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The Lagrone Families of Lafayette County, MS.

Almost all of the Lagrones in the United States trace their ancestry back to Lawrence LaGron of Schonau, Germany, who immigrated to Newberry, South Carolina in 1752.

For identification purposes, Lagrone family tradition is that the original immigrant was "Adam Laurentz Lagrone" who arrived in Charleston in 1727, however all of the documentable records used to trace genealogies back to Adam Laurentz are in fact the records for Lawrence LaGron and his descendants -- same person, same family, just a little legend thrown in at the beginning.

They were probably French Huguenots who migrated to Schonau where they lived until England began advertising for immigrants to populate the Carolinas in the mid 1700's. They arrived in Charleston in September during the "great hurricane of 1752" and were among the Palatinate refugees aboard the Ship Upton when it was blown several yards inland by the wind and tide.

It is believed that they signed on to dig the canal to refloat the ship as payment for their indenture and thus became eligible for land grants immediately, instead of in several years.

There is no question that the Lafayette County Lagrones are descendants of these 1752 immigrants.

The Reverend George Michael Lagrone, a Methodist Minister, moved to Paris in Lafayette County Mississippi from Perry County Alabama after the Civil War. He had married Martha Elizabeth Glass in Alabama and joined the Confederate Army with one of his sons.
Among their eleven children were William Sylvester Lagrone, who was also a Methodist Minister, and Charles Bascomb Lagrone, who married Alice Victoria Tate. It is principally Charles Bascomb and Alice's children who are responsible for the Lagrone descendants that were born in Lafayette County.
Rev. George Michael Lagrone died on 30-May-1909 and is buried at Tula Cemetery.

There is a lot of confusion as to the lineage of George Michael Lagrone. For many years he was believed to be the son of Henry Lagrone and the grandson of John Adam Lagrone and Mary Magdalene Houseal.

However, the 1830 probate of John Adam's estate in Williamson County Tennessee lists all of John Adam's children, and Henry is not among them. Nor is there a "George Michael, Sr." who some researchers assert is the father of "George Michael, Jr."

The best consensus to date is that Henry, born Newberry County, SC in 1798, was the son of John Lagrone, born 1753, and Agnes. Both John and John Adam were sons of Tobias, and there is equal evidence to support that both John and John Adam were Revolutionary War veterans. Tobias was the son of Lawrence Legron, as well as a 1752 immigrant, himself.

Prepared by Harry G. Arnold, March 5 2005. Based on Personal Research and the contributions of the Lagrone Family Internet Research Group lgrone@yahoogroups.com. Most of the research by this group of Lagrone researchers can be found at: http://www.personal.utulsa.edu/~marc-carlson/lgrone/lgronhom.htm or http://www.personal.utulsa.edu/~marc-carlson/lgrone/lgronhom.htm

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