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Charles Winton Gist's Obituary

Lafayette and Tallahatchie Counties, MS Taken from either The June 1916 Webb "Messeger"
or The Review" Newspaper of Tallahachie County Mississippi.

Submitted by Debbie Carter , a great great granddaughter.

Charles Winton Gist, Mary Elizabeth (Bettie) New Gist,
Daughter, Daisy Lela Gist, age 2, 1884,
who later became Mrs J. E. Lamb,
the great grandmother of Ms Carter.


When the casket containing all that was mortal of the late
Charles Winston Gist was lowered into the grave, last Saturday
morning, in the family burying ground near here, there passed for-
ever from the sight of men one of the pioneers of this county. Mr.
Gist participated prominently in the developrnent of the Delta sec­
tion of Tallahatchie County, and performed no small part in the
wresting of this section from the alligators, mosquitoes, frogs and
swamps. He was a brave and courageous man; he was a man of
fixed convictions and the will to carry them into execution; he was
a man of honor, and the faithfulness with which he clung to a friend
was beautiful to behold. At times when nerve was required; he
had it. At a time when a brave mam was needed, he measured up
to all the requirements. The community will miss him; the town
of Webb will miss him; his Masonic brethren will miss him; and in
the home, where he was loved and cherished, there is a vacancy
that can never be filled. Peace to the ashes of this strong-souled,
great-hearted man.

Charles Winston Gist was born in Lafayette County, Miss.,
near Oxford, June 30th, 1851. On the sixty-fifth anniversary of
his birth, namely, June 30th, 1916, his spirit winged its flight. Mr.
Gist had been suffering from stomach trouble for several months,
but it was not thought that his illness was serious. Last Friday
morning he arose from his bed and went to the breakfast table.
He ate a light breakfast and drank a cup of coffee. As he arose
from the table he complained of a pain in the chest. He walked
back into his room, and lay down upon his bed. His family heard
him gasp for breath, and hastened to him. Death was instan-
taneous, for when his loved ones reached the bedside his life had
ebbed away; the kind-hearted tender soul had gone back
to the God who gave it.

Mr Gist was married to Miss Mary Elizabeth New near Swan
Lake, October 19th, 1881. To this union there were born nine
children. Five of the children passed into eternity before their
father. The widow and four children remain to mourn the loss of
a devoted husband and an affectionate father. They are: Mrs. J.
E. Lamb, Mrs. B. F. Harrison, Mr. Charles N. Gist and Miss Mag-­
gie Gist. To these, and to all the sorrowing relatives and friends,
we would extend heartfelt sympathy.

Mr. Gist was a devoted member of the Masonic fraternity, was
a Past Master of Hood Lodge, and for many years served most
faithfully as secretary. He, was also a member of the Webb O. E.
S. and the Webb Methodist Church. Funeral services were held
at the home, Saturday morning, conducted by Rev. O. L Savage,
of Webb, Rev. E. B. Sharp, of Schlater, and the Masonic Lodge
and the O. E. S.. The floral offerings were many, and the lovei-
ness of the flowers was emblematical of the beauty and fragrance
of the good deeds done by the departed.

Mr. Gist was the soul of honor. No bond was required of him.
for his word was as strong as a bond. In:times of need, in cases
of distress, his heart, his hand and his purse were ever at the ser-
vice of the needy. His home was the refuge of any man who need-
ed a bite to eat or a place to rest his head. Like all true Masons,
he did not look upon a man's outward appearance, but esteemed
him only for the good that was in his heart. His heart was in-­
clined, and his ear attuned, to the smallest cry of sorrow or dis­
tress, and he was never known to send a man --- white or black ---
away unassisted.

But he has passed out of our midst. His cheerful voice will
be heard no more. The warm heart that beat for others' woes is
stilled in its beating forever. In a pure white casket he sleeps the
last long sleep, a lambskin apron as white as snow, resting above
his head. But he lives in many hearts he has left behind, and as
long as the present generation lives, Charles W Gist will continue
a living influence for the perpetuation of the subline principles of
charity, fidelity, hospitality, bravery and kind-heartedness.
Peace to his ashes and rest to his soul.

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