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Mississippi and Lafayette County Early History"

This page will feature history of Lafayette County as it forms from New France aka French Louisiana, England's Mississippi Territory , to become a county of the USA state of Mississippi then as it progressed to it's present boundries with links to other sites.

If you have material you would like placed here such as any stories of your ancestors that were involved in this transition or who may have lived in the Territory between 1763 and 1832. , please, email me

  • Battle of Jumonville Glen, the French and Indian War spread to Europe as the "Seven Year War".
  • 1763 Treaty of Paris, ending the Seven Year War aka French and Indian War.
  • Lower Appalachian Mississippi Off Site!
  • French Louisiana Off Site!
  • New Franch Off Site!
  • Early Mississippi Before Statehood Off Site!
  • Chickasaw treaty of 1816 Off Site!
  • Choctaw Treaty of Dancing Rabbit, 1830 Off Site!
  • Treaty of Pontatoc 1832,with the Chickasaw Off Site!
  • Mississippi, Timeline of State History - SHG Resources . Off Site!

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