to me for the last ten years and I know her to be the widow of Daniel McKie the deceased who during his life time was a pensioner.

Given under my hand & seal june 12th 1848
D. M. Young {Seal}
Justice of the Peace

Pg. 15

The State of Mississippi } ss.
County of LaFayette }

On this the 11th day of June A. D.
One Thousand eight hundred and fifty
five personally appeared before me
a Justice of the Peace within and for
the County and State aforesaid Frances
McKie aged Seventy eight years a resident
of Lafayette County in the State of Mississippi
who being duly sworn according to law declares
that she the widow of Daniel McKie
deceased who was a private in the company
commanded by Captain ___ (whose
name she does not know) in the ___ regiment
of Virginia Militia (whose number she
does not know) Commanded by General
Green (according to the best of her knowledge
and information) in the War of the
Revolution that her said husband
enlisted at ___ in the State
of Virginia in or about the ___ day
of ___ A. D. ___ for the time of
___ during the war (The place of his
enlistment as well as the exact date connot
be stated by her) and continued in active
service in said war for the term of seven
years, and was honorably discharged at
___ on the ___ day of ___ A. D. (place
and time were unknown) She further states
that she was married to the said Daniel
McKie in Newberry District in the State of
South Carolina on the 18th day of
March 1794 by one
Pg. 16

whomever and calling on now not
remembered by her, and that her name
before her said marriage was Frances Herndon
that her said husband died in the county
of Lafayette state of Mississippi on the 16th
day of November A. D. 1839 and that
she is now a widow That no public record of hes
marriage exists within her knowledge
She makes this declaration for the
Purpose of obtaining the bounty land to which
She may be entitled under the Act approved
March 3 1855 She has heretofor received
No land warrant for her husbands services
But has received a pension thenfor

Frances McKie

We Joshua Browning and Robert Prophet,
residents of the County of Lafayette in the
State of Mississippi upon our oaths declare that
the foregoing declaration was signed and
acknowledged by Frances McKie in our presence and
that we believe from the appearance and statement
of the applicant that she is the identical person
she represents herself to be

Joshua Browning
Robert Prophet

"Daniel McKie and Fanny Herndon
were married 18th of March 1794
Daniel McKie Sen. Died the 16th day of
November 1839 aged 81 years"

I James M. McKie on oath declare
That the above is a true and correct copy
from the family record kept in the family
of Frances McKee for more than forty
years, that the said record is genuine
and sets forth comely the marriagesr and death
Pg. 17

Elizabeth McKie was born the 24 January A. D. 1795

Polly McKie was born the 10th November A. D. 1796

Herndon McKie was born the 4th December A. D. 1798

Danial Pines McKie was born the 21st September A. D. 1800

Green McKie was born the 2nd September A. D. 1802

Frances Susannah and Sarah Ann L. McKie was born 4th September A. D. 1805

Michael Jefferson McKie was born 20th August A. D. 1807

James M. McKie was born 24 day November 1809

Benjamin F. McKie was born 1 day October 1811

Stephen R. McKie was born 16th of September 1813

Washenton McKie was born the 5 day of October 1815

William McKie was born the 31st day May A. D. 1820
Daniel P. McKie
Pg. 18

Daniel McKie and Fanny Herndon were
Married 18th of March, 1794

There ages - he 35 the 6th of May - she 18 the 2nd of
December, 1794.

-- Frances Susanah McKie was married to Andrew
Mathurst. October 6th 1822

-- Daniel Piner McKie was married to Miss Nancy

-- Sarah Ann McKie was married to Thomas

-- James M. McKie was married to Juliett
Fondren November 11, 1842

Stephen R. McKie was married to Martha A.
Rogers January 9th 1844


Pg. 19

Elizabeth McKie died aged nine months

Washenton McKie died aged eight months

William McKie died aged two weeks

Herndon McKie died 24 June 1832 in 32 years of age

Polly W. McKie died Sept. 28, 1848

Daniel McKie Senr. Died the 16th day of November 1839 aged 81 years

Daniel P. McKie died 1846

B. F. McKie died 9th Sept. 1832

Frances McKie died the 5th Sept. 1855 aged 79 years

Pension Office
May 28th 1857

I certify that the foregoing is a true copy
From the original.

Pg. 20

October 20, 1909
(Note Written: These were written before passage of act charging for copies)

Hon. Ezekiel S. Candler, Jr.
House of Representatives.
My dear Mr. Candler:

In reply to your letter dated the 14th and received
The 18" instant, I have the honor to advise you that Daniel McKie, R. File
No. 6,750, was allowed pension on his application executed March 18, 1834, while a resident of Maury County, Tennessee.
He stated that he was born May 6, 1759 in Lunenburg County, Virginia,
Where he resided when he enlisted in February 1779, and served six months
(Written Note: Couldn't if he left after Stone, June 1779)
as a Sergeant under Captain Joseph Wynn, in Colonel David Mason's regiment
of Virginia Militia; he was in the battle of Stone. Soon after said battle
he returned to Virginia, was appointed Quartermaster with the command of
two brigades of wagons, and served as Quartermaster about three months.
In January 1781 he was appointed second Lieutenant of Captain William Dowson's
Company, Colonel Nicholas Hobson's regiment, was in the battle of
Guilford Court House, and continued in the service until after the surrender
Of Lord Cornwallis.

Daniel McKie married March 18, 1794 Fanny Herndon in Newberry District,
South Xarolina. He was thirty-five on May 6, 1794 and she was eighteen
December 2, 1794.
Pg. 21

Frances Susanah McKie married October 6, 1822, Andrew Mathuest.

Daniel Piner McKie married ------, Miss Nancy Mills.

Sarah Ann McKie married December 16, 1823, Thomas Davis.

James M. McKie married November 11, 1842, Juliett Fondren.

Stephen R. McKie married January 9, 1844, Martha A. Rogers.

Elizabeth McKie born January 24, 1795, died aged 9 months.

Polly Wiley McKie born November 10, 1796, died September 28, 1848.

Herndon McKie born December 4, 1798, died June 24, 1832.

Daniel Pines McKie born September 21, 1800, died ------, 1846.

Green McKie born September 21, 1800, died ------, September 2, 1802.

Frances Susanah McKie
born September 4, 1805.
Sarah Ann L. McKie

Michael Jefferson McKie born August 20, 1807.

James M. McKie born November 24, 1809.

Benjamin F. McKie born October 1, 1811, died September 9, 1852.

Stephen R. McKie born September 16, 1813.

Washenton McKie born October 5, 1815, died aged 8 weeks.

William McKie born May 31, 1820, died aged 2 weeks.

Daniel McKie, Sr. died November 16, 1839, Lafayette County, Mississippi.

Frances McKie died September 5, 1855, aged 79 years.

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