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Biography for Adam Rankin, Jr.

Submitted by Kelli Hulsman

Adam Rankin, Jr. was born on January 3, 1791 in Lexington, Kentucky the son of the Rev. Adam Rankin and Martha McPheeters Rankin.
He was one of nine children. Rev. Adam and his family arrived in Lexington in October 1784.
He had only one son, Samuel, who had been born that February. The Rev. Adam Rankin was the first minister
in Lexington. He was a member of the Presbyterian Presbytery, and preached at several locations. His congregation in Lexington was
the Mount Zion Church.

Besides being a minister, Rev. Adam Rankin owned a dairy and wrote several books. He was the first to write and publish a book in the state of Kentucky.
Adam, Jr. probably grew up helping with the chores at the dairy. Several of his Dadís brothers had moved to Kentucky also, so there was
a quite large extended family.

Adam, Jr. met a young lady that attended his fatherís church with her family.
Her name was Sarah Harrison. She was the daughter of Daniel and Ann Patton Harrison.
Adam and Sarah married on December 22, 1815 in Clark County.
Sarahís sister, Hannah Harrison, later married Adamís older brother, Samuel.

Adam, Jr. and Sarah had at least one child, William P. while they were living in Kentucky.
By July of 1823, Adam had moved his family to Maury County, Tennessee. By 1829 all of his surviving siblings and his mother had moved to Maury County as well.
Sarah and Adam had several children while in Maury County. Benjamin Harrison, born on July 16, 1823; Martha, Theopholus, born on Jan. 21, 1828; James A.; Mary; Olivia J.;and Patton, born on August 20,1837.

Adam owned land, and a tanning yard just west of Campbellí Station near the Giles County line.Martha McPheeters Rankin, Adamís mother, died on July 27, 1836 in Columbia, Maury County, and is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery there.(Rev. Adam had died in Philadelphia on November 25, 1827.)After their motherís death, the Rankin brothers began moving out of Maury County.Brothers John Mason Rankin and Samuel Rankin moved to San Augustine County, Texas in about 1838-9.Adam, Jeremiah and Robert Anman Rankin moved to Mississippi, to Tippah County.Robert Anman apparently, did not stay long, for he doesnít show on census records.Jeremiah remained in Tippah County until his death, in 1870.

Adam is found on the 1840 census in Tippah Count, Mississippi. His oldest son (that I have record of) William P., is nearby.Adam and Sarahís last child was born in Septpember 1842.In 1850, Adam and his family are in Chickasaw County. A family letter states that Adam died in 1852 in Mississippi.Sarah is listed as the head of the household in 1860, in Calhoun County. Calhoun County was taken from part of Chickasaw County during the early 1850ís so, they may not have moved, only the county lines changed. Sarah died in September 1869.At the time of her death, she was guardian to at least two grandchildren, Cora and Dick Lucas.At one time there was another child by the name of Tempsy Lucas who she was guardian to, but she is not mentioned in the estate settlement papers. There is a mention of a John Lucas in the settlement papers, perhaps he is also a grandchild.

Surviving children were, William P. Rankin of Alcorn County, Mississippi; Patton H. Rankin of Lafayette County; Theopholus Rankin of Calhoun County; Benjamin Harrison Rankin (who was administrator over the estate) of Lafayette County, Josephine Felker of Calhoun County; and Olivia Hudson of Lafayette County.Mary and Martha both had apparently died, and it is unclear at this time which one had married a Lucas and had the above mention Lucas children.James had died, his will left everything to his mother, with the exception of forgiving the debt owed to him by Oliviaís husband.

William P. Rankin remained in Alcorn County at least through 1880.Patton H. Rankin and his family stayed Lafayette County.Patton died in May 1906 and is buried in the Hopewell Cemetery.Theopholus Rankin lived out his life in Calhoun County in and around Sarepta.His died in 1912 and is buried in the Sarepta Cemetery.Benjamin Harrison Rankin moved to Texas by 1787, to Coryell County.He died there in 1906.Josephine Felker and her family moved to Panola County by 1880 and remained their on the 1900 census records.Olivia Hudson died in about 1870-1, and is thought to buried in the Dallas Cemetery, although her grave is not marked.

It is known that Patton, Theopholus, James, and Benjamin Harrison Rankin all served in the Civil War for the confederate side. I have not, as of yet uncovered the record for William P. Rankin.Benjamin Harrison served as a doctor during his term in the war.

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