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The House of Crocker



Located in woods about 1 .5 to 2 mi.  east of Paris on Cr. 428 : Cemtery on left side of gravel road, approximately 300 yards  past Crocker creek , across the road from the C. W. McCullough place.
It is one acre in size  in which only the graves have been fenced.
74 acres in sec 29 and 30 of the Old Crocker farm is presently owned by the Lloyd Harvey's daughter, Marjorie , Mrs Jesse  Morgan children..
There is  a  deed dedicating this one acre of land as a cemetery making this a pioneer Family cemetery... 
It was recently surveyed this spring of 2002 at the request of the Morgan Children who own 74 acres in sec 29 and 30 which was once part of
the old Crocker place and plan to sell their timber crop surronding the one acre of the Cemetery.
by Evelyn Crocker
 MILES  CROCKER, son of JOHN CROCKER , son  of SOLLOMON CROCKER  of Spartanburg Co. South Carolina, his wife, Elizabeth Bernice Bryant and children, migrated to Lafayette county  MS. after the end of the civil war in November of 1865 (Miles Crocker Bible entry)to join his brother in laws and cousins.

All of these men were  Army of the Confederacy veterans, Alfred T. Bryant, James Pinkney Bryant,  Rev.  William K. Bryant,  Miles Crocker , Franklin Harvey, Jack Head, and George Vaughn to name a few. These were either sons or son- in - laws of William Tolleson and Lucinda Kibry Bryant of Spartanburg County S. C. and married to Bryant or Kirby women. 

These men and their descendants were very important elements  in the growth of Lafayette County and Mississippi herself. Many descendants still live in the county  as well as Mississippi, others went onto Texas, Tennessee, Missouri , Oklahoma and California and states in between to assist in their  population and economical growth.

Somehow  Miles's surname was mis-spelled as COKER or CROKER  and that is the way some folks in Lafayette county spell and pronounce it today but the present sign states CROCKER CEMETERY as does old grave stones of 1881 when Miles and Elizabeth's daughter , Susan Crocker Mathias was laid to rest there.

The oldest grave is unknown as 13 sandstones mark graves of unknown people. 

Not only does the cemetery bear the CROCKER name but also a creek whose bank it is near is called CROCKER creek since the 1920's by the property owners surrounding it. It is officially known as DICKEY creek. The woods or forest for miles were called CROCKER WOODS, they are gone now.
Miles and John Henry CROCKER operated saw and grist mills and cooton gin under one roof here until 1895 when Miles CROCKER died.
Plus, at one time in the early 1900'  there was a country store and mill owned by Miles and Elizabeth Crocker's grandson, R. Alvis Crocker, called CROCKER'S CORNER, just south of Paris in Calhoun County. Sources: The Lafayette and Calhoun Counties History Books, Harold Crocker of Greenville Ms.   widow, Dororthy,   and Family records and legends.

This page is dedicated to my Uncle Max Crocker and his family who contributed the following pictures of the old   CROCKER Family Cemetery taken in the summer of 1985.

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Crocker cemetery
This is the sign marking the CROCKER CEMETERY 1.5  mile east of  Paris, Lafayette County Ms. CR. 428.  It replaced a small wooden one that hung on a tree in the 1950's .
A group of  Alfred Crocker, eldest son of Miles and Elizabeth CROCKER, descendants held Robert Alvis CROCKER family reunions and rediscovered their ancestor's cemetery back in the late 1980s and 90s. 
They worked several summers to clean and build a fence to protect the cemetery from wildlife and livestock.
Earl Crocker, grandson of James Alfred and Sally Ann Webb CROCKER was the one who sponsored the reunions until his death in the 1990's His daughter, Pat now leads the group.
Joe Crocker, a cousin from Cass County Texas, donated and build the  the metal "pulpit" shape sign inside the fenced grave area.  .
Max Crocker and family look for hidden grave stones.
They visited it in 1985, before the  work had been completed.
Max  Earl Crocker's brothers are buried here. They are the children of J. H. and Eva Gandy Crocker.

 MS Crocker Cemetery 1985.

 Miles and Bettie Crocker's Great Great GrandChildren 1985
Yes! they are still searching, they have just passed several stones in the center of the picture.
The children fell into these graves, they are empty holes.

My parents, Horace N. and Maezell Tarr Crocker were here in 1972 on a return trip to Texas from Tennessee after a visit to me and my family in Maryville Tn. .
It was covered so horrible with overgrowth that Dad couldn't find but one or two stones and they didn't show up in his pictures. 

 Miles Crocker MS 1985

This is the grave of Miles Crocker there is  is no inscription   on the stone.

The legend Uncle Max Crocker  told  his son and family about  this stone was it belonged to the head slave  of the farm, but they settled here after the slaves were freed during the civil war.
Notice the wonderful condition of this stone.

