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Will Of James H. Bowles

Submitted by Annette Bowen

In the name of God amen. I James H Bowles of the county of Lafayette and State of Mississippi being of sound mind Memory and understanding, but weak in bodily health, and know the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, do execute this my last will and testament whereby I bequeath and give my distributive share of my father's estate which will be coming to me after it is divided to all my legal brothers and sisters equally to be divided among them. I do furthermore give and bequeath my doubled cased gold which I now ware to my brother Oscar to keep in remembrance of me. It is furthermore my wish and desire that out of my own undivided property which I now possess that my brother Green's daughter Tymoxena be purchased at the age of fourteen a complete set of ladies jewelry worth three hundred dollars and the residue of my property it is my will shall by divided equally among all my legal brothers and sisters.
And for the purpose of carrying out this my last will and testament into execution I have appointed and constituted(?) John S Hurt and Green B. Bowles my lawful executors.
Given under my hand seal this the 20th day of August 1840.

					Jas H Bowles seal


J F Cushman

M D Haynes

E A Meadors

Probate Court Nov. Term 1840
The last will and testament of James H. Bowles was this day presented in open court and proven by the oath of John F. Coushman and E A Meadows subscribing witnesses thereto. Whereupon it is ordered that said will be recorded
Recd in adm Book D. page 116 & 117

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