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There was a Monroe Non-county before there was a Lafayette, Pontotoc or other north east Mississippi Counties before the Treaty of Pontotoc in 1832.
They were formed and organized by 1836.

Thus, began the inter-marriages or couplings of the European Americans with the Chickasaw Maidens.
The mixed blood Love and Colbert Families took European American fathers' surname as most mixed -bloods did.
Many were converted to Christianity and taking a Christian name allowed them to remain on their lands in MS longer.

Some local researchers may already know that Chief To-bo-tubby's family and / or TRIBE survivors took Christian names even before they arrived at their Oklahoma reservations, many did not go to those reservations until after 1900.

One son, Chief To-bo-tubby took the name ROBERT ANDREW PICKENS MILLER. His Chickasaw wife also took a Christian name of CAROLINE SUSANNAH MILLER, which they borrowed from the Sheriff of Pontotoc County MS and his wife of that time period. The Chickasaw ROBERT ANDREW MILLER and his Chickasaw spouse had a daughter who they named CAROLINE SUSANNAH MILLER. SHE married into the white Robert Andrew MILLER's family , one LAWRENCE MILLER according to a MILLER, THOMPSON descendant in email chats with two of the Tubbys aka Millers descendants, Kara Shea and Roy Whitehead.

In these emails you will find the descendants are wondering who

    Abraham Miller
was and his connection to the Chickasaw child called Caroline Susannah Miller, that was born in 1846. It is apparent to me that her parents left her in Abraham Miller's care as many infant Indian children.

Also, mentioned was that CHICKASAW Lawrence Miller and Caroline Susannah Miller AKA Tubby were not married as requried by the Chruch yet gave issue to four children, more than likely they were married, but in the CHICKASAW style.

Here you will find more information concerning Lafayette County's CHICKASAW TRIBE.

  • To-bo-tubby's USA Land Patent.submitted by Roy Whitehead, a descendant
  • Photograph of sections of land To-bo-tubby patented. submitted by E Crocker
  • Battle of AKIA, French and Chickasaw War 1736. off site
  • Distinguished Pontotoc Indians, off site.
  • Who were or are the Chickasaws?
    Indians, Tribes, Customs, Characteristics, etc. off site.
    This link takes you to the Chickasaw Nation official web site where you may search and learn from their own tongue about our former Benefactors.

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