This is the grave of my grand aunt, SUSAN CROCKER MATHAS, first wife of  J. T. MATHAS of Paris, Mississippi.<Notice that it is broken and apparently laying on the ground.
Inscription reads:

Why should we weep for her, was she not ready?
Oil in her lamp and her bridal robe on
Waiting in faith, with a hope firm and steady.
The Good shepherd's call and the plaudit's  well done.


Susan Crocker Mathius broken and fallen tombstone


Dora A. Mathius tombstone


 Dora Alma Mathius, daughter of J. T. and S. C. MATHIUS.
Born: Dec.. 26, 1880 - Died: Mar. 29, 1882
She died a year after her mother's death.

I can't help but wonder if T. B didn't kill more members of this family  than grand uncle  Alfred  Crocker , his wife Sallie Webb and their oldest daughter. They all died about the same time.
They are also buried in this cemetery.

Julia A. daughter of Miles and Elizabeth Crocker
born Feb. 17, 1856 ; died : Jan. 19, 1881
Biblical inscription but I can not read it.
Julia never married.
Julia Crocker's tombstone
 julia a_crocker_ms.
Mollie (Mary R. ) Crocker Kestler tombstone
wife of
Apr. 4, 1859
Mar. 29 1885

Mollie was also a daughter of Miles and Elizabeth Crocker. She was W. D. Kestler first wife, his second  was Mollie's sister , Frances aka Fannie B. Crocker.  Fannie and  W. D. Kestler are  buried in the Paris cemtery, Paris,  Lafayette County Ms.
There is a Biblical inscription at the bottom of this stone also but I can not read it.


This, I believe, is Rhode Crocker Lackey's tombstone, judging by the shape of it.
Rhoda Crocker Lackey was the mother of Clyde (f) and Luther (m) Lackey who their grandmother, "Aunt" Bettie Bryant Crocker reared.
Clyde married  Millard Vaughn and moved near Three Rivers, Texas.

Grave among trees



Max's granddaughter is  pointing to half buried grave maker
finds grave
A small sandstone marker beside Abron and Jewel's stone.(This is the orginal marker for one of the boys).
This double  stone marks the graves of J. H. and Eva Gandy Crocker's sons, Abron and  Jewel. It sat at the head of one of the boys and the footer sit at the foot of the other with a sandstone at his head.



Rhode E. Crocker
wife of A. L. Lackey
daug, of  M, & E. Crocker
born: Sept. 21, 1864
died: Mar. 10, 1889
Biblical inscription on base 
but can not read it. from picture.


Rhoda Crocker Lackey 's tombstone


Double grave stone marking the graves of J. H. and L. E. Crocker sons, Abron and Jewell

Double tomb stone of Abron and Jewel Crocker


Inscription reads: 
Born: Jan. 15, 1893
Died: July 25, 1902
Born: Aug. 22, 1897
Died: Aug. 21 1899
Children Of
J. H.& L. E. Crocker

More to be come, trespass timber cutting damages one acre of cemetery, taking valuable timber in December of 2002. Small Tornado blew lage Pine tree across grave yard area in June 2003. Large Tree removed in April 2004 Evelyn Crocker's Care of 2004 and 2005.
We know the following are buried there.

1. Elizabeth Bernice Bryant Crocker (Aunt Bettie)buried beside Miles.
2. J. Alfred Crocker
3. Sallie  Webb Crocker
4. Infant daughter of Alfred and Sallie Webb Crocker
5. Anne Addie Crocker Mitchell also a  daughter of Alfred and Sallie  Webb Crocker
6.Ada Crocker, youngest daughter of J. Alfred and Sallie Ann Webb Crocker

Johnny G. Crocker, son of J. H. and  L. E. (Eva) Crocker b. 12 Mar. 1903; d. 26 Jan. 1904, buried in Shiloh Church cemetery 18 mi. east of Oxford, Lafayette Co. on Hwy 6.
He is buried next to McLarty , Wayne, infant son
of W. E. and ADA , d. 10 April, 1903;
Infant daughter  of W. E. & ADA , b. 1 Sept. 1906 ; d. 24 Dec. 1906.

Fanny B. Crocker Kestler, Sallie W. Crocker Hollowell, Addie  Crocker Martin and their spouses are buried in the city of Paris, Lafayette Co. cemetery. J. H and L. E. Crocker are buried in the New Albany city cemetery, Union Co. Ms..
James Harold Crocker and infant bro , children of W. A. and Caroline Crocker, and James Arthur Sr. and Ethel Ann Sissell Crocker, all descendants of Arthur and Sallie A. Webb Crocker are all buried in the Oak Hill cemtery in Water Valley Yalobusha Co. Ms.

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